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Fly Fisherman August/September 2020

Fly Fisherman is the world's leading magazine for fly fishing. Every issue provides expert advice on the latest fly fishing techniques, the newest tackle and the hottest new fly patterns. Through informative articles, it highlights the best destinations for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass and saltwater species around the world!

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United States
KSE Sportsman Media, Inc.
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summer highlights

“I DON’T WANT TO SUGGEST THAT THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS “THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER.” Certainly in the hottest part of summer, on many of our favorite freestone rivers and streams, there’s a significant period of inactivity when trout get sluggish. In some years on some rivers, when water temperatures reach 70 degrees F. and higher, it’s inadvisable to attempt even catch-and-release trout fishing during the warmest part of the day. But as this issue of Fly Fisherman clearly shows, there’s no reason to stop fishing altogether. Some of the highlights of the year happen in the middle of summer, and often in the middle of the day. Author John G. Sherman caught the 11.34-pound largemouth bass on the cover of this issue during the hottest part of a sunny California…

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tight lines

SOLO WILDERNESS Kudos to Henry Ramsay on his article “A Walk on the Wild Side” [April-May 2020 issue] chronicling my favorite pursuit, fishing for wild trout off the beaten path. It’s not often these days that a fly-fishing article doesn’t “give away the store.” I’m surprised I haven’t bumped into Ramsay while fishing some of my favorite headwater trout streams, but that’s what makes it special. We are blessed to have such great fishing in the Keystone State, and to be able to fish all day and not see another soul. To all the “fly braggers” on social media out there, the reason these places are still special is that the old timers before you knew enough to keep our mouths shut. Pass that on! JOSEPH J. AMEIKA ARCHBALD, PENNSYLVANIA HOME AGAIN I have never…

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new & notable

REDESIGNING THE YETI ROADIE The original Yeti Roadie was a stroke of genius—it’s a downsized cooler you can plop on the seat beside you for long hauls. Pop the lid with one hand and you’ve got a cold drink without ever slowing down. Whoever came up with the Roadie knows how important it is to get to the river in the morning ASAP, and how grueling it can be to drive home late at night after hitting that hatch right at dusk. While the Austin-based Yeti has put a lot of research and development into soft, portable coolers in recent years, there are undeniable advantages to a hard cooler design: They are easier to get in and out of while you are driving, rowing, or otherwise on the go, and the rotomolded…

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SALMON Salmon: A Fish, the Earth, and the History of Their Common Fate by Mark Kurlansky. Patagonia, 2020, 416 pages, $30 hardcover ISBN: 978-1938340864. I have long been an admirer of Mark Kurlansky’s writing. He has a talent for taking a seemingly mundane topic, sometimes an everyday object, and through his unbounded enthusiasm and dogged research, rich with detail, turns subjects like cod, salt, or paper into best-selling books named Cod, Salt, and Paper. In Salmon, he takes a topic that is more exotic to most people and gives it the Kurlansky treatment his fans have learned to expect. Covering both Atlantic and Pacific salmon, the book ranges from personal experiences to historical detail to environmental research and the lifestyle of commercial salmon fishermen. After many years of poring over Kurlansky’s books, I…

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LAND OF LITTLE RIVERS Land of Little Rivers directed by Aaron Weisblatt and produced by Bruce Concors. Cinema Libre Studio 2020, with Dave Brandt, Mike Canazon, Rachel Finn, Rob Lewis, Ben Rinker, Joan Salvato Wulff, Cathy Beck, Barry Beck, Gary Borger, Joe Demalderis, Captain Adrian LaSorte and Bob Popovics, $20, 90 minutes on DVD and on demand through Amazon and Vimeo. The phrase, “Land of Little Rivers,” has been used to describe New York State’s Catskill Mountain trout region for a long time. In the late 1990s, author Austin McK. Francis assembled a beautiful coffee table book titled Land of Little Rivers. Now Aaron Weisblatt and Bruce Concors have released a film by the same name. While the Francis book is almost exclusively about the Catskills, and it shares many thematic elements with the…

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he influenced us all

Ed Shenk, a Pennsylvania icon and a man who left a lasting legacy on the sport of fly fishing, passed away peacefully on April 10, 2020. He was 93 years old. Almost all fly fishers have been impacted by Ed Shenk in some way, whether they know it or not. His home water was Letort Spring Run, where he shared the water, and ideas, with other leading fly fishers of the day such as Vincent Marinaro and Charlie Fox. He wrote 18 articles for Fly Fisherman starting with “The Cress Bug” in the January 1972 issue. He was a great observer, and his most significant contribution was transferring what he saw in nature to his fly-tying vise. He created and wrote about the Letort Hopper, Letort Cricket, Shenk Cress Bug, Shenk Sculpin,…