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from the editor

I have never felt the full force of imposter syndrome until this moment. As I write this, I am sitting in our London office. Award-winning covers gleam on the walls around me, the warm (if fleeting) sunshine is streaming in through the windows and the wonderfully kind and talented Cosmopolitan team chat and laugh around me. And… well… I guess I’m the “boss” now? But the truth is I still feel like the 19-year-old who visited this very magazine on work experience over a decade ago. The day I found out I got this job, I cried tears of joy in the toilets at work and wiped away the non-waterproof mascara I had foolishly applied that morning, my ugly-cry face resembling Violet Beauregarde after she swells into a giant blueberry. Retreating…

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this month at cosmopolitan

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this month we’re...

WATCHING BRAD & LEO The year is 1969 and actor Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) give us all the wardrobe goals, as Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film, Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood,* spins various storylines around the real-life Manson Family murders (Margot Robbie plays famous victim Sharon Tate). The cast includes Dakota Fanning, Lena Dunham, Timothy Olyphant, Al Pacino and Damian Lewis. But, frankly, they had us at Leo. Turn to page 20 for his finest movie moments. PHOTOGRAPH ANDREW COOPER ©2018 CTMG, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. *IN CINEMAS FROM 14TH AUGUST…

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boxset to box office

DOWNTON ABBEY WHAT WE KNOW: Set in 1927, a year after the TV series ended, the movie version will make us swell with national pride as the household plays host to King George V and Queen Mary . FAMOUS FACES: Die-hard Downton fans will be pleased to know the en tire cast is set to appear in at least one scene together. MOST LIKELY TO HAPPEN: Polishing silver, fretting over place settings and Dame Maggie Smith (left) bringing that aristocratic sass, as per . WHEN’S IT COMING? 13th Sept ember 20 19. BREAKING BAD WHAT WE KNOW: Written by the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan, the spin-off ( code-named Greenbrier) explores what happened next for Walter White’s sidekick, Jesse (Aaron Paul, right). FAMOUS FACES: Paul has confirmed that he’d “love to be a part of it”. The jury’s…

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bookmark these…

THE WINNER AYESHA AT LAST WHAT’S IT ABOUT? A Muslim riff on Pride And Prejudice, in which Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy take a high-speed train – we mean, horse – from 19th-century England to modern-day Toronto. Ayesha – Lizzie to Austenites – is a 27-year-old teacher. She’s independent, outspoken and against arranged marriage until she meets Khalid, who’s smart, handsome and conservative. “Love comes after marriage” is his mother’s idea of a chat-up line. The film rights have already been snapped up. WHO’S IT BY? Canadian teacher Uzma Jalaluddin was “surprised” when a publisher accepted her novel: “I started it in 2010 and [no one was] as interested in stories about diversity back then.” WHY WE LOVED IT: Anything Austen is OK by us, and this is a refreshing take on a classic.…

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the big-screen evolution of leonardo dicaprio

1995 THE BASKETBALL DIARIES Girls wanted to save him, boys wanted the number of his hairstylist. Leo’s turn as a high-school basketball star put him firmly on Hollywood’s radar. 1996 ROMEO + JULIET One glance through a tropical fish tank and we were sold. The angst, the baby-face, the music, the epic Hawaiian shirts before they went mass in C&A. This was the peak of Leo-mania. 1997 TITANIC Who didn’t want Jack Dawson to draw them like one of his French girls? In 2019 Leo is one of the world’s most high-profile climate-change campaigners but, in 1997, he had a lot to thank that iceberg for. 1998 THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK If you could turn a blind eye to the mullet, Leo acted his breeches off in two different roles. We were still obsessed with Jack Dawson, but he…