Evo October 2020

Produced by world-class motoring journalists and racers, evo communicates the raw emotion of owning, driving and testing the world’s greatest performance cars. Bringing together informative car reviews, vivid photography, exciting track tests and dramatic drive stories in glorious landscapes, evo is considered the bible for performance car enthusiasts.

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4 min
ferrari 430 scuderia

@evomagazine @evomagazine @officialevomagazine I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO OWN A 430 Scuderia a few years ago, but my first experience of living with this hardcore V8 Ferrari left a lot to be desired. The car in question had originally been bought brand new by an investment company in San Marino as an asset they believed would increase in value. However, the investment company had gone bust, so the liquidator had been charged with selling the assets for as much as he could get for them. The car had covered only 230km (yes, just 140 miles) but there were two pretty significant hurdles to realising the €250k or so he believed it to be worth. The first was that it could not be viewed, as it was being kept under lock and key. The second…

11 min
clover’s return

A YOUNG WELSH LAD, GRINNING like a Cheshire cat, waves his hand up and down by the Giulia’s window, in the kind of exaggerated motion a toddler might use to pat a dog on the head. The car-literate will recognise this as the international symbol for ‘give it some revs!’, and with fluids long since warmed up, I oblige with a few similarly exaggerated stabs of the right-hand pedal. Truth be told, the Giulia’s not the perfect car for this Lambo-outside-Harrods treatment, and I’ve spent much of the day so far wondering if it isn’t actually a little too quiet, something that could be put down to the recent fitment of petrol particulate filters to the 2.9-litre V6. The lad and his friends seem impressed though (I was equally impressed by…

11 min
road rush

SOMETIMES WISHES DO COME TRUE. I WAS ambling along thinking how perfect it would be to happen across a conventional performance car, a properly quick one, and mug it, when what should wander into the web of my idea but a big, fat, juicy BMW M2 CS. Perfect. All the driver would see in their mirrors would be the Nomad’s distinctive open-wheel, off-road buggy look. Clued up, they might know what it was, and that there was a 290bhp version, but I was hoping they wouldn’t be expecting an encounter with a Nomad R, one of just five with 335bhp, a sequential gearbox, road-biased suspension and sticky Yokohama A052s… I was on home turf, and it soon became clear from the early opportunity our M2 owner took to overtake a dawdling…

2 min
aston martin vantage

TOBIAS MOERS HAS BEEN RUNNING Aston Martin for nearly six weeks as this issue of evo goes on sale. I suspect he already has many questions, and I’m curious to know if he’s asked why the company’s line-up of sports cars is so thin. We’re seven months into running our Vantage and it still remains a highlight, a sports car that makes you feel special, providing a buzz of anticipation and excitement every time you swing its driver’s door out and open. But it’s also made us think that Aston could offer more options. Not options as in ‘should I have red or smoked rear lights?’, but a range hierarchy. Our Vantage makes a great opening bid for Aston Martin ownership, but if you’re looking to replace it with another Aston (and…

4 min
richard porter

YOU’RE ON THE MOTORWAY. YOU’RE WALKING down your local high street. You’re distracted by the background traffic in a news report about geese. And you’re seeing people in cars. Cars that intrigue you. Cars that you admire. But mostly, cars that make you want to ask the person inside, ‘Why on earth did you buy that?’ Here’s you and me poring over reviews, researching cars so forensically we’re close to needing one of those big glass walls you can write on with special marker pens that only exist in crime dramas, but that’s not how normal people buy cars. Someone from Ford once told me 90 per cent of Fiesta buyers didn’t consult a single piece of media before signing up. So what drives the car-buying habits of the person…

4 min
is this audi’s golf gti beater?

AUDI’S S3 HAS FALLEN SHORT WHEN compared with its Golf GTI cousin in recent years, and this is despite it having the technical armoury to match a Golf R. It’s the hot hatch that’s driving through no man’s land not quite sure which battle it’s meant to be facing. Invariably its style has outperformed its substance, with the Ingolstadt-developed car feeling flat footed and two dimensional compared to the more effervescent, more rounded and 3D approach of its class-leading rivals. However, for 2020 Audi thinks it has created a more direct challenger to the establishment with an S3 that wants for little and promises a greater focus on its dynamic performance. Which it will need, because within the VW Group alone it will be chased by not only the Mk8 Golf GTI…