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Electronic Musician October 2019

The new ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN is a “must have” resource for anyone who makes music, plays music, and shares music. Every issue includes "gig tested" product reviews on music gear, tons of how-to's, and interviews with today's stars revealing the secrets of their songwriting approaches and audio-production concepts.

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dreams & feelings

Sometimes, the world of music technology can get a bit ‘technical’ – we can get lost in talk of waveforms, algorithms and signal paths, at the expense of focusing on mood, melody and feeling. But, not so in this issue of Electronic Musician. This month, we're taking inspiration from our cover stars, experimental synth-rock icons Tangerine Dream. Despite pushing the envelope when it can to synthesized sound, in their peak period they were a band that never got bogged down in the technicalities, focusing instead on improvisation and creativity. 2019 sees the arrival of a bumper crop of reissues, focusing on the band’s mid-’70s ‘Virgin Years’ period. We spoke to former member Peter Baumann to get the inside story of those essential LPs, see page 22. If you feel your music is…

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focusrite buys adam audio, bringing studio monitors into its range

Focusrite’s range of products contains audio interfaces, MIDI controllers and synths – but studio monitors are conspicuous by their absence. We can see the logic, then, in the company’s acquisition of Adam Audio, a respected specialist in this field. This represents the Focusrite Group’s first acquisition since it went public in 2014 – it already includes Novation and the Amplify Brands – and as Founder and Chairman Phil Dudderidge explains, the purchase is part of a wider company strategy. “I am delighted that we have an important new addition to our family of brands,” he says. “For the Focusrite Group, the creation and recording of music is everything. With a vision to create the most holistic creative experience for recording professionals and musicians alike, choosing the right high-precision studio monitor brand is…

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casiotone comeback!

Popular with families and used by countless garage bands who couldn’t afford anything else, the Casiotone range of portable keyboards was a fixture in the early ’80s. Now Casio is introducing a revamped line-up of Casiotone models for the next generation of players. In many ways, the CT-S200, CT-S300 and LK-S250 are cut from similar cloth to their predecessors, with each offering a wide range of built-in sounds and rhythms (400 and 122 respectively), plus 50 patterns in Dance Music Mode. You also get USB MIDI and a rechargeable battery. Thanks to the slimline chassis, weight has been kept down to six pounds, and there are 61 full-size keys. Portability is aided by the inclusion of a carry handle. Expect to see the new Casiotones in stores later this year – get…

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akai force, mpc x and mpc live now play nice with ableton live

One of the biggest USPs of Akai’s Force, MPC X and MPC Live products is that you can produce music on them without the need for a computer. However, there are going to be times when you need the flexibility that only a desktop-based DAW can provide, so we’re pleased to be able to report that, thanks to a couple of firmware updates, all of the aforementioned products now offer Ableton Live Set Export functionality. The transition from MPC/Force to Live is said to be seamless, so you can easily continue to develop your tracks in Ableton’s software. Other features of the new firmware include new automation features, along with improved external keyboard support for Force.…

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teenage engineering adds sampling to the op-z

When we saw Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z portable synth earlier this year, we noted that, given the presence of a built-in microphone, it was a bit strange that sampling wasn’t supported. We weren’t the only ones either – sampling has been a feature request on many OP-Z owners’ wish lists. Happily, thanks to a new OS update, it’s here: you can now sample directly into the OP-Z from a mic, headset or via USB. There’s also compatibility with the OP-1 sample format, which supports control of pitch, gain, play mode and play direction, while stability has been improved and bugs fixed. You can sample to both drum and instrument tracks on the OP-Z, making it possible to create custom kits and to play melodic content. As such, the creative options open to…

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soft opinions

As one of Electronic Musician's cadre of Editors At Large, James is responsible for keeping his finger on the pulse of the music software world, reporting on the latest developments in plugins and DAWs. He also takes a more irreverent look at music software as co-host of Appetite For Production Podcast, and is often to be found creeping about on Twitter: @rusty_jam I've always enjoyed the art of the remix. One piece of music reinterpreted by another artist, putting their spin on a familiar – or perhaps unfamiliar – tune, giving us an entirely fresh perspective. You get a similar mystique to the traditional cover version, but with the added appeal of a no-rules shuffling of sections, ideas and motifs. In the same way that hearing a piece of music live…