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Cosmopolitan UK July 2019

Cosmopolitan Magazine celebrates fun, glamour and a passion for life. Inspiring young women to be the best they can be with everything from high street fashion must-haves and stunning make-up tips, career news, sex and relationship advice, as well as intimate interviews with your favourite celebs! It's gutsy, intimate and most importantly honest about issues affecting women.

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cosmopolitan uk

FARRAH STORR Editor-in-Chief Editorial Assistant/Junior Writer DANIELLA SCOTT Deputy Editor AMY GRIER Creative Director STUART SELNER Special Projects Director LOTTIE LUMSDEN (maternity) Acting Special Projects Director TRACY RAMSDEN FEATURES Features Director CATRIONA INNES Features Writer JENNIFER SAVIN Acting Features Intern ZOE KNIGHT DESIGN Art Director VICTORIA HORN (maternity) Acting Art Director MARTIN IXER Senior Designer JESSICA LOCKETT Junior Designer KATIE WILDE PICTURES Picture Director CAT COSTELLOE Picture Editor NICOLE HOLCROFT-EMMESS PRODUCTION Workflow Director CHRISTINA SIMONE Chief Sub-Editor HANNAH JONES Deputy Chief Sub-Editor STEPHANIE JACKSON BEAUTY Beauty Director INGEBORG VAN LOTRINGEN Beauty Editor CASSIE POWNEY (maternity) Acting Beauty Editor LAURA CAPON Beauty Writer KATE PASOLA FASHION Fashion Director AMY BANNERMAN Senior Fashion Editor SAIREY STEMP Bookings Editor SOPHIE LEEN Senior Fashion Assistant MADDY ALFORD COSMOPOLITAN.COM/UK Group Digital Director CLAIRE HODGSON Editor JESS EDWARDS Beauty Director VICTORIA JOWETT Entertainment Editor ANNA LEWIS Fashion Editor NATASHA HARDING Features Editor CATRIONA…

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from the editor

Which do you prefer: the first page of a good book… or the last page? The sun rising over your home town or the sun setting behind it? The bristling expectation of a holiday about to be enjoyed? Or the warm nostalgic memory of a perfect trip taken? For the longest time I always believed a promise-laden beginning was better than a satisfying ending. But now, as I look back on almost four years of editing this magazine, I wonder if that theory was wrong. Beginnings are undoubtedly glorious things. The first “official” date with someone you really like. The first morning of a two-week break away. The first day of summer when the sun touches your face like a returning lover. The whole thing a wonderful blank canvas onto which you…

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guilt-free spree

Online shopping brings up a range of mixed emotions. There’s confusion (what’s my CVV number again?), rage (the delivery charge is what?!) and then the inevitable pang of buyer’s remorse. Thankfully, a range of apps has been invented to ease the niggling worry that your cash would be better-placed elsewhere. On Give As You Live, a proportion* of what you spend at Expedia, ASOS, Boots and thousands of other sites will go to a charity of your choice, with the retailers donating on your behalf. Or you could download LetsBab, where, if you recommend a brand to a friend and they make a purchase, you’ll earn 5% of the sale (which you can choose to spend or donate). An app that tells you exactly where you left your bank card…

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see you at...

START Book Now FriendsFest, UK tour What is it? It’s 25 years since the gang first rocked up to Central Perk. If you fancy gracing Gunther’s place to celebrate, FriendsFest runs nationwide from 2nd August to 29th September – with new Instagrammable photo opportunities for fans. Remember the Thanksgiving floating head scene or the iconic triple-wedding-dress shot? Grab a sofa and repeat after us: PIVOT. On Now Secret Cinema Presents Casino Royale, London What is it? The covert pop-up cinema has gone all 007, opening at a top-secret London location, on certain dates till 22nd September. Transform yourself into a lead role through costumes and MI6 training. See you at the martini bar. Open Now Body Beautiful: Diversity On The Catwalk, Edinburgh What is it? As fashion embraces body positivity, the National Museum Of Scotland is celebrating inclusivity through…

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anatomy of a brit flick

POSH, POLITELY SWEARY MALE LEAD Character synopsis: Bumbling, awkward and usually late, he is incomprehensibly wealthy despite appearing not to work. Intense, often to the point of creepy, yet manages to charm everyone he encounters. Defining attributes: Floppy hair and an array of badly fitting shirts and chinos. Most likely to say: “See, er, the thing is, er, [insert woman here] I really, er, do quite, er, love you.” Typical prop: The chasmic void where his personality should be. AMERICAN FEMALE LOVE INTEREST WITH NO FRIENDS Character synopsis: She’s in London for work (job specifics not necessary) and, despite being successful and beautiful, she falls for the spindly, dopey-faced British guy with no aspirations, qualities or interests other than himself. Defining attributes: Blow-dried hair and teeth that would blind the TOWIE cast. Most likely to say: “I’m just…

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make celebrity great again

SLOGAN: “Be a ballot boss bitch.” SAMPLE POLICY: “Twerk your best while pregnant” classes will be offered to all women at least eight months gone. CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Kris Jenner. It’s only a matter of time before the momager’s world-domination plan fully comes into effect. TYPICAL PHOTO OPP: Cardi making a speech at a tattoo shop, where 20 of her constituents will be getting images of her face inked onto their limbs. PREDICTED RESULT: Within a year of winning, world happiness ratings will be through the roof, the gender pay gap will be eliminated and wearing a bikini top and jeans year-round will be considered normal. SLOGAN: “A vote for me is a vote for pomade.” SAMPLE POLICY: Lip syncing will become compulsory education for nursery-school kids and up. CAMPAIGN MANAGER: RuPaul. Expect many brightly coloured patterned suits, much runway-style strutting…