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Winter 2019

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

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editor’s note

I joined the team at Digital Photo (then PCPhoto) not long after its first issue in 1997. Digital cameras were a brand-new technology that, along with the evolving sophistication of the personal computer and relatively new software like Adobe Photoshop, sparked a revolution in imaging that ignited creative possibilities for photographers as never before. Suddenly, we could make fine art prints at home without a chemical darkroom, perfect our images down to the pixel and share our photos around the globe in an instant. Much has changed in the more than two decades since that first issue. We now take for granted the capabilities that digital technology introduced, and our smartphone cameras have greater resolution than the early professional DSLRs. The world of photography has forever advanced, and we’re proud to…

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street scene 2019 contest winners

FIRST PLACE Coffee Reflections “While on a winter photo outing with friends in the Pioneer Square area of Seattle, Washington, we sat down outside a coffee shop for a warm cup of coffee and a leisurely conversation. I had noticed the cool reflection in the window of the building across the way before I noticed the gentleman sitting at the window counter. Luckily, he moved forward slightly, and I was able to grab this image. The image has been cropped to emphasize the reflections and shadows, and I made it a black-and-white before giving it a warmer tone in Photoshop.” SECOND PLACE Sky Runner “This image was made around 4 p.m. in the newly completed Vessel structure, which is part of the Hudson Yards development on the west side of Manhattan. The photo reminds one…

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family travel: beyond the ‘i was there’ photograph

During four very different Backroads tours—hiking through the Japanese Alps, cycling around Japan’s Noto Peninsula, crossing western Cuba and biking/cruising down the Danube—I focused my cameras on families and friends immersed in experiential travel. This approach to tourism can be far more rewarding and yield more meaningful photographs than simply showing up at a well-known place on the beaten path, snapping a static “I was there” photograph, and then moving on to the next bucket-list location. Once an itinerary is locked in, the question then becomes, “How will I best capture these experiences?” FAMILY TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY IS A BALANCING ACT. It shouldn’t become a burden for those who find themselves on the front side of the lens. People want their trips documented, but most non-photographers don’t want to spend hours doing it. By…

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composing people

People are photography’s ultimate content. Human beings are their own favorite subject, by orders of magnitude over anything else. Yet even accomplished photographers tend to forget, when they photograph their fellow humans—large or small, candid or posed—that people pictures benefit as much as any landscape or street scene from careful composition. It’s as if, given our familiarity with our own kind and our preoccupation with human moments, photographic thinking flies out of our pretty little heads. Even the simplest snapshot of friends or family, whether every day or on special occasions, can benefit from a moment of thought about composition and its visual corollaries. With that in mind, here are a few simple strategies to help create more effective pictures of people, whether formal or informal. FRAME, DON’T AIM In the heat of a…

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photographing groups

As tough as it may seem to get a flattering, meaningful photograph of just one person, shooting a group of people increases that difficulty exponentially. Even if nine out of 10 people look great, it invariably seems as if the 10th looks like he or she just smelled something bad. There are several things you can do to improve your chance of getting a group shot that everyone involved will be happy with. The first of these is, simply, to take lots of pictures. Never take just one, but don’t even take a few. Take dozens, and take them fast. The more you take, the better the chance that at least one frame will nail a decent expression on everyone. Digital photography makes this easy and, unlike film photography, inexpensive. If you…

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lighting for white background portraits

One of the most popular requests I get from portrait clients is to photograph them in front of a white background. It’s for good reason, too. The look has a timeless quality, plus it’s clean and simple. White background portraits can also be easily clipped and dropped into other scenes as needed. And while the look is simple and doesn’t require much specialized equipment, getting it just right takes some know-how. How can photographing someone on a white background be difficult? If you simply put a person in front of a white wall, won’t you get a white background by default? Actually, no. When you photograph someone in front of a white background without proper illumination, the white background turns from white to light gray. In response, photographers too often crank up the background…