Evo November 2020

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ed speak

IT DOESN’T TAKE LONG, A COUPLE OF MILES AT THE most, or until you reach the first corner. Then the magic reveals itself and every piece of praise, adulation and respect that has ever been spoken or written regarding the E30 M3 is confirmed. It’s one of the few driver’s cars that has stood the test of time, stacking up as strongly today as it did when it was box fresh. The performance of an E30 M3 is, I strongly believe, at the core of why so many of us hold BMW M in such high regard. Our admiration for what has gone before fills us with anticipation for what is coming tomorrow. The draw of that badge and the ethos behind it has an appeal traditionally reserved for more specialist…

9 min
volkswagen golf gti

I HERE HAVE BEEN GREAT GOLF GTIs and lacklustre ones, just as happens within all trans-generational product lines. With ascendency to the often self-proclaimed and overused ‘iconic’ status usually comes controversy; every family has its slightly weird uncle that’s a bit overweight, a bit embarrassing (Mk3 eight valve?), the complacent one (Mk4?) and the quiet one that fades from the public’s consciousness (Mk6?). And sometimes, the empire can be unseated from within. Just take the Golf R as an example. Once a left-field-choice superhatch, in Mk7 form with a ludicrously affordable lease rate it suddenly out-GTI’d the GTI. Why go 200bhp-plus front-wheel-drive everyday performance hatch when for a few quid a month more you could have a 300bhp, four-wheel-drive everyday hyperhatch? Predictably, many did, and suddenly it was the GTI that…

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aston martin vantage roadster

A LEFT-HAND-DRIVE ASTON MARTIN Vantage Roadster dozes quietly in a gravel car park in Warwickshire, the ‘key’ tucked away in my pocket. The weather is mild and sunny, but not quite what this particular example was built to experience. Why? Well, the Vantage Roadster press launch was scheduled for Palm Springs until Covid-19 arrived, hence this car not being packed away on a boat for the US but in front of me now. I sure can imagine it there though, and it’s hard to think of anything more suitable for a cruise around that region of California, basking in the endless sunshine and looking out across Joshua Tree National Park at the Big Country. The Roadster looks good, really properly tasty in the metal, and without wishing to state the obvious,…

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porsche panamera gts

PORSCHE MUST BE KEEPING A BEADY eye on sales of its Taycan and Panamera models. While the pair have some fundamental differences, the Venn diagram also crosses at several points, not least their five-door fastback layouts, four-seat cabins, broadly similar accelerative performance, and pricing. Any upswing in Taycan sales relative to its counterpart has to cast the Panamera’s future into doubt, doesn’t it? Focus firmly on 2020 though, and the Panamera still has considerable appeal, freshened up with a gentle facelift and offered with as broad a span of models as ever. In the UK the range begins with the V6-powered Panamera 4, through the electrified 4S E-Hybrid, to a stonking 621bhp Turbo S (which, incidentally, falls within a few grand of the similarly branded Taycan Turbo S). Then, sitting ’twixt hybrid…

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audi s3 sportback

BY THE TIME YOU READ THIS, WE’LL NO doubt have experienced a few days of ‘quattro weather’. The long and mostly dry summer will be behind us, leaves will be falling, and the roads won’t be offering quite the frictional properties they have over the past few months. When the nights and weather both begin to close in and conditions such as these prevail, the benefits of all-wheel drive become more apparent. During the summer, though, it mostly means carrying around a load of extra weight and guzzling a little extra fuel with no significant benefit. If the car in question is an Audi, for the longest time it has also often meant dry-weather handling that feels a little inert: sometimes a touch nose-heavy, other times devoid of sensation, or if…

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trident missile

MASERATI’S MOMENT IS NOW. YES, WE’VE HEARD IT ALL before, the promises of a rebirth, that this time it will really be different, and sometimes, for a while, it has been. But then the quality and relevance of the product has drifted off beam, the resolve or investment hasn’t been there, and this illustrious marque’s future has looked shaky once again. Such has been the situation in recent years, and it’s been sad to see. After all, who doesn’t want to give their heart willingly to a Maserati? What’s changed this time? The firm is no longer in the shadow of Ferrari, that’s what. Since the splitting off of Ferrari from the FCA group, and the merger between FCA and PSA, Maserati is no longer the poor relation, the brand with…