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Entrepreneur magazine is the trusted source for growing your business and offers surefire strategies for success. Whether you are just thinking of starting a business, have taken the first steps, or already own a business, Entrepreneur offers the best advice on running your own company

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always here for you

Even the smartest, most ambitious entrepreneurs can’t build a successful business all on their own. They rely on a network of advisors to help them fill in the gaps and make the best decisions. That’s why you likely hired an accountant to help with finances, and probably bend the ear of a mentor to find out what mistakes you absolutely need to avoid. One area you can’t afford to skip: technology advice. As your business grows, your technology must evolve. You’ll need a knowledgeable advisor to keep your productivity running high and your security as strong as possible. After all, system downtime and security breaches—from ransomware to hijackings, and phishing to worms—can result in financial and brand damage. Putting things like security and data protection on the back burner can be…

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need to know…

✓ Data Security Some businesses think that because they’re small, they don’t need to worry about cyber attacks and data breaches. Especially in today’s always-on, mobile world, this is an increasingly risky strategy. Truth is, they are more vulnerable than ever to security threats and data loss. Helpful Data Security Tips Train employees in security policies. Establish basic security practices and strategies for employees, such as requiring strong passwords, and develop appropriate internet use guidelines that detail penalties for violating company cyber security policies. Establish rules on customer privacy and the protection of customer information and company data. Protect computers, networks and data from cyber attacks. The best defense is keeping systems updated with the latest security software, web browser and operating systems. Remember - Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 in…

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time to double your effort

WE’VE ALL DONE IT: We see someone score amazing attention, or win some award, or snag the perfect client, and we wonder, How’d they pull that off? It can seem random. What do they have that we don’t? How did luck happen to break their way? I used to wonder this all the time. But now, after meeting so many entrepreneurs who have triumphed in so many ways, I see a pattern in their success. Here it is: They make it as easy as possible to be rewarded. They become the most responsive, most motivated person available. They become solution machines. They become impossible to not help. That might sound obvious, but it’s not. It’s like a violation of physics! Remember Newton’s third law? For every action, there is an equal and…

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changing the game

Lacrosse may not be the most popular sport in America, but this summer it may beat everyone else out for sheer business drama. The sport has been dominated since 2001 by an organization called Major League Lacrosse (MLL), and its most famous player was Paul Rabil. But Rabil was frustrated with his old league. So he hung up his cleats and, along with his brother Mike, decided to launch a competitor. Their new Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) kicks off on June 1, with games airing all summer long on NBC. They poached many of MLL’s greatest players and are pursuing a totally new approach to teams: Rather than have teams based in cities, the way MLL (and most major pro sports leagues) does, PLL’s six teams have no local identities.…

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3 tips for managing profitable retail relationships

Nearly all the merchandise that makes it from a shelf into a physical or even virtual shopping cart must first take the journey from manufacturers and suppliers to retailers. It’s an age-old concept but serves as a useful reminder that winning and keeping new sales channels requires that business owners prove to retail clients that their products will arrive in the time frame and condition that the client’s shoppers demand. In an increasingly competitive retail environment, excellent customer service from vendors to their retail customers is more important than ever. Maximizing your profitability depends as much on the quality of your reputation among retailers as on the volume of product you can ship. Here are three ways to get the most out of relationships with retail clients: 1. Deliver consistency. Retailers use vendor scorecards…

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rebooting the raisin

Harry Overly got an unexpected call one day from Sun-Maid, the raisin company with the famous red box featuring a grapescarrying girl. It needed a new CEO—was he interested? “What is the appetite for risk?” he asked in response. Because Overly, a food industry veteran, knew the job wouldn’t be easy. Two decades ago, American-grown raisins represented 45 percent of global raisin sales; today it’s less than 20 percent. And Sun-Maid, which grows its product in California, had barely marketed itself during that time, which meant it had a lot of catching up to do. The company promised it was willing to take risks, so in late 2017, Overly took the job. Then he set about reviving the brand by focusing on two main tasks: Sun-Maid needed a new voice and…