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Cosmopolitan Magazine celebrates fun, glamour and a passion for life. Inspiring young women to be the best they can be with everything from high street fashion must-haves and stunning make-up tips, career news, sex and relationship advice, as well as intimate interviews with your favourite celebs! It's gutsy, intimate and most importantly honest about issues affecting women.

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from the editor

As a teenager growing up in a not-especially-exciting suburb of Manchester, I used to tell myself that when I was a proper grown-up, I would go and live in Paris. I had never actually been to Paris, mind you. But the Paris in my head, the Paris sold to me by films and poems and Serge Gainsbourg songs… well, that would be just swell, I told myself. (This, by the way, is how I talked back in 1995.) So at 21, I made good on that promise. I packed a case of stripy T-shirts and literary French novels I’d almost certainly never read and bought a one-way ticket out there. I got a job teaching English at a secondary school and lived in an apartment above the rooftops of Montmartre. To…

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magic mic?

Remember back in 2012 when Tupac was digitally resurrected at Coachella and we all thought holograms were the next big thing? Well, we weren’t wrong… it’s just that the trend took a tad longer to catch on than expected. Amy Winehouse’s father recently announced that the deceased singer will be touring later this year with the help of production company Base Hologram and a live band (all profits will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation). And further proving that our appetite for the transparent is well and truly alive (even if the artists themselves, er, aren’t), the late Roy Orbison just wrapped up a UK tour, and ABBA is planning holographic performances either this year or next. Oh, wait, they’re still alive. That’s kind of lazy, no?…

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see you at...

APRIL START 30th April Chiswick Auction House: The Affordable Luxury Sale What is it? Imagine a dreamy selection of designer items – we’re talking vintage Dior dresses and Louis Vuitton bags – up for auction, at prices you can actually afford, from £70 to £500(ish). (Perspective: other auctions flog similar wares for thousands. Gulp.) The goodies on offer appear online two weeks before. Opens mid-April Duke Street Market, Liverpool What is it? This former off-licence and warehouse has morphed into a three-floor, 500-capacity venue, showcasing indie brands, swish start-ups and a delicious helping of street-food stalls (including Finca, winners of Million Pound Menu, famed for their spicy, Cuban-style sandwiches). Expect cinema screenings and yoga in the not-too-distant future. @dukestreetmarket From 13th April Rough Runner, UK tour What is it? Starting in Brighton and continuing monthly till October around…

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guess who’s back?

SCENESTERS Listen to: Weezer. LA-based rock; big in the ’90s. Signature dance move: Gentle head-bobbing while making a “W” sign with your hands. Never move your feet. Beverage of choice: Bottled beer. Probably Budweiser. What to say to blend in: “Everything went downhill after [bassist] Matt Sharp left in 1998.” The look: Checked shirt, cardigan and a tie for special occasions. And finally: For a bit of added nostalgia, the band still has a MySpace page. Retro. The Black Album, out 1st March BALLAD BABES Listen to: The dulcet tones of 2002’s Best Female Artist Dido (in spite of the green eyeshadow). Signature dance move: “Hand-shaker” (so- called as it’s what you’ll be doing once you’ve burnt all your fingers swaying with a lighter). Beverage of choice: Anything pumpkin-spiced. Preferably in a KeepCup. What to say to blend in: “I have so…

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comebacks: by numbers

40 The chart peak achieved by All Saints’ comeback album, Studio 1, in 2006. Mel Blatt then said they’d “never reform”. But they did in 2013... and 2016. 1 The number of rock bands Paul from S Club 7 has been in. The group is called Skua and if you haven’t heard of them… don’t worry. Nobody has. 4 Number of different Sugababes line-ups since their formation back in 1998. How do they keep track? Overload indeed. 30 The number of people who turned up to an East 17 comeback gig in Dublin in 2015, after Tony and Brian… declined the invite. 250,000 The initial viewing figures of the Bros documentary, After The Screaming Stops. Chances of their new record sales being as successful? No comment.…

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the second coming

CJ Tudor USP: Thrillers with a supernatural edge. First book: The Chalk Man, in which a group of children find that chalk figures drawn on the ground are leading to murders. It became a top-10 best-seller. Round two: The Taking Of Annie Thorne. A teacher returns to his hometown as he thinks the mysterious events that marred his childhood are happening all over again. Which is better? Annie Thorne. The protagonist feels more thought out than the lead in The Chalk Man. Leïla Slimani USP: Short, sophisticated French novels questioning how well we know people. First book: Lullaby, which begins with the brutal murder of two children by their nanny. It was an international smash. Round two: Technically, Adèle is Slimani’s first. But Lullaby’s English translation was so successful, the UK publishers decided to release Adèle here as…