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reviews games.

It will come as no surprise to gamers that Games is the most popular section of the App Store and always has bee! Our team of iOS gaming experts have reviewed the very best titles across the ages, and you’ll find the retro results right here. From famous names such as Metal Gear Solid, FIFA, Street Fighter, Tiger Woods, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy to iOS originals like Infinity Blade and Angry Birds, our comprehensive classic reviews database is crammed with the very best the retro App Store had to offer.…

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The key to a great game is the fun you can have with it, and what could be more fun than running around with oversized weaponry, battling against hordes of enemies and causing stuff to blow up? Action games are all about excitement, adventure and adrenaline-pumping combat, and no other genre can offer you a more explosive gaming experience than this! Whether you’re defending the Earth from alien invasion, defeating Nazis in World War 2 or just helping some Angry Birds get their eggs back, dive right in to these amazing applications and get your pulse pounding!…

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anomaly warzone earth hd

DEVELOPER Chillingo Ltd PRICE £2.49 SIZE 103 MB AGE RATING 9+ The tower defence game is a staple of the App Store. The real-time weapons placement and short gameplay bursts seem perfect for a portable touch screen device. While we are big fans of this genre we have found ourselves getting a little tired of the predictable gameplay. The setting and plot may change but the concept of defending your base using various static weapons from waves of approaching enemies has remained the same. However just as fatigue appeared to have set in, Anomaly Warzone Earth has blasted on to the iOS and flipped the tower defence genre on its head. This time you take control of the attacking craft as they battle through the landscape avoiding or destroying the enemy’s defences. This role reversal is the key to…

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angry birds hd

DEVELOPER Chillingo Ltd PRICE £1.99 SIZE 14 MB AGE RATING 4+ Chillingo Ltd’s Angry Birds is something of an App Store phenomenon. It is one of the most downloaded games for both the iPhone and IPod Touch, so an iPad version was enviable. To its credit, instead of taking any short cuts Chillingo has tweaked and honed Angry Birds HD to such a degree it must be regarded as something of a benchmark for iPad gaming. One thing that is immediately obvious with this new HD enhanced iPad version of the game, is that a lot of time and effort has been put into making the game look as good as possible. The animation and graphics are extremely well done. From the sharp layered backgrounds, all the way down to the animated birds and pigs themselves, Angry Birds has…

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angry birds seasons

DEVELOPER Rovio Mobile Ltd PRICE £0.69 US$0.99 €0.79 SIZE 15.8 MB AGE RATING 4+ Released for Halloween 2011, Angry Birds Seasons started as a shameless cash-in, offering new content which was little more than a standard free Angry Birds update, but for a price. Initial reaction was far from favourable, but as the game has developed and new content has been added, what started life as an inferior follow-up has grown into a superior game in its own right. If you haven’t discovered this title then you’re in for a treat. Upon launch the first screen is the main menu, from where you can choose which unlocked stage you wish to play, check out the achievements list, use Game Center to compare scores with the rest of the world, adjust a few options and purchase a Mighty Eagle (boo…

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another world – 20th anniversary

DEVELOPER Bulkypix PRICE £2.99 US$4.99 €3.99 SIZE 87 MB AGE RATING 12+ Part game, part interactive movie, when Another World was first released for the Amiga it was more than just another game, it was a real interactive experience. Rather than falling into one of the established genres of the time, Another World was neither a puzzle game, a shoot-‘em-up nor a platformer, but it was all these and more. Playing it now it’s easy to forget how revolutionary it was at the time. The spookily realistic sprite animation still looks very nice but it was gob-smacking in 1991. The game begins with a scientific experiment gone wrong, which transports the main character to a strange, dream-like world and so begins the adventure where you take on challenge after a challenge as you try to stay alive and figure…