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build a bridge to yourself

I WON’T NAME NAMES, but there’s someone missing from this issue of Entrepreneur. I’d found a piece they’d written, liked their work, and planned to assign them a story for the magazine…but I couldn’t find their email address online. They have no website. Their social media channels offer no way to get in touch. So I moved along to someone else instead. Why’d I give up so fast? Because the way I see it, that person’s job is to make themselves easy to work with. And I’m not going to spend my time doing someone else’s job for them. I hope this little story strikes fear into the hearts of many. Consider it: Right now, as you read this column, someone out there might be thinking about hiring you, partnering with you,…

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gwyneth paltrow, the mentor

Gwyneth Paltrow has played many public roles—most notably, of course, first as an actress and now as the creator of Goop. Her lifestyle business and content platform launched in 2008 and has grown to a $250 million company by selling Paltrow-endorsed health-and-wellness products that shoppers swear by (even when the medical community cries foul). But here’s a role she’s less well-known for: Behind the scenes, she mentors female entrepreneurs. Sylvana Ward Durrett is one of them. She’s a former Vogue staffer who for years produced the annual Costume Institute benefit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then went on to cofound the children’s e-commerce site Maisonette in 2017. Today, Maisonette is a fast-growing business with more than $18 million in funding, and Ward Durrett often leans on Paltrow for…

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regaining trust

Steven Galanis was in his office one day last November when he got a text from a guy who works for NFL legend Brett Favre. “This is bad,” the text said. “What do we do?” And that’s how Galanis learned of the crisis about to consume his company—and threaten its very existence. Galanis is the cofounder and CEO of Cameo, a platform that allows fans to pay celebrities for quick, personalized videos—wishing someone a happy birthday, congratulating them on an accomplishment, and so on. The talent includes actors, athletes, YouTube stars, and more, and each sets their own price, from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. The company has facilitated 200,000 videos and until then hadn’t experienced any major problems. (Full disclosure: I, the author of this piece, am…

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3 surprising benefits of writing notes on paper

Electronics have become an extension of our work selves. Tethered to our computers and smartphones, we spend our days staring at a variety of screens. During meetings, many of us wouldn’t dream of showing up without our laptop or tablet. It’s time to rethink this equation, supplementing digital devices with pens and paper. According to compelling research, there’s evidence that the physical act of writing notes by hand increases productivity. 1. It boosts comprehension. In a series of studies, researchers from Princeton and UCLA divided student participants into two groups: those who took notes by hand vs. those who typed them. Unsurprisingly, the typists were able to capture more of what was said in class. This thoroughness, however, did not translate into a better performance on tests. Instead, the students who took notes…

2 minuti
how to prepare for anything

Focus on What You Have ELLEN LATHAM/Cofounder, Orangetheory Fitness ELLEN LATHAM’S brand, Orangetheory Fitness, has more than 1,250 locations worldwide. But a decade ago, she was just a single mom who’d been laid off from her job. “I didn’t know what I was going to do,” she says. Then she talked to her father, who had a philosophy about hard times: “Focus on what you have, not what you don’t have.” Latham had a talent for group fitness classes and a Pilates certification. So she talked her local Gold’s Gym into letting her set up an indoor-cycling class there. Then she began teaching Pilates in her home, saved enough to open a studio, and created a workout that caught the attention of some fitness franchisors…which blossomed into Orangetheory. Do the Work That Matters…

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the new workcation

Christina Stembel had a 70-item to-do list and no time to tackle it. So in 2018, she decided to eliminate all distractions. She’d get an Airbnb cabin in Ojai, Calif., with limited cell service, and spend a weekend alone with her work. She mentioned this plan to another founder she met at an Ernst & Young award ceremony, and the woman asked to come along. Stembel reluctantly agreed. Then the woman invited a friend. And with that, Stembel thought her time away would devolve into a social free-for-all. But as the three founders settled in at their cabin, Stembel discovered an unexpected benefit. All three women ran companies that create tangible goods and generate millions to tens of millions of dollars in revenue: Stembel founded Farmgirl Flowers, which ships ethically sourced…