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Decanter August 2017

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mcgraw vineyard, okanagan valley

McGraw Vineyard covers 2ha of Lake Okanagan’s southeastern shore in Naramata, a sub-region of the Okanagan Valley in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The vines pictured are Gewürztraminer, planted in 2000 by Dr Bob and Aliky McGraw, after whom the vineyard is named. They own Kettle Valley Winery, which uses this site to make its aromatic whites. The soils are alluvial gravel and glacial silt, which is notably coarser under the patches of pale foliage. Beyond the old willow tree and across the lake looms Giant’s Head hill, part of an ancient ridge of volcanoes. Formed by the Okanagan Fault, which runs beneath the still waters, Lake Okanagan moderates the vineyard’s temperatures, sometimes impacting it by up to 6°C. A family of black bears lives in the area; one…

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john stimpfig

I HAVE NO idea whether it was the chicken or the egg which initally prompted the remarkable rise of rosé in recent times. Was it the dramatic improvement in quality that fired the category’s exponential sales growth over the last 10 years? Or did a spontaneous spike in sales encourage producers to suddenly up their game. What is in no doubt is that rosé has entered a virtuous circle of ever-increasing quantity, quality and popularity. The figures are extraordinary. For instance, in 2015, US sales of rosé increased by 58% in volume terms and 60% by value. In France, rosé has outsold white wine every year since it first overtook it in 2009. When I began drinking wine, such statistics were unimaginable. Mainly because of how execrably bad most rosé was. In…

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a month in wine

English wine wins top prize at DWWA A NORFOLK WINE has made a strong case for joining wine world royalty, after winning one of the Decanter World Wine Awards’ most coveted medals. Winbirri Vineyards’ Bacchus 2015 was awarded the Platinum Best in Show medal for the best value white wine made from a single variety. That variety is Bacchus, a grape relatively untouched by most of the wine world, but which has found a home in the fledgling English wine industry. Winbirri’s victory lays down a strong marker for English still wine, which has been overshadowed by the country’s emerging sparkling wines. ‘I think I might retire now,’ joked Winbirri’s owner and head winemaker, Lee Dyer. ‘It doesn’t get any bigger than winning a Decanter award.’ When the award was announced, Dyer…

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in brief

Raimonds Tomsons, head sommelier of Vincents restaurant in Riga, Latvia has been named Best Sommelier of Europe & Africa by the ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale). Piotr Pietras of Poland came second, while Julia Scavo of Romania and David Biraud of France shared third place. Scientists in Germany have pinpointed botrytis cinerea as the most noble fungus affecting wine grapes. Analysing samples of Riesling and Gewürztraminer, researchers found that botrytis was the only fungus that created ‘positive aromatic notes’ in the grapes. Sommelier Gerard Basset has added yet another accolade to the string of letters after his name, as the Organisation de la Vigne et du Vin named him Master of Science in Wine Management. Basset remains the only person in the world to simultaneously hold the Master of Wine, Master…

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As a new father, I am planning to buy a case or two of the 2017 vintage for when my son reaches milestone ages. While I’d love him to have an appreciation of wine, I would not be too disheartened if he did not at the time. Instead I would relish the chance to open a bottle with my wife and relive the memories of this year as we both got to grips with being parents. While passing on a love of wine is wonderful, surely being able to savour a good bottle oneself is the best thing of all? James Redford, by email ‘Where will the new connoisseurs come from?’, asks John Stimpfig (July 2017). There is a healthy wine drinking culture in our metropolitan centres (in Europe, Japan and the USA),…

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letter of the month

I understand John Stimpfig’s disappointment at his offsprings’ ‘failure to launch’ with regard to fine wine appreciation (July 2017 issue), but I caution him to be careful what he wishes for. My son, at a similar age to John’s, began to take a keen and sudden interest in wine, even though his pals were still strictly beer or bourbon and cola boys. While pleased that we had a new shared interest, I was curious as to the reason. When I asked him he replied: ‘Someone has to inherit your cellar.’ His appreciation of wine has continued to develop in the following years on a slightly less strategically mercenary basis, a fact evidenced by the substantial ‘shrinkage’ that I discover at each annual stock-take of my cellar. Phil Garling, New South Wales,…