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Decanter May 2017

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semeli, nemea, greece

Semeli Wines and its olive grove and cypress-strewn vineyard pictured here is in Nemea, an appellation in the Koutsi region to the northeast of Greece’s Peloponnese. The one-hectare vineyard is planted to Agiorgitiko, a red variety that has been used in Greek winemaking for more than 2,500 years and the only one permitted in Nemea. The vines – and the terracotta winery on the horizon – are at 580m above sea level, on a west-facing hillside exposed to cool breezes from the Gulf of Corinth. The limestone and clay soils help retain moisture in this warm climate. Agiorgitiko gives ruby-coloured wines that are usually dry with strong red fruit aromas, ideally with a complexity that makes them ageworthy. The land here is steeped in ancient mythology; Hercules is said to…

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john stimpfig

ONE OF THE many things that have concerned me over the past year has been the way in which experts in their fields have been subjected to increasing levels of disdain and contempt. In today’s trigger-happy and vitriolic social media world, too many people are far too willing to ‘share’ their often bizarre and belligerent views. Factor in political or commercial spin, fake news and alternative facts, and the inevitable result is more heat than light. It seems harder than ever to know who to trust or what to believe. To my mind, such attacks on experts are usually wrong, misguided and dangerous. Surely, it depends on their knowledge, background, integrity and track record? In the face of so much bile and misinformation, isn’t it arguably more important than ever to…

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a month in wine

Bordeaux 2016 vintage ‘better than 2010’ EXCITEMENT AND ANTICIPATION are building in the run-up to the en primeur tastings of Bordeaux’s 2016 vintage, with some in the region suggesting that it may be even better than the highly rated 2010. Dominique Febve, technical director at Margaux second growth Château Lascombes, said that – in his opinion, and in that of long-standing consultant Michel Rolland – the property’s 2016 grand vin was even better than its 2010. The comments followed an assertion from Jean-Valmy Nicolas of Château La Conseillante that ‘our 2016 is, in my view, the best La Conseillante we have ever made. I can’t speak for other châteaux, but this is a hugely exciting vintage for us’. Despite being a relatively hot year, 2016 has delivered wines that are moderate in alcohol, with…

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in brief

English sparkling wine is to be served by British Airways to its first class passengers for the first time. Bolney Wine Estate Blanc de Blancs 2013 will feature as the airline’s guest sparkling wine for six months, alongside Champagnes such as Laurent-Perrier’s Grand Siècle. California’s top winemaking school, UC Davis, is to start selling wine made by its students following a change in the law. Previously, all wines made by students had to be disposed of, but the wines – some made from grapes grown in key Napa vineyards – can now be sold, fetching up to $80 to $100 each. The proceeds will benefit the school’s wine programmes. Pedro Ballesteros Torres MW has been invested as a member of the Gran Orden de Caballeros del Vino in recognition of his support…

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Picnicking perils RE: THE EXPERT opinion on the benefits – or lack thereof – of the stemless wine glass (‘Notes & Queries’, February 2017 issue), restaurateur Xavier Rousset MS works so hard that I doubt he has much time to enjoy that great British tradition, the picnic. No British summer could pass without a picnic – and no picnic for a wine lover would be complete without wine. But have you ever tried a picnic with normal wine glasses, especially those which enhance the wine, where the stems are usually long and thin? Take such glasses on a picnic and disaster beckons. Stemless glasses, like the Riedel O, are perfect. You can enjoy your picnic in the knowledge that spillages and breakages are less likely, and the wine will taste so much…

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letter of the month

JANE ANSON’S COLUMN in your March 2017 edition on the fallacy of focusing on the vintage was fabulous. I’ve lost count of the number of wallet-sized charts I’ve been sent over the years explaining what to drink and when. All of them have gone straight in the bin. If you could reduce the entire output of a whole region to a score out of five, I would never have become infatuated with wine in the first place. Wine isn’t about memorising good years and bad years. It’s a drink: grown from the earth, crafted by artisans, drunk with friends, explored for a lifetime. Paul Davis, Wimbledon…