Cottage Style Fall/Winter 2018

Capture the romance, charm, and attainability of cottage-style decorating with this magazine, filled with beautiful homes that showcase all versions of this beloved style. Page after page of pretty, fresh, idea-packed rooms in a large uncluttered format let readers savor the rooms and linger over the details.

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editor’s letter

It’s easy to get caught up in the notion that a bigger house is a better house. We tell ourselves that if only we had more space, we would have less clutter, more style, improved functionality—and the list goes on. But the amount of space we have isn’t really the issue; it’s what we do with it that matters most. In this issue of Cottage Style™ magazine, we meet homeowners and designers from around the country who are embracing small footprints and creating homes that feel personal, collected, and meaningful. In Waco, Texas, we introduce you to Amy Normand, who restored a forlorn cottage slated for demolition and turned it into a charming retreat—its cozy master bedroom graces our cover. (See the rest of the house, starting on page 12).…

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brighten up your small space


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twist of fate

“It was like ‘hello’ from the time I walked in the door,” Amy Normand says, recalling her first impression of the dilapidated Waco, Texas, cottage, which had sat empty for 20 years and was slated to be torn down by the city. Even seeing it covered with vines, Amy was instantly charmed by its abundance of tall windows and unique Victorian-style trim. “Every room had this dynamic light shining through, and even in its broken-down state it had such peace about it,” she says. Dozens of phone calls later—mixed with some luck and good timing—Amy tracked down the deceased owner’s family, signed the papers, and gave the cottage a quite-literal new lease on life. An avid fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper show, Amy knew she was up for the renovation challenge.…

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english revival

Before Gabriel Bridger left town, he asked his wife, Christine, with mock seriousness, “When I get back, are we going to own a new house? Should I brace myself?” Who can blame him? In 2014, as he boarded a plane for a work trip, he texted Christine a listing for an English cottage in their Chicago neighborhood. “And by the time he landed, I had written up a contract,” she says. “I believe in asking for forgiveness,” Christine says with a laugh. “He loved it when he finally got to see it.” The Tudor-style house, which was built in 1920 and available through a short sale, was simply too good to pass up. Christine and Gabriel were longing to get their hands dirty. They had renovated a cottage in Western Michigan…

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destiny calling

Funny how heaven and earth will conspire to move a good idea from inspiration to completion. Around the time Vicki and Robert Brannon knew they weren’t fully utilizing the 2,100-square-foot home they’d built 16 years earlier in Beaufort, South Carolina, they noticed some small shingled houses tucked into the charming side streets of their historic community. “Weathered-looking, like they grew out of the woods” was Vicki’s first thought about these diminutive takes on the Northeast’s historical cedar-shake Shingle style. But before the couple fully embraced the idea of living smaller, or even putting their house on the market, fate intervened. “A Realtor asked if we wanted to sell our house,” she says. “A couple fell in love with it and made an offer we couldn’t refuse.” That push was all they…

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off to camp

Wilson Lake, a reservoir in Alabama’s northwest corner where the Tennessee River dips south, is the picturesque locale of Lynn and Randy Coleman’s waterfront cabin, purchased more than 18 years ago. “Our son was 5 years old and we called it Camp Coleman,” Lynn says. “Randy is a workaholic and it was the only way he could relax.” The camp proved to be a wonderful getaway for the Coleman men, who love to fish and be on the water. After 15 years of enjoying the barely-more-than-basic getaway, Randy said he wanted to add a screen porch. And that statement broke the proverbial dam. Soon, dreams of a whole-house renovation blossomed, and for that, the Colemans decided, they needed some professional help. Lynn has an eye for smart design and she recognized…