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Business e Finanza
Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine October/November 2019

Entrepreneur magazine is the trusted source for growing your business and offers surefire strategies for success. Whether you are just thinking of starting a business, have taken the first steps, or already own a business, Entrepreneur offers the best advice on running your own company

United States
Entrepreneur Media Inc.
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2 minuti
what entrepreneurs need to know about the end of windows 7

Have you heard? After January 14, 2020, Windows 7 computers will no longer receive updates or support. This has some serious implications for business. If your computer is still running Windows 7, Microsoft will no longer offer security updates or assisted support options. In other words, your office computers will be left vulnerable to a host of security risks. When dealing with things like sensitive customer data and invaluable intellectual property, the last thing a business needs to be exposed to is more risk. To protect your business and make sure you have a smooth transition, you can work with an expert. Dell has more than 30 years of experience partnering with small businesses to help them thrive. Each and every one of their Small Business Technology Advisors have 160+ hours of…

1 minuti
10 reasons to upgrade to windows 10 today

Built-in Security 1 End-to-end protection against modern security threats. 2 Windows 10 reduces security issues and time to resolve them by 33.3%. 3 Helps protect against loss of business info by encrypting data on devices. Seamless Integration 4 Compatible with 99% of your Windows 7 apps. 5 More easily allows you to acquire, manage and distribute apps. 6 Works with the other wired/wireless printers and devices you already own. Increased Productivity 7 Windows 10 devices have up to 2.5x better performance than a five-year-old PC. 8 They have 3x longer battery life and wake up from sleep mode 4x faster. 9 With Remote Desktop, you can access your files, folders, and apps anytime from anywhere. 10 Ability to use digital pen, touch, voice or gesture. 877-BUY-DELL Windows 10: Make the shift…

2 minuti

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4 minuti
win over your haters

WE’RE TOLD THAT we should love customer service. We’re told that, as entrepreneurs, our passion should be to make people happy. We’re here to serve, to solve problems, to spread joy! And that’s all true. Good customer service can also be good fun. It’s a blast to help someone enjoy the thing you’ve made. But let’s be honest: Sometimes customer service is not pleasant. Because sometimes people are not pleasant. And that’s when we, as entrepreneurs, need to kick into a different gear. We need something to help us stay focused—to not get dragged down by frustration. In short, we need a reminder of what people really want. When I hear from an angry or unpleasant customer, I play a little game. My goal is to disarm them—to rid them of their anger…

6 minuti
what does success look like?

Marc Randolph speaks with rare humility, like a man with no regrets. “The decision to step down as CEO and bring Reed [Hastings] in,” he says, “was probably the best decision I ever made at Netflix.” Randolph and Hastings cofounded the company in 1997, with Randolph as CEO and Hastings as the company’s main investor and chairman of the board. But two years later, the company was stalled out, and they made an emotionally fraught change: Randolph stepped aside to become president (and would leave the company four years later), and Hastings stepped in as CEO. The company thrived, and Hastings became the man to reap most of the glory. Now Randolph has a new book, That Will Never Work, which tells the history of the company—and in this interview,…

2 minuti
get out of that work slump

1/ Take a break. “We try to focus on the biggest task that needs to be accomplished, but if it’s not going as planned, you’re best off not spending too much time on it. Stop that process, take a step back, regain momentum, then start again.”—JAMES PEISKER, cofounder, Porter Road 2/ Dive in. “I swim! It’s the best. When you’re underwater, you can think creatively and hear yourself think. I once designed a whole marketing program underwater—and won a not-so-shabby $25,000 cash award for it!”—GABRIELLE MULLINAX, franchise owner, FastSigns 3/ Think small. “I focus on travel arrangements. It’s a task that has a clear beginning and end and is easy to check off on a to-do list. Finishing even the smallest of jobs helps me clear my head. And since I do most of my…