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July 2019

Fast Car is officially the best car magazine ever made, and the only one that delivers on its promise of defining today’s car culture. Stuffed with the finest feature cars from the United Kingdom, all the hottest new gear and kit, inspiring guides and even the odd top model for good measure, it’s so jam-packed, you can see it from space.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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WHY SO SERIOUS? I’m writing these words from the passenger seat of Midge’s Navara (yes, he’s got one of those too) as we travel back from Japfest Silverstone. We’re both knackered, smelly (more than usual) and in desperate need of a hot shower after an epic 18-hour shift on about two hours of sleep. We’ve got every right to be grumpy. But truth be told, we can’t stop smiling… Working at shows has always been quite hard on the body but this year’s Japfest was extra taxing because Midge and myself took part in a live build-off battle. Now, before you start picturing SEMA-specced builds, it might be worth explaining what this is all about… A lot of build-offs take place in our industry (the Meguiar’s boys are in the middle of one…

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fast car

EDITORIAL Editor: Jules Truss Email: Contributing Editor: Midge Email: Art Editor: Graham Morecroft Email: Web Editor: Glenda Email: Contributors: Matt Woods, Daniel Bevis, Damian Hall, Sam Preston, Andy Tipping, Aron Norris, Daniel Pullen, SerialOne Photography, Original Persona, Chris Frosin, Larry Chen ADVERTISEMENT SALES Director: David Lerpiniere Tel: 01732 445326 Head of Performance Motoring: Sarah Halls Tel: 01732 446756 Sales Executive: Martin Jenkinson Tel: 01732 447006 PRODUCTION Talk Media: 01732 445325 MANAGEMENT Managing Director: Phil Weeden Chief Executive: Steve Wright Chairman: Steve Annetts Finance Director: Joyce Parker-Sarioglu Retail Distribution Manager: Eleanor Brown Publishing Operations Manager: Charlotte Whittaker Audience Development Manager: Andy Cotton Brand Marketing Manager: Debra Hagger Events Manager: Katherine Chappell Senior Print Production Manager: Nicola Pollard Print Production Manager: Georgina Harris Print Production Controller: Alicia Stewart…

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volts from the green

Volkswagen’s mould-breaking ID R racer has already achieved a number of incredible things: the all-electric weapon debuted at the 2018 Pikes Peak hillclimb, whereupon it immediately smashed the electric car record on its first go, with Romain Dumas behind the wheel. In fact, it knocked a full minute of the previous electric record and inadvertently managed to break the overall outright record as well! Then, at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, Dumas again managed to drive up the hill faster than any other car over the weekend. He also pulled off an epic save, losing it in front of the house and bouncing across the grass before somehow missing the barriers, regaining control and powering back up the tarmac. And now Volkswagen have shipped Dumas and the ID R…

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hot superminis gunning for the fiesta st

The Fiesta ST is a sort of automotive superhero – it’s just ridiculously good at everything. As well as being a practical and well-equipped little hatchback, it’s also got a hugely entertaining engine, peachy transmission and fabulous little chassis, and of course, it’s supremely tunable. No wonder the Mk7 ST won pretty much every automotive award going, and the new Mk8 ST is starting to follow the trend. But don’t go thinking Ford’s going to have its own way here. Vauxhall have stepped up to the plate, offering a raft of refinements to the slightly underwhelming Corsa VXR, to turn it into a proper contender. The new VXR is reportedly a whole 108kg lighter than the outgoing model, as well as being markedly stiffer, with all-aluminium engines and assorted aluminium body…

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nuthin’ but a g thang

There’s a pretty compelling argument that the BMW M2 is the true spiritual successor to the E30 M3. Being a relatively compact two-door with aggressively fat arches, and sharing a not-too-dissimilar footprint, they’ve got a lot more in common with each other than the latest four-door bruiser of an M3. That said, you can’t do over 200mph in an E30, so that’s essentially where the comparison comes to an end. Obviously we’re not talking about a production-spec M2 here. But impressively, thanks to a few choice upgrades from tuning mentalists G-Power, the M2 Competition can hit a bona fide, verified 205mph. Which is frankly more awesome than our brains can cope with. The tuning eggheads start by monkeying about with the S55 motor’s turbos, stuffing the internals with larger, lighter compressor…

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abt go nuts for vag

Revered German aftermarket tuners ABT are hitting 2019 hard with their fresh suite of upgrades for various desirable VAG models. The most exciting one we’ve seen so far is the Golf R. Some buyers have expressed displeasure at the fact VW opted to reduce the R’s power by 10bhp for the 2019 model-year (it’s something complicated to do with new WLTP regulations). But ABT have come to the rescue: their base offering centres solely around the mapping, tweaking the car’s stock 296bhp up to a much more palatable 345bhp, which is more like it. There’s also a whole catalogue of suspension and chassis upgrades to suit, so you can turn it into a proper little road-racer. If you prefer a bit more junk in the trunk, ABT have been buggering…