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AROUND THE OFFICE spring is already here! Soup has given way to salad in the fridges, and hui are being held to determine whether legs are still too pale to go tight-less. As always, here at Food, the key subject under discussion is dinner, specifically which dishes will undo an overdose of winter comfort food, can cater to individual dietary needs and be made in minimum time. So bring on our Easier, Healthier, Faster issue; packed with recipes, tips and ideas for a fresh start that’ll also make life a little simpler. Along with lower-carb and lower-calorie options, Eat the Week on page 98 delivers 10 recipes you can make in 45 minutes or less. If you’re hosting guests for the Rugby World Cup (go the All Blacks!), we’ve got your snacks…

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star letter winner

BETTER CHICKEN I truly love your magazine. Every single photo is stunning, and the recipes are fantastic and doable. I have been trying out butter chicken recipes for years, but have never been able to find one which I would classify as authentic… until now! I consider it to be even better than a takeaway, which really says a lot. I served it with sesame naan and pilau rice and it was really fantastic. Thank you for this recipe that will be made for many, many years to come. Ilze Jacobs This month’s star letter wins a copy of Ripe Recipes: A Third Helping. (BEATNIK) RRP $65 The Ripe Deli team has put together a new feast of delicious recipes, following the success of their first two cookbooks. Arranged by season, recipes vary from…

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how to win

We love to read your feedback and see photos of the dishes you have created from Food magazine. Get in touch by email (, post on our Facebook page ( foodmagnz), or upload to Instagram with the hashtag #foodmagnz and you could win a prize! Get more from the team at Food by receiving our regular newsletter – just click the ‘Sign Up’ box on our Facebook page To be part of our Foodie community, visit us at:…

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cook’s chat

WAFFLE ON! Thank you so much for your wonderful magazine, I never miss an issue. I loved the Cosy Classics special, especially the savoury waffles on the cover. Who would have thought you could pair a beef ragu with waffles? I love the nifty ideas you come up with, so keep them coming! My family and I really appreciate all the new recipes and tips – it stops dinnertime from being boring and I always find a few favourites to keep in my dinner folder. I have quite the collection now! Thank you again. Lyn, Whangarei SPICE WORLD Wow! Your last issue was like a big cosy hug on a cold winter’s day! Between the slow-cooker special and the yummy winter warmers, it was so hard to decide what to make first. It was…

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food for thought

Say hi to hemp The rising star of the superfood world is now on our supermarket shelves. The rules around selling hemp for food in New Zealand have changed, so what should we know? Firstly, hemp is different from marijuana – the seeds don’t produce any kind of mind-altering effect, as they don’t contain enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Only seeds from the low-THC cannabis sativa can be used in food. The seed is the single most nutrient-dense seed, with more protein per 100g than steak. As one of the best sources of complete protein in the plant world, it contains all 21 known amino acids. It’s an excellent source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which helps with skin disorders, PMS, menopause, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and inflammation. Like most plant foods, hemp seed is a…

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kia kaha te reo māori!

Te Wiki o te Reo Māori (Māori Language Week) starts on September 9. It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to brush up on the basics! In the spirit of this year’s theme – ‘Kia kaha te reo Māori’ or ‘Let’s make the Māori language strong‘ – here’s a handy guide to te reo in the kitchen, thanks to the Māori Language Commission. PHRASES Horoia ō ringaringa! Wash your hands! Tapahia te tōmato. Cut the tomato. Raua atu ngā kai ki te umu. Put the food in the oven. Penupenua ngā rīwai. Mash the potatoes. Kua reri te kai. The food is ready. Kua kī taku puku. My stomach is full. FOOD riki — onion rīwai — potato rētihi — lettuce kāreti — carrot ika — fish kōura — crayfish mīti kau — beef reme — lamb heihei — chicken KITCHEN ITEMS kōhua — pot tote — salt pepa — pepper kīnaki — sauce pouaka makariri — fridge kāpata — cupboard umu…