CrossStitcher June 2021

CrossStitcher is the UK’s best-selling crafts magazine. Each issue is packed with inspirational cross stitch designs and exciting new ideas that will help you make the most of this wonderfully relaxing and rewarding hobby. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not currently include the covermount items or content you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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sweet summertime

CrossStitcher PROJECT PACK If you would like to stitch Sweet Summertime, we have a materials pack with everything you need to get you stitching right away, and have it delivered straight to your door! Your materials pack contains: • Sampedro 14 count aida in Cream• Skeins of DMC stranded cotton• Bee charm• Two gold-plated tapestry needles; size 24 and size 26 How to order: Fill in the form on page 15 or go to to order your project pack at the CrossStitcher reader price of £32.50, plus P&P. Designed by: Maria Diaz Stitch count: 180 high x 118 wide Design size: 33x22.5cm (13x8¾in) Stitch time: 40 hours This design was stitched on 14 count aida fabric. To keep things simple, try working one band at a time and thread up the shades for that band before…

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5 reasons to never miss an issue!

And here’s 5 more great reasons! 1 No minimum term – cancel at anytime2 Choose the option that’s right for you – digital or print3 Free delivery to your door or your device4 Savings on the shop price5 Get every issue before it hits the shop ‘IT’S THE ONLY CROSS STITCHING MAGAZINE YOU’LL EVER NEED!’ Go to to find the best option for you or call 01778 392080…

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puppy love

Designed by: Maria Diaz Stitch count: 39 high x 49 wide Design size: 7x9cm (23⁄4x31⁄2in) Stitch time: 5 hours This design was stitched on 14 count aida fabric. Make an… aperture card Step 1 WORK using two strands of stranded cotton for the cross stitch, one and two for the backstitch, and one for the French knots. Step 2 TRIM the stitched fabric to fit your card, with the design centrally placed behind the card’s aperture. Step 3 ATTACH double-sided tape to the inside of the card around the edge of the aperture. Step 4 PLACE the stitching on the table right-side up, and then place the card on top, pressing down firmly on the tape. Step 5 CHECK which flap will fold onto the back of the stitching, then add strips of double-sided tape and press firmly down to secure. If the…

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an interview with… amy burt

We chatted to Amy Burt about high fashion for the famous, her life spent teaching at Hampton Court and how her new embroidery book Stitch came together… Hi Amy! Tell us how you first got into stitching and embroidery… I was really lucky to have two talented grannies. Both were amazing at needlework, Granny Martyn was an amazing patchwork quilter and Grannie Burt was a talented seamstress (and cuddly toy maker). At school I studied Textiles for GSCE and got my highest grade, unfortunately the teacher thought I chatted too much and didn’t really see my potential. It wasn’t until I was living in Berlin in my late twenties that a family member sent me the BBC documentary on Medieval English embroidery called the ‘Fabric of Britain’ – they visited the RSN…

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stitching with jess

Hullo! One thing I’ve clung to throughout this year as I’ve tried to learn new skills and navigate this ever-changing world is the value of perseverance. Like any skill, perseverance needs to be practised for it to become a habit, but it’s a habit that can change our lives for the better. Luckily, there’s a beautiful flower that represents such a quality in the Victorian meaning of flowers we call floriology – the delicate magnolia. I have two port wine magnolias in my garden and the flowers literally smell like sweets – it brings me great delight whenever the breeze catches their scent and drifts it towards me. Getting my magnolias to flower is also a test in perseverance! They are still young so they don’t flower much currently, but it allows…

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crossstitcher reader survey

As one of our valued stitchers, we’d like to learn a little more about you so we can tailor our content and communications to better suit you and your interests. If you would prefer to complete the survey online, please visit and click the ‘complete the survey’ button for CrossStitcher. Alternatively, you can complete this on-page survey (or take a photocopy so you don’t have to take the page out) and send it to us using our freepost address: FREEPOST: WARNERSGROUP (CrossStitcher) Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey! 1. Which age category do you belong to? ❑ 18-24❑ 25-34❑ 35-44❑ 45-54❑ 55-64❑ 65+ 2. Which of the below best describes your family? (Please select all that apply) ❑ I don’t have children❑ I have children/a child aged under 10 years❑ I have…