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team players//

James Gale Managing Editor I really like the new Control Centre in macOS Big Sur, but it could be more customisable. With a little more versatility, it would be awesome. Martin Smith Group Senior Designer Why doesn’t iPadOS offer multiple user support, like the Mac does? Then my partner and I could share a tablet, logging in to our own accounts. Alan Hulme Staff Writer I wish Apple would allow virtual cameras in FaceTime again. It would allow apps like iGlasses and EpocCam Pro to function in FaceTime video chats David Hayward Staff Writer Why can’t you back up your Mac to iCloud using Time Machine? It’s a great feature in iOS and iPadOS. Why not on macOS as well? Ian Osborne Editor It’s a minor moan, but when you use the App Switcher (CMD-TAB) to select an app that’s minimised in the dock,…

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editor’s letter//

Be honest. You love a freebie, don’t you? We all do, that’s why this issue’s cover feature is all about getting cloud computing storage free of charge. Cloud storage is the future of computing. With your documents and data on the cloud (or, more accurately, on a server bank located away from your computers), you can get at it using any device that has a web browser, share it with friends and colleagues and edit it on the go without it taking up room on your mobile device. And if you get burgled, or your hard drive fails, your documents, photos, holiday videos and more are safe in the cloud. But how do you get storage space for free? Most cloud computing providers offer a free plan with limited storage as…

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get almost 100gb of free cloud storage

“With a little bit of work and some organisation, you can sign up for a range of cloud storage services, limiting yourself to the free option, and get almost 100GB of free cloud storage in a matter of minutes.” Cloud computing is the future of data storage. Instead of (or even ‘as well as’) storing documents and data on your computer, you can keep them on ‘the cloud’, that is, on remote servers maintained by cloud storage providers. The advantages are clear. As your data files are stored on cloud servers and available online, you can access them anywhere, and from any device with a web browser. You might produce a document at work, saving it to a cloud storage service, and then carry on editing it at home using your…

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gadgets gallery

Bluesound Node URL: Price: £549.00, $549.00, 549,00 € Bluesound Node lets you stream hi-res music and multi-room audio to create a modern addition to existing hi-fi systems or your favourite set of powered speakers. Discover all the music ever recorded with access to hundreds of Internet radio stations, dozens of streaming music services or your own digital music library; with a few taps of the BluOS Controller app for iOS or Mac. WaterField Packable Sling URL: Price: £75.00, $99.00, 84,00 € The Packable Sling holds your daily essentials, like a jacket, book and other travel gear. The protective sleeve is ideal for holding your iPad, and when not in use, the bag folds into a pocket-sized package. CableCoil Mini URL: Price: £5.95, $7.95, 6,75 € This colourful cable protector is quick and easy to install. By placing it…

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jaybird vista 2 bluetooth earbuds

As regular readers know, we loved the original Jaybird Vista sports earbuds. Last year, we praised them for their ‘comfort, durability and all-round sonic excellence’, and our only complaint was ‘there’s no option to allow ambient sounds to penetrate for when you’re out jogging’. Now Jaybird is back with the new Vista 2 Bluetooth earbuds, and not only has this omission been addressed, but there’s a wealth of other improvements and new features too. The new buds include SurroundSense, which lets in ambient noise when (for example) you’re on a run and need to hear the traffic or on a train and don’t want to miss the announcements. It also offers active noise cancellation to do the opposite, that is, block out external sounds entirely. It works pretty well – not…

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twelve south forté

If you’re lucky enough to own an iPhone 12, this is a really elegant way to charge it. Fit a MagSafe Charger (not supplied) into the stand, and you can charge by placing the back of your iPhone onto the charger, where it’s held in place magnetically. You can tilt it up to 70 degrees to find your ideal viewing angle, and even turn it upwards and charge your AirPods or AirPods Pro case on it (Qi-compatible only). It looks unassuming without the iPhone and great with the smartphone in place. You can place your iPhone on the Forté in landscape or portrait mode, and a heavy base stops it being knocked over when it’s on your desk or bedside table. Our only complaint is the MagSafe Charger isn’t included –…