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Decanter April 2017

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steenbok, western cape

The 7ha Steenbok vineyard is in the hamlet of Simondium, midway between Paarl and Franschhoek in South Africa’s Western Cape province. It belongs to Rupert & Rothschild, a partnership founded in 1997 by South African Dr Anton Rupert and Baron Edmond de Rothschild of France. The vineyard is planted with Petit Verdot vines which are now 13 years old, and the fruit is used in a Bordeaux-style blend. Named after the small species of antelope found there, the Steenbok site is at the foot of the Simonsberg mountain, part of the Cape Fold Belt that stretches across the province. The soil is mainly clay due to the mudstone washed down from the mountains, with a subsoil of moisture-retaining decomposed granite. These fertile soils are what first attracted the French Huguenots…

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john stimpfig

AT THE END of last year, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Steven Spurrier, as the recipient of this year’s Decanter Man of the Year award. As I recorded our conversation, I kept on thinking that somebody really should write a book or make a film about his extraordinary life and career. In fact, I can reveal a small scoop on that score – Steven is already several chapters into his memoirs, which will be published later this year. Having had a sneak preview, I cannot wait to read them in full. And of course, a significant instalment of his life has already been captured on film with the late Alan Rickman playing him in Bottle Shock. Not that Steven himself was particularly pleased by the portrayal, or by certain elements…

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a month in wine

Chile reeling as wildfires ravage vineyards DOZENS OF VINEYARDS in Chile, some of them planted with century-old vines, have been damaged by wildfires in what the country’s President has called ‘the worst forestry disaster in our history’. At the time of writing, up to 100 vineyards had been damaged by the devastating blazes across Maule and parts of Colchagua, with century-old vineyards burned to cinders and small wine producers the worst affected. A number of dry-farmed vineyards and adobe wineries in Maule’s secano (unirrigated) interior were caught in the path of the fires as they swept through the surrounding forest Cancha Alegre winemaker Sergio Amigo Quevedo, who lost six hectares of 120-year-old vines, said: ‘It’s hard to believe that vines, which you have taken care of with such love and sacrifice, have gone,…

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in brief

The 2014 vintage of HM The Queen’s English sparkling wine is available on pre-order prior to a planned autumn release. Three-bottle sets of the 2013, priced at £75, sold out quickly before Christmas, and now Windsor Vineyard 2014 can be ordered at £35 a bottle. The wine is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier from the Windsor Great Park estate. Pop star Lady Gaga is to produce her own wine under the Grigio Girls name after filing the trademark in the US. Known for her outrageous outfits, Lady Gaga once appeared on US TV show Saturday Night Live dressed as a wine cork and grapes. Decanter consultant editor Steven Spurrier has been named honorary president of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), succeeding Gérard Basset OBE MW MS.…

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The joys of BYO I RECENTLY TOOK my date to Cambridge’s Hotel du Vin. They no longer allow diners to bring their own wine, but the manager made an exception (for a £25 corkage fee) for my 1924 Haut-Brion – a big risk On easing out, the cork was rotten. But when the sommelier filtered the wine into a decanter there was almost no sediment and the wine was bright. ‘It’s good!’ he exclaimed on tasting it. I picked up my glass, took a deep breath and sipped. The wine wasn’t good – it was excellent! By the last glass it was breaking down, but it was perfect and my date was happy too. A great experience! Phil Salway, Cambridge I COULDN’T AGREE more with Prof Dominic Regan (‘Letters’, March 2017). I met with…

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letter of the month

I READ JOHN Stimpfig’s column (March 2017 issue) with interest. I have spent 15 years trying to improvise wine storage solutions. It got to the point where I had two wine fridges filled to the brim, shelves buckling to support their load. I would often phone my wife from an overseas trip to check on the temperature in rooms where all the excess bottles were stored. She would obligingly juggle bottles from the sunny side of the house to the shaded to ease my panic. My dream finally came true two years ago, with the construction of a wine room. On showing new guests around the house I usually get a little embarrassed when we enter. I justify the extravagance by emphasising that ‘I’m not into cars, so this is…