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Like many people when it comes to buying wine, I’ve had a tendency to assume that if it’s more expensive, it must mean that it’s better. However, I generally to stick to what I know and hope for the best, while spending as little as possible! It’s not a great strategy, so this issue I’m excited to introduce the first-ever Food magazine wine awards. Ta-da! Our goal is to help you get the best bottle for your budget, palate or menu, and maybe also work out what new wines you might love too, with our expert but easy to understand explanations. You’ll see Food wine awards winner stickers appearing on bottles in the supermarket too. Speaking of menus and wine, our managing editor Kelly recently shot up to the Bay of Islands…

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star letter winner

SLICE OF HEAVEN After years of buying Food mag and just not getting around to baking any of the recipes, I tried the Raspberry and Banana Bread (March-April, page 70). My daughter-in-law’s youngest was diagnosed as being sensitive to dairy about a month ago when he was just two months old. Mum has had to go dairy free as she is breast-feeding. This recipe looked ideal for her as a treat. It was super-easy and delicious, although I did not do the topping... and it went so fast I did not get to take a photo. Definitely my ‘take a plate’ now. Maureen Lee Our star letter wins this exceptionally handy Lodge Combo Cooker A kitchen’s most useful combination of a deep and shallow cast iron skillet in one, this Lodge Combo Cooker is perfect for…

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how to win

We love to read your feedback and see photos of the dishes you have created from Food magazine. Get in touch by email (, post on our Facebook page ( foodmagnz), or upload to Instagram with the hashtag #foodmagnz and you could win a prize! Get more from the team at Food by receiving our regular newsletter – just click the ‘Sign Up’ box on our Facebook page To be part of our Foodie community, visit us at:…

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cook’s chat

COOKING UP A STORM I lived in New Zealand between 2009 and 2012, and a good friend I met while living there introduced me to your wonderful way of cooking/baking and this fantastic magazine, which I still digitally subscribe too. I was lucky enough to be invited to her son’s school at the time in Normandale, Lower Hutt, where Sophie Gray was doing a cooking evening! The handout included a recipe for Mexican-spiced tomato soup, which I made several times whilst living in New Zealand, accompanied by ‘Foodtown’ (as it was then) cheese muffins (February/March 2009). This weekend I found the recipe and made both the soup and muffins, which went down very well with the whole family, and I’m having the leftovers for my dinner tonight – can’t wait! I also cooked…

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food for thought

Make Mum’s day with a special blend! Tea blends are easy to make at home, and can be as simple as adding dried citrus peel to your Earl Grey or a slice of ginger and a sliver of lemongrass to your green tea. But Mum will definitely appreciate a homemade, specially blended tea in a cute tin – perfect for a Mother’s Day present, and one that will mean she’s thinking of you every time she has a cuppa! What to use Start with a base tea, such as green, black or rooibos, and add spices, fruits flowers and herbs and infuse. Spices are the easiest to work with because they release their natural oils when steeped in hot water and add rich flavour to tea– think of spices such as cinnamon, star anise…

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be a conscious consumer

It’s been a minute since single-use plastic bags have been banned in New Zealand, and we’re all getting a little better at remembering to take the reusable ones that now live in the boot of the car into the supermarket! But here at Food, we’ve gone a little further with our attempts to restrict the amount of plastic used in the creation and storage of our recipes. So, from this issue onwards, no cling film will be used in recipe development or in recipe methods, and we encourage you to also look at other ways of covering and storing your homemade creations. Try some reusable beeswax wraps, utilise the humble (but clean!) tea towel, or invest in some good-quality glass storage containers.…