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Country Home Holiday 2017

Country Home magazine is packed with warm, inviting, personal houses that evoke the feeling of “home” on every page. From contemporary lofts that radiate a modern version of country to Texas farmhouses rich with patina, each issue delivers the style and inspiration that readers hold dear.

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from our   editor

THE HOMES ON THE FOLLOWING PAGES MAY be decked out in their holiday best, but they don’t get their bright spirits from layered-on glitz and glamour. In pure country style, the homeowners featured in this special issue put the shine on their homes with seasonal decorating that is collected over time, crafted by hand, or gathered from nature. In this way, they show us how to set a more personal stage for family fun, parties with friends, or quiet evenings spent snuggled in. Most of all, they reveal how it’s the simple, creative ideas that bring out the true spirit of the holidays. For instance, take a peek inside the Michigan lakeside home of Kelly and Dan Rinzema (“Heaven and Nature Sing,” page 14), who were inspired by their snowy surroundings…

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season's   greetings

1. WARM GREETING Battery-powered string lights with a timer free up outdoor outlets. Use them to illuminate a simple evergreen garland. 2 . PLANT SUPPORT You say tomato; we say instant Christmas tree. An upside-down tomato cage nestled in a crock makes a sweet holiday tree when you wire on evergreen cuttings. Simply wire the stems to the cage, letting the boughs hang down. Overlap the branches to cover the wires. Add string lights and streaming ribbon for a festive finish. 3. WINTER WINDOW BOX Evergreens, berries, pinecones, and oranges give a wrought-iron window box bright shots of color through the cold season. WHEN YOU CREATE A JOYFUL SCENE AT THE FRONT DOOR, YOU’LL BRIGHTEN UP YOUR WINTER EXTERIOR— AND HAVE YOUR GUESTS AT HELLO. 4. TABLETOP TREE A potted lemon cypress tree adds…

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crafty oraments

1. STAR Festive patterned paper will become the star of your tree when you download our template and fold your way to this three-dimensional dazzler. 2. LANTERN A popular school project, this lantern ornament is made by folding a 4×4-inch piece of paper in half and cutting slits along the folded edge. Cut disks of paper to glue to each end; hang with string or ribbon. 3. POINSETTIA Make a lasting holiday blossom by cutting five “petals” from red cardstock. Fold petals in half and glue one side to a circle cut from cardstock. Leave the other side bent and overlap petals to add dimension. Finish with mini pom-poms. 4. TREE To make a tree to hang on your tree, cut a 4×5-inch rectangle from paper and fold it accordion style. Cinch and…

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heaven and nature   sing

KELLY RINZEMA’S DECORATOR’S EYE, active imagination, and can-do spirit serve her well every day, but they become especially present at the holidays. Taking inspiration from flea market finds, her natural surroundings, and family traditions, Kelly creates eye-grabbing arrangements that celebrate old-fashioned pleasures in fresh, often surprising ways. Her artistic attributes also came in handy when Kelly and her husband, Dan, built their lakefront home in Michigan. During the building process, Kelly began sharing her do-it-yourself endeavors via a blog she named after her home—The Lily Pad Cottage. Now that construction is complete, the Rinzema home, as well as the blog, often showcases Kelly's clever and festive decorating ideas. “I love sharing the childhood magic I remember with my family,” Kelly says. “Our Christmas decorations are fun, classic, and homey; the kids are…

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northern   brights

TUCKED AMONGST THE TALL TIMBER IN UPSTATE New York is a home that belies its East Coast location—for the month of December anyway. As quickly as the Thanksgiving decor can be shuffled into storage bins, the home of Louise and Parker Gore transforms into a Christmas cottage that could be nestled on a snowy mountainside in Norway or Sweden. Unpacking the family’s holiday decorations is a highlight of the season for the couple and their 10-year-old daughter, Eleanor. Ornaments collected from family vacations mix with myriad red and white trinkets that would make any northern European proud. “Over and over throughout my life, I keep gravitating to Scandinavian design,” says Louise, who proudly displays a collection of Danish trays from the 1960s and ’70s in the kitchen year-round. But it’s the Christmas…

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round we go

SPRUCE UP YOUR HOLIDAY WREATHS BY EXCHANGING THE TYPICAL HOLLY AND EVERGREENS FOR MIXED GREENS WITH A VARIETY OF FRUITS AND BERRIES. Design Tips The right tools and techniques can help you create lovely and lasting wreaths. WIRE ON WREATH EMBELLISHMENTS when possible, if you will be using the base from season to season. Removing glued-on objects isn’t as easy and will likely tear apart your wreath. CREATE A FOCAL POINT on your wreath by clustering elements in one quadrant of the project. A focal point creates a more eye-catching design by naturally drawing attention to it. USE WOOD FLORISTS PICKS to secure fruit. The picks will absorb the moisture in the fruit to hold the pieces. Leave about an inch of the pick exposed for wiring. RELY ON SYMMETRY for a more engaging design. This…