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Fly Fisherman October/November/December 2018

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Fly Fisherman is the world's leading magazine for fly fishing. Every issue provides expert advice on the latest fly fishing techniques, the newest tackle and the hottest new fly patterns. Through informative articles, it highlights the best destinations for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and saltwater species around the world!

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50 years in the making

THE PLAN TO produce America’s first fly-fishing-only magazine was hatched in 1968 on the Big Hole River by publisher Don Zahner, the owners of The Complete Fly Fisher (one of the first lodges to develop an exclusively fly-fishing clientele), Leon Chandler of the Cortland Line Company, and some other folks who wanted to grow the sport and hoped for an outlet to reach a more targeted audience. Magazines like Outdoor Life (Joe Brooks), Field & Stream (A.J. McClane), and Esquire (Arnold Gingrich) helped create interest in fly fishing, but new fly fishers had little to nurture them in the sport. The mission of FLY FISHERMAN was to first teach these neophytes the basic skills needed to succeed, but also to expose them to the deep history, science, ethics, and philosophies of…

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tight lines

PIVOTAL ROLE It is hard for anglers who got into the sport within the last several decades to appreciate the pivotal role that FLY FISHERMAN magazine has played in the development and growth of fly fishing. When I began tying flies and dabbling with a fly rod in the mid-1950s, information was hard to find. Trout Unlimited, The Federation of Fly Fishers (now Fly Fishers International), Saltwater Flyrodders of America, and most similar organizations were not yet founded. The so-called “Big Three” hunting-fishing publications (Field & Stream, Sports Afield, and Outdoor Life) devoted relatively scant attention to fly fishing. And, of course, there was no Internet. Naturally, like most fly fishers I started to amass a formidable library. We relied on books by Bergman, Flick, Jennings, Schwiebert, and scores of others. But…

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the royal fish

ALL THE FISH belong to the king, and it is forbidden to fish for them. This isn’t 14th century literature but modern-day Bhutan, or rather the Kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan translates as “the land of the Thunder Dragon.” The name explains the sound of storms that frequently roll out of the Himalayas, and also touches on the fact that everything about this place instills a sense of magic, myth, and adventure. This kingdom is slightly larger than Maryland, nestled between India and Tibet with a population of only 800,000. Bhutan is fascinating in its obscurity. It’s one of the few countries in the world that has never been colonized. For centuries, the kingdom consciously remained isolated from the world to ensure its culture and heritage remained intact. This combination of autonomy…

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mark johnstad

THE GREEN AUDIO waves of my recording software pitch as the fire crackles and snaps beside us. I wonder briefly how I’m going to edit out the noise, but my concerns are quickly overtaken by Mark Johnstad’s charisma and jovial smile. He finds it amusing that I’m so interested in his history; quick to derail any thorough questioning, ya-deeya-da’ing through his intense climactic story arc. As so many of my podcast guests do, he warns me that his story isn’t really all that interesting—that is, until we start to piece together his time line. As the wine flows and the fire spits, I get the feeling that even he can see his accomplishments are truly special. Though technically born in Minnesota, Johnstad is from Montana. Since he was two years old,…

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anniversaries & new beginnings

40 Years for The Fly Shop Mike Michalak and his partner Brad Jackson opened The Fly Shop in Redding, California in April of 1978. Jackson left the business in 1987 to move into the world of stocks and bonds, while Michalak and his talented staff grew The Fly Shop into one of the busiest independent fly retailers in the world. The Fly Shop today operates a full guide service with schools and fishing camps for families and children, publishes a 164-page catalog, and runs an international travel service that serves more than 2,000 fly fishers per year. Michalak gives much of the credit to his staff. “Here at The Fly Shop, it’s always been about people,” says Michalak. “Since April of 1978, I’ve worked to surround myself with the most talented staff,…

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50 most influential fly fishers

1. Lefty Kreh 2. Joe Brook 3. John Voelker 4. Tom Rosenbauer 5. Lee & Joan Wulff 6. Dave Whitlock 7. Cathy & Barry Beck 8. John Randolph 9. Nick Lyons 10. Ernest G. Schwiebert 11. Yvon Chouinard 12. Oliver White 13. April Vokey 14. Gary LaFontaine 15. Al Caucci & Bob Nastasi 16. Flip Pallot 17. Chico Fernandez 18. Steve Huff & Del Brown 19. Tom Maxwell & Tom Dorsey 20. Ted Leeson 21. George Harvey 22. Mel Krieger 23. René Harrop 24. Steve Rajeff 25. Norman Maclean 26. Art Lee 27. Blane Chocklett 28. Vince Marinaro 29. Perk & Dave Perkins 30. Craig Mathews 31. Doug Swisher & Carl Richards 32. Simon Gawesworth 33. Bob Popovics 34. Dan Blanton 35. Lou Tabory 36. Arnold Gingrich 37. Trey Combs 38. Jako Lucas 39. Ed Jaworowski 40. Roderick Haig-Brown 41. Jim Teeny 42. Gary Borger 43. Ted Niemeyer 44. George Daniel 45. Charlie Craven 46. Jack Gartside 47. Bud Lilly 48. Landon Mayer 49. Charlie Fox 50. Jay Nichols IT’S IMPORTANT TO RECOGNIZE THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SO INTIMATELY TIED…