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Cosmopolitan Magazine celebrates fun, glamour and a passion for life. Inspiring young women to be the best they can be with everything from high street fashion must-haves and stunning make-up tips, career news, sex and relationship advice, as well as intimate interviews with your favourite celebs! It's gutsy, intimate and most importantly honest about issues affecting women.

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cosmopolitan uk

CLAIRE HODGSON Editor-in-Chief Executive Editor (Print) AMY GRIER Executive Editor (Digital) JESS EDWARDS Creative Director STUART SELNER ENTERTAINMENT Special Projects Director LOTTIE LUMSDEN (maternity) Acting Special Projects Director NICOLA FAHEY Digital Entertainment Editor ANNA LEWIS Senior Digital Entertainment & Lifestyle Writer DUSTY BAXTER-WRIGHT FEATURES Features Director CATRIONA INNES Senior Editor CYAN TURAN Digital Features Editor CATRIONA HARVEY-JENNER Features Writer JENNIFER SAVIN Editorial Assistant & Junior Writer DANIELLA SCOTT Features Intern EMILY GULLA DESIGN Art Editor JESSICA LOCKETT PICTURES Picture Director CAT COSTELLOE Picture Editor JODIE MCEWAN PRODUCTION Group Workflow Director CHRISTINA SIMONE Chief Sub-Editor HANNAH JONES Deputy Chief Sub-Editor STEPHANIE JACKSON BEAUTY Beauty Director INGEBORG VAN LOTRINGEN Digital Beauty Director VICTORIA JOWETT Beauty Editor CASSIE POWNEY (maternity) Acting Beauty Editor LAURA CAPON Acting Senior Digital Beauty Writer GABRIELLE DYER Beauty Writer KATE PASOLA FASHION Fashion Director AMY BANNERMAN Senior Fashion Editor SAIREY STEMP Digital Fashion Editor…

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from the editor

i have been hundreds of different Claires in my life. There was the Spice Girls superfan. Goth Claire (aged 14 to… well, still now, really). The wannabe fashionista I tried so hard to be (before I realised high-end fashion magazines were just not my natural home). I’ve been blonde, brunette and fuchsia pink. In the space of a single day I go from wearing the floaty dress that makes me feel confident for a meeting to the sweats and scrunchie that make me feel off-duty when I’m at home. But just between us? Sometimes I feel like a fake – somehow guilty for wanting to try new looks, new hobbies, new personalities. I worry I should have figured out which exact version of “me” I am by now, that I’m…

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the infinite influence of will smith

TOM CRUISE Long-standing rumours that Tom had recruited Will (and Jada) into Scientology have been vehemently denied by the pair, but rumour also has it that they once played hide and seek in Tom’s mansion. OPRAH WINFREY Perhaps the most influential friend a person can have, so it’s a huge deal that Will and Jada were two of the guests invited to appear on the grand finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011. The Hollywood equivalent of being selected for lunch with The Plastics. KERRY KATONA Yes, THE Will Smith met our Kezza in the green room of The Jonathan Ross Show in 2007, where she claims he blurted out, “Your breasts are massive!” To which Kezza replied, “I know, love.” We doubt they’re pen pals but she’s been nothing but nice about him…

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return of the greats

BOOK OF THE MONTH JESSIE BURTON The Confession, out now From the author of best-selling The Miniaturist, The Confession sees Elise Morceau meet Constance Holden in 1980. They embark on a whirlwind romance that takes them from London to Los Angeles’ sultry sunsets and dazzling pool parties. But when Elise overhears a devastating conversation, life as she knows it is over. Fast-forward 35 years and Elise’s daughter is searching for answers. Don’t expect a repeat of The Miniaturist, but do expect a gripping plot and real, flawed female characters. If you like The Confession, try… Devotion by Madeline Stevens, out now. An ever-so-sexy debut about a nanny in New York. BEST OF THE REST SOPHIE KINSELLA Christmas Shopaholic, out 17th October Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) is back, and this time it’s festive. As she prepares to host…

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truth or scare?

THE SHINING (1980) What’s it about? The Torrance family move to an empty hotel so dad Jack can work as a winter caretaker, but he becomes increasingly violent. Blood spills follow. But what’s it about really? It’s based on spooky happenings at The Stanley Hotel in the Rocky Mountains, USA, where guests claim to have seen ghostly children playing in the halls. Apparently the infamous room 217 is home to the ghost of a chambermaid who endlessly cleans the room she’s trapped in. Like a scary Mrs Hinch. And now? You can still stay at the hotel. Their wedding package includes a complimentary dancefloor. How romantic. How scared should we be? You’ll be safe in your (far from empty) Holiday Inn, don’t worry. VERÓNICA (2017) What’s it about? Teenage Veronica and two friends try to…

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ryan reynolds & blake lively’s best burns

28TH MARCH 2015 THE BIRTH OF THE BURN: Blake trolls Ryan and compares his sexy Deadpool pose to that of a naked Burt Reynolds, along with the hashtag #RyanReynoldsRocksMySocks. Us too, Blake. Us too. 4TH APRIL 2015 BLAKE’S BACK AT IT AGAIN. Posting a would-be cute picture of her and Ryan on the red carpet, Blake obscures Ryan’s face, drawing attention to her stylish hairdo. “We all know I wear a sleek chignon better than him.” Debatable. 25TH AUGUST 2017 TWO YEARS LATER, RYAN BITES BACK with savvy use of the crop tool, cutting Blake out of a romantic photo – on her birthday. 22ND DECEMBER 2017 BLAKE EXPOSES RYAN’S SHODDY BAKING SKILLS to the world, posting a photo of inedible-looking goo with the savage caption “@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies… He’s verrry handsome though.” 6TH NOVEMBER 2017 RYAN…