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November 2020

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vitrine dreams

YOU WON’T FIND IT ON THE TOP 10 list of most San Diego travel guides, but the historic Spanish Village Art Center, a quirky collection of Spanish-style stucco houses in Balboa Park, is one of the city’s most colorful and locally beloved public spaces. When Paris-based architect Marie-Eve Bidard of Bidard & Raissi saw the center, it presented just the type of inspiration she could use for her latest project: the new Cartier shop that opened this September in San Diego’s Fashion Valley mall, a few miles north of the park. “While there are certain consistent elements in every Cartier boutique, each location also reflects its environment,” explains Bidard, who has designed stores for the brand in Copenhagen, Bangkok, and Fukuoka, Japan. “What’s magical about San Diego is the dynamism of…

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the spanish affair

AMONG AVA GARDNER’S MANY LOVE AFFAIRS, ONE OF her most enduring was her embrace of Spain—a place she found irresistible for its “earthiness” and “whimsy” (not to mention its handsome toreadors). In the mid-1950s, the Hollywood legend purchased an apartment in Madrid’s El Viso neighborhood. Set in a discreet four-story building, the duplex had grand proportions, including a nearly 2,000-square-foot rooftop terrace where she was known to play jazz and flamenco until the wee hours of the morning, irking her downstairs neighbor, exiled Argentine ruler Juan Perón. To renovate such a storied property would be any designer’s dream, but for Isabel López-Quesada, it was more than that: It was a necessity. The apartment had been in her husband’s family for half a century, ever since Gardner herself sold it to his…

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cincinnati rising

I’M FROM CINCINNATI, WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN one of those cities to which people reply, “Nope, never been.” Those who have been never fail to mention the chili, which is something we’re best known for. But the city has much more to offer beyond the meat and beans. It is also considered the final stop on the Underground Railroad and has inspired countless works of literature, such as Toni Morrison’s iconic novel Beloved. It’s where the late Pritzker Prize–winning architect Zaha Hadid designed her first building in America and where the legendary African American poet Nikki Giovanni grew up. Rarely are these things mentioned. But the day I found out that the suspension bridge designed by John A. Roebling, which connects Cincinnati with Covington, Kentucky, was actually the prototype for…