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Volume 18 Issue 6

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3 min
eye of protection

MATERIALS 5 metres of cotton cord BEADS 1 x evil eye bead 8 x 7mm round black glass beads TOOLS 1 x wire coat hanger Clear nail polish 4 x sticky labels LENGTH: adjustable to fit Rating STEP ONE Cut five metre length of cotton cord in half. Fold each piece of cotton cord in half again. Design note: I have used four colours of cord – knotting them in the centre to help simplify the instructions. To clarify this for yourself, write on two of the labels, brown and orange and attach them to either end of one piece of cord. On the other cord, attach labels reading purple and yellow. STEP TWO Loop the centre of the brown/orange cord over a wire coat hanger. Drag the tails of the cord through the fold at the top, attaching the cord to the wire. Ensure…

6 min
purple princess wirework necklace and earrings

MATERIALS 1.2m x 12 gauge aluminium coloured wire 0.75m x 1cm wide coloured organza ribbon 5m x 24 gauge Artistic wire 2 x foldover clasps BEADS 2 x 10mm Czech faceted fire polished 22 x 6mm Czech faceted fire polished 27 x 4mm Czech faceted fire polished 4 x 8x6mm faceted crystal teardrops 2 x 4mm Swarovski bi-cones crystal 3 x 3mm Swarovski bi-cones crystal TOOLS Round nose pliers Bent nose pliers Cutting pliers Pen Circular objects for forming loops Glue LENGTH: 55cm EARRINGS MATERIALS 0.3m x 12 gauge aluminium coloured wire 1 pair earring hooks 0.2m x 24 gauge artistic wire 2 x head pins BEADS 2 x 6mm Czech faceted fire polished 2 x 8x6mm faceted crystal teardrops Rating STEP ONE Creating the frames of thick wire Cut 2 x 25cm, 2 x 20cm lengths of 12 gauge wire. STEP TWO Form a flat spiral at one end of 25cm length by turning the end of the wire into a basic loop.…

3 min
black butterfly collection

HAIR CLIP MATERIALS 1m x black Accu-Flex 1m x 22 gauge metre gold 1 x gold plated crimp 1 x 10cm hair clip BEADS 8 x gold Pure Allure Butterfly sliders Jet 32 x 4mm Jet Swarovski bi-cones 6 x Swarovski pendants 6000 Jet 17 x 4mm gold plated brass square rounds TOOLS Wire cutters Round nose pliers Crimping pliers WATCH MATERIALS 2 x gold plated wire protectors 2 x gold plated crimps 2 x gold plated crimp covers 50cm black Accu-Flex 1 x gold plated pewter toggle 1 x gold plated oval watch face BEADS 6 x gold Pure Allure Butterfly Sliders Jet 14 x Swarovski Simplicity 5310 Jet 12 x 4mm gold plated brass square rounds Rating HAIR CLIP STEP ONE Remove back section of hair clip, to make working section easier. STEP TWO Use 22 gauge wire leaving a tail of 1.5cm to fold at the back. Thread wire through 1 x side of Pure Allure…

6 min
all about shell

SHELL IS FORMED NATURALLY BY various types of mollusc. Molluscs have calcium rich blood which is filtered through an outer organ called the mantle. The mantle then separates the calcium from the blood and turns it into calcium carbonate crystals which form layers of shell that build up over time. Some types of mollusc shell have an iridescent internal layer known as nacre or mother of pearl which is composed of the same material as pearls. Coloured shells are created when various pigments within the mollusc’s food are combined with the calcium carbonate crystals and deposited into the outer shell before it hardens. Four main coloured pigments produce the many colours found in shells – yellow, black, green and red. Some shell colours are produced by light refraction off various layers…

3 min
twisted leaf

MATERIALS 1 x Nouveau swirls toggle clasp 7 x bronze eye pins 2 x Vintaj Filigree cones 1m brown Tigertail. 6 x bronze crimps BEADS 7 x Size 6 green seed beads 10g light olive green silverlined bugles 10g light topaz silverlined bugles 1 x 6mm light olive multifaceted round 10 x 6mm brown multifaceted rounds 7 x 6mm yellow multifaceted rounds 5 x 10mm olive silver lined rounds 4 x olive and brown silver lined ovals 1 x yellow silverlined leaf 2 x 4mm Vintaj melon spacers TOOLS Flat nose pliers Wire cutters Round nose pliers Bead stopper LENGTH: 40cm Rating STEP ONE Cut Tigertail into three equal lengths. Using piece one, thread 1 x 4mm Vintaj melon spacer. Move spacer to middle of the Tigertail. Bring both ends of Tigertail together; thread both ends through 1 x yellow multifaceted round bead, 1 x brown multifaceted round bead, 1 x 10mm olive silverlined…

1 min
swing bracelet

MATERIALS 25cm Accuflex wire 2 x silver crimps 2 x silver wire guardians 16 x jump rings 4 x head pins Magnetic clasp BEADS 10 x Jet Design Lampwork Beads (LB) 4 x size 11 clear seeds 7 x 8mm Czech crystals (Cry) 12 x daisy spacers 8 x 3mm metal beads 24 x metal dangles (MD) TOOLS Cutters Crimping pliers Round nose pliers LENGTH: 20-22cm Rating STEP ONE Using 1 x head pin thread 1 x seed bead, metal bead, lampwork bead, metal bead; form a simple loop on the top. Do this for all 4 x head pins. STEP TWO Thread a crimp to the end of the wire, thread wire up and back through the wire guardian, going back through the crimp. Fold the crimp closed, trim off the excess wire. STEP THREE Thread on the following sequence: Through middle of 1 x metal dangle, 1 x Czech Crystal, middle of 1…