Find tranquility in Trinidad & Tobago
    Powder-soft sand, dazzling blue waters and endless sunshine are what you’ll find in this tropical haven

    Truly captivating

    With its picture-perfect views, swaying palm trees and worldfamous thatch-roofed jetty, it’s no wonder Pigeon Point is a favorite destination on Tobago

    Sip a fruity cocktail infused with Angostura bitters made on Trinidad
    Admire Trinidad’s historic Stollmeyer’s Castle as you stroll through Queen’s Park

    Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the sparkling Caribbean Sea, just off the coast of Venezuela, are the breathtaking twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The unspoiled natural beauty of Tobago, combined with the lively and booming atmosphere of Trinidad, guarantee a retreat full of relaxation and adventure. Whether you are looking to explore the lush rain forests, unwind on the beach or visit local museums, this unique dual destination has it all.

    Start your day by basking in the sun at Trinidad’s Las Cuevas Beach, a serene spot away from the hustle and bustle. “The beach is in a bay, so the water is very calm and so clear that you can see your feet,” says a reviewer from Texas. “One word of advice: There are no food stands, so plan on bringing a cooler and having a picnic under the shade of a coconut tree.”

    Take a boat tour to admire the coastal views of Tobago’s capital, Scarborough

    To admire the wonders below the water, take a ferry ($14 round trip) to Tobago to visit Castara Bay. Says TouristaDeTejas on, “We saw colorful coral, schools of squid, lobsters, crabs and stingrays!”

    After toweling off, head to the south side of the island to explore the 18th-century Fort King George. “There is an excellent museum of artifacts and exhibits that highlight Tobago’s culture, and many people in period costumes can be seen,” says a reviewer from Florida. “Plus, the view overlooking the Scarborough Harbour is majestic!”

    Spy the beautiful orchids as you wander the paths at the Royal Botanical Gardens on Trinidad

    End your day by returning to Trinidad to stroll the streets of Port of Spain, the island’s capital. There, you can admire the works at a local art gallery, shop for handcrafted goods, dine on authentic island cuisine and marvel at the vivid colors of the sunset.

    Great day trip: Caroni Bird Sanctuary

    Embark on a scenic boat tour ($63 per person) to see the amazing local wildlife at the Caroni Bird Sanctuary in Trinidad. As you travel through the swamps of the 200-acre sanctuary, you’ll learn about the various plants and fascinating animal species that call the area home—like anteaters, caiman, egrets, herons and ibises, the island’s national bird.

    Don’t miss: Tobago Forest Reserve

    Head to the northeast side of Tobago to explore the lush rain forest at the Tobago Forest Reserve, which was established in 1763. Visitors can hike a number of scenic trails, observe local birds and take a dip in one of the many freshwater creeks.

    See the vibrant hummingbirds at Trinidad’s Yeret te sanctuary

    Trinidad & Tobago in a nutshell

    Getting there

    Grab your passport and fly into Piarco International Airport, then rent a car to explore.

    Where to stay

    For a quiet, relaxing stay, book a room at Leatherback Lodge on Trinidad. Says Trini_ven on, “Peaceful and surrounded by nature’s beauty!” Rates start at $119.

    Where to eat

    Try fresh fish at Edge of the Reef on Tobago. Says a reviewer from Maine, “Grouper seared in garlic butter melted in my mouth!”