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Fast Ford

August 2021

Featuring performance-tuned road and track cars, product news, buying guides, technical advice, engine tuning, plus a massive section of Fords for sale, it provides a complete guide to the modified Ford scene for the first-time Ford buyer through to the full-on Ford fanatic.

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United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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Shows are back! Well, most are. As we were sending this issue to press we heard the unfortunate news that Squires Fordmeet had to be postponed due to the anticipated numbers exceeding the local authority restrictions. But we’re sure the crew behind Fordmeet will be chomping at the bit to make the September event even better as a result. But, on the whole, things have been looking up. We’ve already had a couple of smaller events, and we’re getting ready to head to our first event of the year at RS Combe in a couple of weeks. Then, a few short weeks after that it’s the big one at Ford Fair. We’ve been working closely with the events teams to make sure that Silverstone is packed with the best Blue Ovals the…

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what concept(s) do you wish ford had actually built?

“There’s so many. I’ve always liked the idea of a Mk1 Focus RS engine in a Mk3 Mondeo ST220. Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a Sierra, so a Cossie estate or a V8 Sapphire XR8 would be awesome. But the one I would actually have bought if it existed is a Mk3 Focus RS Estate like Shan’s example from this issue” JAMIE, EDITOR “Sadly, the idea of hot estate versions was so often missed by Ford. Even though plenty have been created over the years, I still love the idea of a factory RS Turbo Escort estate. Or if the Cosworth range also covered estates – a Flint Grey 2WD Cosworth estate would be the perfect workhorse companion to my Sapphire!” ADE, PHOTOGRAPHER “I’m going to go with a shooting brake version of…

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cloak and dagenham

The internet is awash with nonsense, that goes without saying. Perhaps the most nonsensical thing of all is when you see people replying to for-sale listings, ads or threads with the phrase ‘if only you were closer’. The idea that the perfect car might rule itself out of the running simply because it’s a few hours’ drive away is daft; it’s not beyond the wit of humankind to travel somewhere and then travel home again, particularly given that the car itself is a means of locomotion. Neatly illustrating this point is Robert Hamilton. He wanted a tidy and honest Series One RS Turbo and, when he found this example for sale on eBay in the early 2010s, he knew it was the one. The fact that it was an 800-mile round-trip…

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series one rs turbo

ENGINE 1596cc CVH, Garrett T34 turbo with 0.48 A/R exhaust housing, Accralite forged pistons, Piper 285 T2 cam, EFI conversion, Cosworth P8 management, Cosworth light blue injectors, anti-lag, water/methanol injection, Mongoose stainless exhaust system, Bailey header tank, Bailey catch tank, Samco hoses, Airtec radiator, Airtec front-mounted intercooler POWER 250bhp @ 21psi TRANSMISSION S2 RS Turbo gearbox with Quaife internals and cryogenic treated gears, paddle clutch, Puma gear linkage SUSPENSION Avo adjustable shocks, H&R springs, fully poly-bushed, rose-jointed adjustable wishbones, front strut brace BRAKES Cosworth four-pot front callipers, custom grooved and drilled discs WHEELS & TYRES 7x16in diamond-cut RS seven-spokes, ET35 offset, 195/45x16 Toyos EXTERIOR Factory RS Turbo, bare-shell rebuild INTERIOR Original RS Turbo interior, 3D-printed pod with Stack boost and oil pressure gauges, Alpine speakers, two subwoofers in custom box…

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UK’S MOST POWERFUL MUSTANG High-performance and luxury car specialist Clive Sutton has launched its CS850GT Mustang – a comprehensive reworking of Ford’s latest 5.0-litre V8 muscle car. Sutton created the new car in response to customer feedback who were frustrated that Ford did not manufacture a right-hand drive Shelby GT500 for the UK market. In the Sutton CS850GT, output has been boosted to 847bhp – making it the UK’s most powerful new Mustang – almost double the 454bhp of the stock Ford Mustang. The new CS850GT boasts a Whipple supercharger, intercooler and a Quad Active XFORCE exhaust that together deliver 665lb.ft of torque and that crazy power figure. To handle the power, the suspension and chassis have been significantly upgraded with UK and European roads in mind. Upgraded front and rear anti-roll bars,…

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ford stuff

MOUNTUNE PUMA ST & FIESTA ST POWER UPGRADES £575 (m235), £675 (m260) Mountune have recently released two new power upgrades; the m235 and a further-developed m260. A first for the Puma ST, the m235 upgrade boosts both power and performance, and is easily installed using mountune’s SMARTflash app. The m235 upgrade delivers increases in both power and torque by 35PS and 30Nm respectively, now boasting a peak power output of 235PS (232bhp) and 350Nm (258lb.ft) of torque. For those looking to extract even more performance from their Puma ST – or Mk8 Fiesta ST, as the upgrade is also compatible – mountune has also developed their m260 software too. Designed to work with the recommended hardware upgrades (induction kit, charge pipe kit, and intercooler upgrades), power is increased to between 250-260PS (246-256bhp) and 365Nm…