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part 1 find your idea

Are you a shaky dreamer, an idea machine, or a hopeful founder? As I’ve coached A many entrepreneurs, I’ve found that everyone tends to fit into one of these categories. Shaky dreamers have an idea but not the confidence to move forward. Idea machines have so many ideas they struggle to pick one. Hopeful founders have the motivation but no idea where to start. Each category comes with its own challenges, but the solutions are largely the same: To start a great side hustle, you need to approach it with focus, reality, self-awareness, and a problem-solving mindset. Here are three steps to choosing the right idea. STEP 1 Get to know yourself. Think about what you’re interested in, what you’re passionate about, and what your strengths are. Brainstorm areas that allow you to leverage…

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the rise of the smart board

When Peter Handy meets virtually with customers, video chat just won’t do. He runs Bristol Seafood, an upscale fish-supply startup, and wants to wow them with new fillet cuts and food presentations. So instead of sitting at a computer, Handy stands in front of a 55-inch “smart board.” It’s called a Vibe, and it’s a little like those election-night touchscreens you see on CNN. But the Vibe is made for collaboration; it functions like a whiteboard but also integrates with platforms like Zoom, making it easy to see other chat participants, share your screen, work together on sketches, share files, annotate documents, and more. “It’s all about how you can make your business stand out right now,” says Handy. As entrepreneurs try to improve their businesses remotely, a new industry of smart…

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a bevy of boards

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 50-Inch Cost $9,000 Best Feature This monster screen works on a Windows 10 operating system, making it just as powerful as a computer. Samsung Flip 2 55-Inch Cost $2,199 Best Feature Bluetooth allows you to connect to an external speaker while you sync and save notes to personal devices. DTEN’s 27-Inch Zoom for Home Cost $599 Best Feature Eight microphones, three wide-angle cameras, and stereo speakers take your Zoom experience to the next level. PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF VIBE; MICROSOFT; SAMSUNG; DTEN…

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the 10 hottest things in franchising

Every year, we try to predict which franchise types will be the most successful in the year ahead. In normal times, that involves looking back at the past year and learning from the trends we find. But of course, the past year wasn’t a normal one. The events of 2020 have largely shifted the question of “What’s popular?” to the question of “What’s essential?” That question has led to some big changes on this annual list. We’ve included several categories that haven’t appeared here for years, including automotive services, cleaning and restoration, home improvement, tech services, and tutoring—all of which were largely deemed essential during shutdowns in 2020, or were able to quickly pivot their models to keep doing business. But you’ll also find categories from last year’s list whose strength…

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reclaim your customers

Now is not the time to overlook the power of digital marketing. It’s been a turbulent year for business owners and consumers alike, and to reengage your fans, a personalized approach is key. Gone are the days when marketers could get away with sending a mass “We miss you!” email to inactive subscribers, hoping to lure them back with discount codes. Instead, savvy companies should explore new technologies, target their audience with intention, and rely on analytics to learn more about their audience. Follow these three tips to recapture shoppers’ affection (and dollars). 1 Invest in new technology. To expedite innovation within your own business, invest in forward-thinking technologies offered by young startups. Earmark 10 percent of your marketing spend as a “test and learn” campaign budget. Once you get the results…

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how these side hustlers did it

FIND (FREE) MARKETING “In February 2020, I launched a line of functional chewing gum, made with plant-based vitamins and adaptogens. I don’t come from a family of entrepreneurs, so I didn’t know what being an entrepreneur should look like. I come from an immigrant family, and I’m 40—so my parents were confused about why I would take focus off a well-paying career to sell chewing gum, and I felt too old to be a carefree entrepreneur. But I developed the product and had to think smart to get it out in the world. I did some Instagram stalking and found a few people with a solid following who I thought might be interested in Mighty Gum. I cold-emailed them and asked if I could send them some product. They said yes,…