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Diesel World

December 2019

Covers all diesel-powered vehicles, trucks and tow vehicles with an eye for technical innovation, and advancements in related equipment and fuel technology.

United States
Engaged Media
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diesel world

EDITORIAL Adam Blattenberg Brand Manager Kelly Nomura Executive Managing Editor Ryan E. Smith Managing Editor DESIGN Katia Sverdlova Art Director CONTRIBUTORS Jim Allen, Jim Bigley, Eddie Maloney, Mike McGlothlin, Jason Sands, Jacob White ADVERTISING Gabe Frimmel Ad Sales Director (714) 200-1930 Chris Crispell Senior Account Executive (714) 200-1935 Becky Maas Account Executive (714) 200-1959 Sebastian Tirkey Advertising Traffic Coordinator Eric Gomez Advertising Traffic Coordinator OPERATIONS Manish Kumar Mishra Operations Manager Surajpal Singh Bisht Prepress Manager Shailesh Khandelwal Subscriptions Manager Chandan Pandey Production, Newsstand & Circulation Analyst Alex Mendoza Administrative Assistant Victoria Van Vlear Intern Program Manager ENGAGED MEDIA, LLC Scott Hall Chief Executive Officer Pinaki Bhattacharya Managing Director & COO William Ammerman Executive Vice President, Digital Carrie Rubalcaba HR & Office Management John Goodpasture Vice President, Sales Erin Masercola Director of Content Operations…

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bye, bye spark plugs

The first vehicle I owned was a 1998 Ford Ranger. I still remember the day I got it: Halloween 1999. I took it home and immediately started modifying it. I did a lot of stupid stuff with that truck, but I learned a ton. That’s the truck that solidified my obsession with pickups. It had a huge impact on the direction of my life. I drove it for three years before I did what all parents fear their kids will do to their first ride: I totaled it. I did it right, too. I rolled it while going so fast the back end flipped straight over the front before coming to rest. I still have the scars from that accident. It happened on a barely maintained dirt fire trail up in…

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dw news

OEM NEWS BEST-SELLING TRUCKS OF 2018 More than 2.25 million pickups were sold in America in 2018—and that’s only counting the ones produced by the Big Three. At the top of the list was the Ford F-series, which includes the best-selling vehicle in the U.S.: the F-150. An incredible 909,330 of these trucks were sold, a figure that includes the Super Duty models. Second Place belonged to GM’s Chevrolet Silverado, with 585,581 in light duty (1500) and HD series sales. In Third Place, Dodge moved 536,980 Ram units (1500 and Heavy Duty), an uptick of seven percent over 2017. Finally, GMC sold 219,554 light duty and HD-model Sierras. LEGISLATION HANDFUL OF STATES CHOOSE DIESEL OVER ELECTRIC PROPULSION Offering more proof that America remains far away from going fully electric, some states that were awarded funds…

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bulletproof your dodge transmission

It’s no secret that diesel engines can handle stupid amounts of power. But transmissions? Not so much. The 47RH four-speed in our ’95 Dodge was based on an original 727 muscle car transmission (’89 to ’91 Dodges actually had 727 three-speeds), except the 47 Series has an overdrive gear along with a lock-up converter. This gave Dodge diesels a whole new rpm range as well as lock-up for better mileage and increased power to the ground. The 47RH is a solid piece, and that reliability extends to the later 47RE and 48RE models found in ’96-’07 Dodges. With a factory power rating of 160 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, the Dodge four-speeds have to be fairly strong, not for the horsepower rating, but rather the torque. This means that with…

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a texas-sized ram

Rex Stineman built one Texas-sized 2016 Ram 2500, but that’s no surprise to us. Rex is no stranger to the lifted-truck scene. He has previously owned just about every make and model there is, and he purchased his latest creation in April 2016 with dreams of making it to SEMA one day. Little did he know that he would respond to a Facebook post from the very person who could get him there. “Robbie Bryant of KEG Media posted in need of a co-driver to haul some builds to SEMA,” Rex said. “He chose me for the job, and we instantly became friends.” The prospect of attending SEMA for the first time gave Rex the itch to build his Dodge. THE PATH TO SEMA BEGINS The spring after the 2016 SEMA show saw a…

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2016 ram 2500 limited mega cab

OWNER: Rex Stineman HOMETOWN: McKinney, Texas ENGINE: 6.7L Cummins TUNER: S&B Air Filter, Bull Dog GTX Tuner EXHAUST: Diamond Eye SUSPENSION: Redneck Ram Hydro-Assist Steering, FOA Shocks, R1 Concepts Brakes, Air Lift Air Management with Dual Viair 480C Compressors, Prismatic Powders Illusion Purple BODY/EXTERIOR: Fusion Bumpers, Gravel Empire Grille Inserts, Bedrug, Swingcases, AMP Steps, Monster Hooks, Infinite Rule Security, Horn Blasters, Prismatic Powders. LIGHTING: Twisted Pro All Terrain (Bumpers), Raw Concepts Front Headlights w/Klearz, Recon Taillights, Diode Dynamics. INTERIOR: Alea Leather WHEELS: Specialty Forged 26x16 SF 014, True Spike Lug Nuts TIRES: Fury Offroad Country Hunter MT 42x15.50R26…