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to franchise, or not to franchise

STEP 1: FIND THE RIGHT WAY TO EXPAND. Upgrading from a small business to a chain is a big leap. So before choosing how a company will grow, owners should figure out their management style and ultimate goals. “We tell our clients, ‘You really don’t want to make a decision to franchise. You want to make a decision about how to run your business,’” says Mark Siebert, CEO of iFranchise Group, a consulting firm that helps small businesses take that leap. “From a business perspective, there is very little difference between establishing a good franchise program and establishing a good dealer program. The tools and the strategies are largely the same.” THE FRANCHISOR Steve and Alexis Schulze of Newport Beach, Calif., were hard-core home juicers. They didn’t like the processed ingredients, additives, and…

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so, you want to open a bakery?

“ If you want to open a bakery, go work in a bakery.Baking is the easy part.” JOANNE CHANG OWNER FLOUR BAKERY + CAFE BOSTON $38,350 That’s the cost of the eight-month Pastry & Baking Arts program at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education. Save it. Real-world experience will teach you payroll, ordering, inventory, and all the other important stuff. “Learn these aspects on someone else’s dollar, not your own,” Chang says. “ You must innovate so there’s always something new for guests to discover.” DOMINIQUE ANSEL OWNER DOMINIQUE ANSEL BAKERY NEW YORK, TOKYO, LONDON SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS That’s how often Ansel changes his menu. Highlight what you do well, but don’t be hemmed in by it, or customers will consider you a one-trick shop. “ Don’t sacrifice your personal happiness for your bakery, or you will lose both.” KEVIN GARDNER CO-OWNER FIVE POINTS BAKERY AND…

10 min
travel made me do it

TOM MORGAN TRANSFORMED A FAILED TRIP TO MONGOLIA INTO THE ADVENTURISTS. I was studying abroad in the Czech Republic in 2001, majoring in art, which is a degree in how to be unemployed. I had a lot of free time. My buddy Jewels and I bought an old car and tried to think of the stupidest place we could drive to, which was Mongolia. We set off without spare clothes or preparation, kind of deliberately. I think we had a packet of cheese, some smokes, and a hunting knife. We never reached Mongolia; the Iranians thought we were smelly and wouldn’t let us in. But we had a lot of fun, and the trip inspired my idea for the Mongol Rally, a 10,000-kilometer adventure from England to Mongolia that you can do…

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a better popcorn bucket

“You pay a premium price for popcorn, but they only butter the top layer. An inch down, you’ve got almost a whole bucket of popcorn that tastes like cardboard.” Bric Simpson was a genuine movie buff: He hit the theater about five times a month. That also made him attuned to the finer points of snacking, and he had some problems. “You pay a premium price for popcorn, but they only butter the top layer. An inch down, you’ve got almost a whole bucket of popcorn that tastes like cardboard,” he says. In 2009, Simpson and his wife were shaking a popcorn bucket to distribute the butter when she said, “You know what we need? A lid.” Today, Simpson has made that lid—along with a company, Kernel King, that sells about 100,000…

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how she learned to roll with it

Bikes are Francesca DeRanzo’s world. For 10 years she worked at bike shops or companies, including a brief but happy stint as an East Coast sales rep for the high-end bike manufacturer Specialized. In that time she also cycled across the U.S., exploring thousands of miles of trails and country roads. But then she tried separating her work from her passion, selling traffic signs for a Hutchinson, Kan.-based company. It didn’t go well: She was miserable, and her coworkers didn’t get her obsession with two wheels. “I thought about how we spend most of our time working and sleeping, and the only thing we can change is where we work,” DeRanzo says. She considered opening a bike shop but found a brick-and-mortar loan daunting. That’s when she came across Velofix, a…

9 min
for less than $50,000

1 RE/MAX Real estate Startup cost: $37.5K-$224K Total franchises/co.-owned: 7,217/0 2 Jan-Pro Franchising International Commercial cleaning Startup cost: $3.99K-$51.6K Total franchises/co.-owned: 8,224/0 3 HomeVestors of America Home buying, repair, and selling Startup cost: $44K-$347.3K Total franchises/co.-owned: 724/0 4 Pillar To Post Home Inspectors Home inspections Startup cost: $33.9K-$42.3K Total franchises/co.-owned: 541/0 5 Rooter-Man Plumbing, drain, and sewer cleaning Startup cost: $46.8K-$137.6K Total franchises/co.-owned: 609/3 6 Stratus Building Solutions Commercial cleaning Startup cost: $3.5K-$64.6K Total franchises/co.-owned: 1,508/0 7 Coverall Commercial cleaning Startup cost: $16.8K-$49.4K Total franchises/co.-owned: 8,871/0 8 Cruise Planners Travel agencies Startup cost: $2.1K-$22.9K Total franchises/co.-owned: 2,432/1 9 Jazzercise Group fitness classes, conventions, apparel, and accessories Startup cost: $3.5K-$12.9K Total franchises/co.-owned: 8,880/0 10 Synergy HomeCare Nonmedical home care Startup cost: $35.4K-$149.4K Total franchises/co.-owned: 338/0 11 Anago Cleaning Systems Commercial cleaning Startup cost: $10.5K-$65.6K Total franchises/co.-owned: 1,458/0 12 Novus Glass Auto glass repair and replacement Startup cost: $49.97K-$268.9K Total franchises/co.-owned: 1,953/41 13 Jantize America Commercial cleaning Startup cost: $29.6K-$207K Total franchises/co.-owned: 291/0 14 Estrella Insurance Auto, home, and business insurance Startup cost: $49.95K-$84K Total franchises/co.-owned: 121/0 15 Vanguard Cleaning Systems Commercial cleaning Startup cost: $10.9K-$39.4K Total franchises/co.-owned: 3,167/0 16 Chem-Dry Carpet…