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Design Anthology #18

Design Anthology is a luxury interiors, design, art and architecture magazine, with a strong focus on Asia and it's burgeoning creative scene. Aimed at a sophisticated, well-travelled audience, we aim to provide a reading experience that will transport and inspire you.

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from the editor

At this time each year we pay tribute and dedicate an entire issue to one country. This year we’re casting our curatorial eye over the world’s largest archipelago, the fourth most populous country and the fourteenth-largest in terms of overall land area — I’m referring to Indonesia. Indonesia is also one of Australia’s closest neighbours, and yet it took me 40 years to get there. I was probably the only kid at school who didn’t go to Bali on holiday to return with a tan and tightly braided hair — but both would have looked ridiculous on me, so I have no regrets! And besides, as I now know, there’s so much more to Indonesia than Bali. The aim with our annual editions is to shine a light on a country within…

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Reddie, Sydney Young Australian-Indonesian couple Caroline and Andrew Olah founded Reddie during a stint in Hong Kong after years of not being able to find high-quality, well-priced furniture. Fuelled by this frustration, they went back to their semi-Indonesian roots to produce this collection. Everything is handmade by fifth-generation craftspeople with wood ethically sourced from government-certified plantations. The young business just added outdoor furniture to its collection and opened its first permanent showroom in Sydney. reddie.com.au Jardan, Perth Since 1987, Jardan has become synonymous with good Australian design, producing a range of furniture and lighting in its Melbourne facility. Its new trade showroom in Perth is located on the western side of the city in a mid-century Australian architectural landmark that once housed the iconic Skinner Gallery. Furniture is displayed in a residential-style setting alongside…

4 minuti

Kayunara Living Jakarta-based interior architect Tony Sofian first launched the Kayunara brand of furniture as a way to explore a contemporary Indonesian design language. Following the brand’s first designs, the new collection was launched at the 2018 CASA Indonesia design and lifestyle exhibition. Each of the 12 new pieces, including the Agata chair (seen left), pushes the boundaries of the oft-cliched East-meets-West aesthetic and is handmade from locally sourced hardwoods and customisable upholstery. tsds.co.id / kayunara.com Gabriel Scott One of the latest lighting collections by Gabriel Scott, the Myriad series is inspired by bioluminescent organisms found in nature. The backgrounds in architecture, industrial and jewellery design of duo founders Gabriel Kakon and Scott Richler are evident in these new pieces, where each hand-blown glass lamp is reminiscent of a gemstone. The series is available…

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Not just a cup by Oki Sato This picture book — the first from prolific Japanese designer Oki Sato, aka nendo — features a simple cup as the main character. Cute, quirky illustrations tell the story of when the cup notices there is no spoon to stir the coffee within it, and so tries to solve the problem by changing itself into different forms. The plot of the book essentially explains the essence of design, emphasising the notion that design is not only about creating beautiful shapes but about recognising the little inconveniences in our everyday lives and finding new ways to solve them, in so doing also explaining much of nendo’s design philosophy. Sato’s overall message is that even the smallest and seemingly most boring thing in our daily routine can excite us…

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pure java

How many design briefs begin with an honest, unpretentious aim that is anything but overdone? 7 Speed Coffee, named for seven bicycle-enthusiast friends, began with that very premise. It’s an easy, laid-back spot in Kemang Utara with a fun, skater-slash-biker approach to the decor. The concrete floors paired with white walls could have been austere, but one of the owners, designer Eko Priharseno, chose long, plywood bench seating across the back of the shop with scattered cushions to keep the surroundings casual and comfortable. Stacks of books sit alongside cacti and other plants, with light wood accents further downplaying any seriousness. The skate decks incorporated into the coffee bar’s pour-over design provide a playful touch, plus there’s a full-sized bicycle that serves as the shop’s primary piece of art. For something…

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the new vernacular

Despite the increased recognition it’s enjoying internationally, Indonesia’s creative scene is continuing to go through growing pains. The few who rise to the top face challenges of proving the industry’s worth not only globally but locally. Resilience and resourcefulness are have become bywords. For emerging designers like Alvin Tjitrowirjo, Eva Natasa, Sashia Rosari and Abie Abdillah, the experience of founding their own respective practices has been remarkably similar. To transition from design to factory production, where innovative principles and bespoke designs become secondary to marketability, requires great persistence. Additionally, materials are not easy to acquire at competitive prices — they are mostly bought by big factories in bulk, leaving startups little chance to purchase their desired materials at competitive prices. ‘If you look at the number of universities with product design faculties…