n 1 the quality of state of being warm in temperature 2 the quality or state of being warm in feeling 3 a glowing effect produced by the use of warm colours
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    You’re holding a warm cup of tea in your hands. The hot steam drifts out and dissolves into space. You look towards the orange glow, listening as the fire crackles and roars. You become mesmerised by the flames as they dance across the pine wood. A crochet blanket folds over your lap and you feel your body begin to defrost. You let out a deep exhale, feeling safe and warm in this haven of your own making. Winter has well and truly arrived and it’s time to get snug. What comforts do you reach for? What makes you feel calm and content when it gets chilly outside? Is it homecooked meals eaten by candlelight? Perhaps it’s hands in pockets, or hands in hands. Whatever it may be, it’s time to find your quiet sanctuary of comfort, affection and warm embrace. Be slow to rise and wrap yourself with soft scarves and multiple knits. Enjoy the sweet and savoury aromas that fill your home and the smiling faces that shuffle in out of the cold. Most importantly, this winter, hold your loved ones close: become a safe shelter for them and let them be a shelter for you. Even in moments of hibernation and retreat, offer a kind smile and a helping hand. Remember to let the warmth of your welcome be felt—there’s nothing quite like it.