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The Scandinavians, experts at surviving and thriving during long winters, are also among the happiest people on earth. This may be attributed to the practice of hygge, or “creating a cosy atmosphere while enjoying the good things in life with good people.” Hygge is social, so cuddling up together with a hot chocolate is hygge, watching a movie with the kids is hygge, playing board games by the fire is hygge. Food is a significant feature of hygge and when it comes to cosy dishes, we’ve got you covered. So why not invite your nearest and dearest round and cook up some comfort? Our slow cooking feature on page 40 is a good place to start, or if dessert is your hygge happy place, then check out the sweet indulgence on offer…

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FOREVER LIST I signed up for a subscription to Food magazine when I attended the Food Show in Auckland a couple of years ago and it’s been one of the best subscriptions I’ve ever made. Talk about no regrets – there hasn’t been a time I haven’t made something out of the magazine soon after it has arrived. There’s always something I itch to make and the best thing is that on the whole its from ingredients you have in your cupboards. The latest magazine was everything I needed. It arrived on a day when I wanted pasta and my husband, who hadn’t been feeling too great, had been asking me for vegetables only all week. My interest piqued when I saw Veggie Revamp on the cover, so jumping to that…

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We love to read your feedback and see photos of the dishes you have created from Food magazine. Get in touch by email (, post on our Facebook page ( foodmagnz), or upload to Instagram with the hashtag #foodmagnz and you could win a prize! Get more from the team at Food by receiving our regular newsletter – just click the ‘Sign Up’ box on our Facebook page To be part of our Foodie community, visit us at:…

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cook’s chat

INSPIRATION-PLUS We are not vegetarians but our diet these days focuses on veges with a toss of fish or meat, as opposed to a meat and three-vege type of plate. I bought the latest Food magazine last weekend and I’ve already made almost everything in the vege section and recommended the recipes to a couple of friends. Fabulous to find so much inspiration on a few pages. Thank you – could you please keep the ideas coming for this way of eating? And I definitely need to get better at using legumes and lentils (or are they the same family?) Judi Cameron VEGETARIAN JOURNEY I have loved your magazine over the years. It has become one of those mother, daughter, Nan-sharing times where we sit together and discuss the recipes and choose which ones…

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food for thought

HOW TO HAVE AN AVO when there aren’t any Our favourite bit of buttery green goodness is a fickle friend. One week there are simply bags of them and a few days later it seems a single avocado costs more than your daughter’s wedding. So before you head out to join Avocados Anonymous, check out our top tips to keep it green through the tough times. 1 Plan ahead and freeze them when plentiful. While frozen avos aren’t suitable for slicing, they can be mashed, added to a smoothie or smooshed onto a bagel. Freeze your peeled avocado halves in a resealable bag. Give them a good dousing in lemon juice first, or run them under the cold tap to reduce oxidation (browning). Or take it to the next level and freeze your…

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eco news

NEW ZEALAND SENDS almost 300 million single-use cups to landfills every year, but a Kiwi company is aiming to tackle that waste head on. Founded by two Wellington women last year, Again Again’s cup-lending system has worked a treat in the capital, and is about to launch in Auckland. The system is simple: Coffee drinkers pay a $3 fully refundable deposit to ‘check out’ a cup, and this $3 is returned to them when they bring the cup back to any participating cafe (or they can simply swap the cup out for a clean one with their next drink). Because the cups reside at the cafe, this system addresses the problem of forgetting personal reusable cups – as well as the concern that only 1 in 400 compostable cups actually…