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Fast Ford January 2021

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Featuring performance-tuned road and track cars, product news, buying guides, technical advice, engine tuning, plus a massive section of Fords for sale, it provides a complete guide to the modified Ford scene for the first-time Ford buyer through to the full-on Ford fanatic.

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United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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What is it about fast Fords that means they are much more than just a car to us? Fans of other (lesser!) marques all enjoy their fast cars, but very seldom do you see another group of die-hard enthusiasts that will put up with so many set-backs and downright grief caused by a car. Take Russell Dack as the perfect example. After crashing his Sierra and picking up an 18 month driving ban and hefty repair bill for the motorway barriers in the process, he could have all too easily walked away from fast Fords altogether. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. Instead, he spent the next few years (not to mention a small fortune!) rebuilding the very car that caused all the pain and problems in the first place. Why? Well, you can…

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have you ever crashed a fast ford?

“The worst one for me was taking down a lamp post in a Mk4 XR3i when I was 20. It was a lovely car, and I’d only bought it to use as a second car alongside my Cossie at the time. It was a real mess – it took a while just to get it on the back of the recovery truck! ” JAMIE, EDITOR “The sorest has to be in my old 24v Saph; my first ever round of the BDC, where I exited the track at huge speed. The front end was an absolute mess, but it was repaired by MJ Racing in time for round two (and a second place qualification!)” ADE, PHOTOGRAPHER “Fingers crossed, I’ve not had any major issues.... And I’d like to keep it that way! The worst…

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game, set and hatch

The cult of the hot hatch has been inspiring enthusiasts and spurring them on for generations. Ever since the genre first broke into the mainstream in the 1970s, the idea of having a sensible shopping hatchback that can also dominate a B-road and embarrass your posh neighbour’s wide-hipped sports car has held a perennial appeal. Hot hatches democratised performance; they meant the ability to go fast and enjoy yourself in a car wasn’t just limited to the moneyed classes – these perky little hatchbacks knocked down social barriers (and also, frequently, actual barriers. Torque-steer is a harsh mistress). The Ford badge has been inextricably intertwined with the concept for almost as long as it’s existed, with assorted XR, RS and ST models transitioning from bedroom poster to driveway project with enthusiasts across…

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driver spec

NEIL MCRAE AGE 48 JOB Carer FIRST FORD Mk2 Fiesta XR2 BEST MODIFICATION The graphics FAVOURITE FORD SHOW OR EVENT? Ford Fair TRACK DAY OR SHOW & SHINE? Show-and-shine LESSONS LEARNT FROM THIS PROJECT? Don’t rush; take your time WHAT’S NEXT CP Stage 4, and a nice set of seats THANKS “I would like to thank Collins Performance, Matt Lewis Motorsport, Blueprint, Don Millar at MotoMagic, and all my friends and family for their help and support along the way. And a big thank you to Tracey Tallentire who runs EFM, for introducing me to the club members” STEPHEN BEAUMONT AGE 33 JOB Auto tech/lorry driver INSTAGRAM @B8SJB FIRST FORD G-reg Orion 1.3 Classic BEST MODIFICATION Sparco wheels FAVOURITE FORD SHOW OR EVENT? Ford Fair TRACK DAY OR SHOW & SHINE? Show-and-shine LESSONS LEARNT FROM THIS PROJECT? Don’t do cheap, don’t cut corners, and take your time WHAT’S NEXT…

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tech spec

MK2 ST ENGINE 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder, Collins Performance Stage 2, block mod, Airtec plenum, Airtec Stage 2 intercooler, Dreamscience induction kit, Turbosmart recirc valve, RS vac pipe, blue hose kit, Mongoose downpipe, Mongoose decat, KMS Thunderstorm cat-back system with 5in tails, gloss black header tank cover, RS plugs POWER 320bhp (owner’s estimate) TRANSMISSION Stock ST with RS clutch SUSPENSION Eibach 30mm springs, poly-bushed arms BRAKES MTec drilled and grooved discs, Mintex pads WHEELS & TYRES 19in RS wheels, 235/35x19 Landsail tyres EXTERIOR Custom wrap by Blueprint, RS rear spoiler, Zunsport grilles, WRC bonnet vents, RallyFlapz mud flaps, RS wing vents, wind deflectors, gel badges, RS Parts splitter kit INTERIOR Recaro heated front seats, Auto Specialists roll cage MK3 RS ENGINE 2.3-litre EcoBoost, Airtec intercooler and big boost pipe pack, Airtec Stage 2 induction kit, Velossa Tech Big Mouth ram-air kit,…

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MACH 1 COMES TO EUROPE For the first time ever, UK buyers will soon be able to buy the high-performance Mach 1 version of the Mustang right here from UK dealers. Making its European debut at Goodwood SpeedWeek in October in front of a global virtual audience, the Mustang Mach 1 is the best-handling production Mustang ever offered to customers in Europe. Performance is boosted to a level worthy of the iconic Mach 1 moniker, with enhanced aerodynamics, a specially-calibrated 460PS (454bhp) 5.0-litre V8 engine and uprated cooling for improved track capability. The Mach 1 is also the first production Mustang in Europe available with a high-performance Tremec six-speed manual transmission, featuring rev-matching technology for seamless downshifts, and an upgraded oil-cooler system for high-demand performance driving. Customers can alternatively specify Ford’s ten-speed automatic…