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from the editor

There is a saying, popularised by parents, teachers and politicians the world over, that goes like this: “Work hard and you can achieve anything.” It is a well-meaning phrase, intended to ignite ambition and inspire action. People have clung to it for generations, this optimistic belief that pure graft and hustle alone are enough to chase down a dream. Our cover girl, Stacey Dooley, worked hard. When she manned the perfume counter at Luton airport she famously polished every single bottle of scent until it gleamed like a 10-carat diamond. And yet it was pure chance that transported Stacey Dooley away from that counter and onto TV screens; not pure graft. Luck dealt her an opportunity in the form of an open audition for a TV documentary. She applied. She was…

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what i’m loving this month

Spring manicure, £35, Townhouse The S/S 19 collection at London’s Townhouse is an ode to nature’s prettiest season. How To Fail by Elizabeth Day, £12.99 No one writes as beautifully or convincingly about the need to fail. A book to treasure. Laser Genesis Boost Facial, £95 Want a glow that lasts? Dr Vicky Dondos’s treatment is nothing short of a miracle.* Ceder’s Classic, £20, Sainsbury’s Dust off a hard day with this non-alcoholic gin and tonic. All the taste, none of the ramifications.…

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let your shelf go

We’ve all been there: pyjamas on, candle lit and a new book to sink your teeth into. Then, suddenly, it’s 2am and you’ve got thumb-ache from scrolling through Nicola from school’s wedding photos, and Becoming Michelle Obama lies next to you, untouched. But don’t despair – the world of reading is evolving. Innovative app Ambient Literature uses your phone location and camera to immerse you in the story on your screen (a bit like Pokémon Go). New York Public Library has you covered with Insta Novels, a project that animates classic books into Instagram Stories. Or, if you’ve got a hefty tome you need to cram, apps like Spreeder or Reedy take your ebooks and flash single words in quick succession to help you focus. Best not try the latter…

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see you at...

MAY START 18th May-20th Oct Food: Bigger Than The Plate, The V&A, London What is it? The latest exhibition at the legendary museum promises to take you on a multisensory journey through the food cycle, including cheese grown from – wait for it – human bacteria (sounds disgusting, but you’re intrigued, right?) and mushrooms fertilised with discarded coffee grounds. Sustainable eating starts here. 14th May-1st Jun Handbagged, Manchester What is it? Penned by Moira Buffini (responsible for the BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre that starred Michael Fassbender), this former West End hit, based on the Queen’s weekly meetings with Margaret Thatcher and chock-full of razor-sharp satire, is embarking on a two-week run at Oldham’s Coliseum Theatre. 10th-12th May Balance Festival, London What is it? A three-day extravaganza dedicated to all things wellness and working out. Features sessions…

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battle of the bloodbaths

KILLING EVE Remind me: Thriller about Eve (Sandra Oh), an MI5 officer pursuing Prada-clad murderess Villanelle (Jodie Comer, left). The pair caper around Europe, trying to stab/sleep with each other. When’s it back? This month (series two). Body count: Nineteen. Pretty low for a sociopathic assassin on the warpath, no? Most gory: When Villanelle kills Eve’s ex-supervisor… by castrating him. Biggest fail: When Villanelle deliberately reversed over her BFF and didn’t even finish the job. Sloppy (in many senses). Weapon of choice: Anything she can get her mitts on, but a poison-tipped hairpin was a TV first for us. Future threats to cast: Villanelle closed season one with a knife between her ribs (courtesy of Eve), but something tells us she’ll pull through… PEAKY BLINDERS Remind me: WW1 gang-crime drama set in Birmingham (and the reason you keep having…

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the super side hustle

BIG BOSS AT… Flower Films. THANK HER FOR… Big-hitters like He’s Just Not That Into You (which grossed around £74 million), and cult favourite Donnie Darko. MAJOR AWARDS: Sixteen, including her fair share of Teen Choice awards, thanks to the success of 50 First Dates. GROSS PROFITS: We’re estimating upwards of £990 million – tidy. ANY FLOPS? “Thriller” Happy Camp in 2014. Duller than Piers Morgan’s Twitter feed. WHAT’S NEXT? Santa Clarita Diet, her cannibalism comedy (yes, you read that correctly), is back for a third season this year. If you can stomach it. BIG BOSS AT… Ventanarosa Productions. (Translates as “rose-coloured window”. Classy.) THANK HER FOR… Being executive producer of Ugly Betty, and kick-starting the Frida Kahlo renaissance with 2002’s Frida (bottom). MAJOR AWARDS: Twenty-seven, including two Oscars, three Golden Globes and a Bafta. Well played. GROSS PROFITS:…