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Fast Ford October 2020

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Featuring performance-tuned road and track cars, product news, buying guides, technical advice, engine tuning, plus a massive section of Fords for sale, it provides a complete guide to the modified Ford scene for the first-time Ford buyer through to the full-on Ford fanatic.

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United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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Well, this issues raises a question we’ve heard debated about a lot over then last few years; which Focus RS is the best? Of course, it’s the Mk3. Isn’t it? I mean, I would say that, I own one. And I fear that I can hear the sound of Mk1 and Mk2 RS owners getting ready to string me up from the nearest lamppost before I get to the end of this sentence – us Ford fans are nothing if not passionate about our cars! But all joking aside, that original question does touch upon a deeper issue within the modified car scene as a whole; we need to realise there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to modify a car. How can there be? It’s all about customising, and by its…

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which is your favourite focus rs model?

“Easy. The Mk3. It’s why I’ve got one. It’s faster, better equipped, and handles better. The clever four-wheel-drive can make a total buffoon look like a driving God, while gimmicks like launch control and Drift mode are hilarious fun, even if a bit unnecessary .” JAMIE, EDITOR “The Focus has never been my first love, but the roar of a well sorted Mk2’s five-pot always gets my attention!” ADE, PHOTOGRAPHER “I’m going with the Mk1 RS. Simple design that builds on the Focus’ clean lines but without being too much. Many years ago I had the chance to buy one very cheaply and passed up on it due to lack of storage space...Doh!” JASON, PHOTOGRAPHER “The Mk1 because it’s so sharp and tight; it looks fantastic and feels special like a truly iconic RS (and before…

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miniature heroes

You never forget your first car; the excitement of the freedom a car offers is a memory that will last forever. Obviously, we try to forget all the scrapes, speeding tickets, and stacking a rear wheel into a kerb the first time we attempt a handbrake turn, but it’s all part of the fun. Speaking to Adam Wood, the proud owner of this eye-catching Fiesta ST, it’s immediately apparent he has fond memories of his first car. “I bought a Mk4 Fiesta from my Mum when I was 18,” he remembers. “It was a Radiant Red 1.3 Encore. It was unbelievably slow, but like all 18-year olds, I still loved it.” The Mk4 taught Adam a lot about the mechanical side of cars, and he soon learned to get stuck in. No…

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tech spec

FIESTA ST ENGINE 1.6-litre EcoBoost, Pumaspeed block mod, Borg Warner EFR5268 turbo with larger turbine housing and external Turbosmart recirc valve, Nortech Performance T2 tubular manifold, Nortech 3in V-band downpipe, ITG induction kit, Mountune induction hose, Peron top pipe with adaptor for the external recirc valve, Mishimoto cold-side big boost pipe, Peron hot-side big boost pipe with the external recirc, R-sport Stage 3 intercooler, Mishimoto big alloy radiator, Pro-Sport header tank, Airtec turbo cooler and pipework (cold air feed through the driver’s fog light), 3in Cobra Sport cat-back exhaust, NGK ITV22 plugs, Pumaspeed cooler thermostat, Pumaspeed remap POWER 320bhp (owner’s estimate) TRANSMISSION Fiesta ST IB6 six-speed gearbox, Wavetrac 1.5-way limited-slip diff, Powerflex engine and gearbox mounts, Pumaspeed billet torque mount with track bush SUSPENSION Tein two-way coilovers with different rear springs, Hardrace rear anti-roll…

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reyland cars

Reyland Motorsport is a Birmingham-based tuning specialist, responsible for some of the most famous fast Fords ever built. The company might be best known for Martin Hadland’s (the main man at Reyland) Escort Cosworth – a car that was already a stalwart of the scene with an impressive collection of stats and accolades, including 0-60mph times of three seconds, top speed of 187mph, and even the Guinness World Record for the fastest caravan tow at 128.8mph! Unfortunately that car was all but destroyed when a blow-out while on the Gumball Rally in 2004 caused a horrendous accident. Thankfully Martin was okay, and immediately began the resurrection of ‘version 2.0’ – featuring trick modifications never seen before, such as an extra-long-stroke engine, and mating the six-speed sequential OS Gieken gearbox from a…

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driver spec

ADAM WOOD FIRST FORD Mk4 Fiesta Encore FAVOURITE PART OF CAR “The fact it’s different and stands out. Also, the noise and how it surprises people” FAVOURITE FORD SHOW OR EVENT? “Ford Fair or Squires Fordmeet. I’m a fan of both” SIERRA RS500 OR FOCUS RS500? Sierra RS500 WRC OR BTCC? WRC LESSONS LEARNT FROM THIS PROJECT? “I’ve learnt a lot from building the car, but most of all it’s shown how capable these Fiestas can be and what you can push out of them” THANKS “Thank you to my other half for helping me with the car and putting up with me, Kolour Koncept for all the interior mods, MGC Modifications for designing bits for me and the exterior mods, Optimus Wrapping who did the wrap and all the bits on the car, my dad for…