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When I first started baking, around age seven, a batch of rock cakes, afghans or Anzac biscuits were the standard entry-level bake – the goal just being to make something edible! Then, as you became more accomplished, you’d try a banana cake, tan square, or even a scone. Now thanks to social media and TV shows such as The Great Kiwi Bake Off, home baking has been elevated to a higher art form, now able to be judged, critiqued and voted upon. Meanwhile, despite the hype, baking resolutely remains enjoyable, pleasing and calming, requiring your full attention and focus while engaging all your senses. A practice of mindfulness, in fact; or as psychologists call it, “behavioural activation”. And then there are the rewards; baking never stops being magical. Something flat and tasteless goes…

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star letter winner

HAPPY CAMPER Food mag just gets better and better – I’m loving all the salad recipes! I’ve lost 27kgs so far by replacing high-calorie meals with all kinds of salads – many found on Food’s website and more from this latest issue. I find adding seeds, nuts, brown rice, couscous and pasta to salads (to bulk them up) seems to satisfy my hunger. And by adding, say, sultanas or dried fruits, I get the sweetness I crave. Food mag SO meets my expectations of being able to create healthy and filling meals which leave me contented. Can’t wait for the next edition. Jill of Tawa Our star letter wins the new Russell Hobbs Luxe Slow Juicer, which, unlike regular juicers, features a clever low-speed juicing method. This works by gently pressing fruit and…

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how to win

We love to read your feedback and see photos of the dishes you have created from Food magazine. Get in touch by email ( ), post on our Facebook page ( ),or upload to Instagram with the hashtag #foodmagnz and you could win a prize! Get more from the team at Food by receiving our regular newsletter – just click the ‘Sign Up’ box on our Facebook page To be part of our Foodie community, visit us at:…

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INSPIRED I’m just loving the latest issue of Food! I’ve been a fan of your mag for so long and I think this issue is your best yet. I loved how you included food from New Zealand’s top chefs – especially Jo Segar, who I just think is fabulous. Shopping and creating recipes from fruit and vegetables that are in season are such a good way to save money and eat healthily. My husband has been very eagerly thumbing through the pages to find his favourites. The tandoori lamb is the winner so far! I can’t tell you how much I value your magazine; it’s so nice to try different food each time and be inspired by all the wonderful recipes. I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen! Whitney Roper GLUTEN-FREE…

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food for thought

Sweet as! It’s a childhood favourite, but candy floss is now also a very adult treat! Fairy floss cocktails are an absolute delight for anyone with a sweet tooth, and can be fixed in many different ways – plus, they look gorgeous! Here’s a few ideas for your next girls’ drinks. 1 CHAMPAGNE Fill flutes with a dry champagne or sparkling wine – white or rosé can be used – and top with a ball of fluffy candy floss. As soon as the floss hits the bubbles, it will dissolve and sweeten the drink. 2 STRAWBERRY COCKTAIL This one’s a little fancy – grab a ball of candy floss, and make a small slit in the middle. Push a small strawberry into the middle, and seal the hole up afterwards. Pop the ball into a…

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shop ’til you drop!

1 PLAN AHEAD. It’s worth the time and effort to plan your meals ahead, so you know exactly what you need to buy when you shop. You don’t have to sit down and do it every week though. It’s a good idea to make a master plan for, say, a fortnight or a month, then you can rotate and adjust according to changes in family activities and seasonal best-buys. Link the plan to your shopping list and you’ll be well on the way to reducing waste and last-minute dashes to expensive corner stores. 2 MAKE A LIST A current list is essential for smart kitchen shopping. Keep the list handy – maybe attached to the fridge door with a magnet – and get into the habit of adding items you need…