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I have an above average tolerance for corny Christmas movies, carols and festive food, and no resistance whatsoever to sparkly decorations, so it really doesn’t take much to get me in the Christmas mood. But, oh boy, with work, kids’ events and social stuff all competing for time, the run-up to Christmas is hectic! Which is why this issue of Food magazine is full of fuss-free ideas that don’t skimp on flavour. We’ve highlighted recipes that double as gifts, can be made ahead, or whipped up from leftovers, and there are tons of tips and test-kitchen tricks for creating simple things that look really special. With our fresh takes on festive classics you can satisfy the traditionalists, or for vegetarians check out our fully meatless celebration menu or the delicious Mushroom and…

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star letter winner

CARB COUNTS A LIFE-SAVER I browsed through some old Food issues the other day and spotted something I hadn’t really taken much notice of before – each recipe has the carbohydrates calculated for me! Our 10-year-old was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (an auto immune disease) and the last four months have been a whirlwind of hospital visits, monitoring blood glucose levels, and (the most time consuming) carb counting – something we need to get right to ensure correct insulin doses at each meal. On realising Food calculates this for me, I immediately added it back to my shopping list so I can continue to try out new and seasonal recipes, with one less job prior to plating up! I’ve just picked up issue 109 and I’m looking forward to…

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cook’s chat

KITCHEN KEEPER Thank you Food, this issue has to be my absolute favourite! The sticky chicken wings are so popular that they disappear before I can get a pic of them, and being a house of coffee lovers, we’ve agreed the Coffee Walnut Loaf and Coffee Upside Down Cakes are amazing! The Tiramisu and Cauliflower Tortillas are next. This issue will be in my kitchen for a while. Sharon Bassett EASTERN INSPIRATION! My family love Asian dishes but my repertoire was getting a bit stale; I’ve been making the same stir-fries and noodle bowls for months! I got really excited when my Food magazine arrived and I saw your Quick Easy Asian section. I made the Vietnamese Chicken and Herb Salad with the leftovers from a roast chicken and we all loved it. The…

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food for thought

Asweet gift For something a bit different this year, gift a jar of prettily stacked brownie mix, which your recipient can transform into baked deliciousness with ease! ONE-POT BROWNIE JARS MAKES 1 jar (16 brownies) • 1 cup plain flour• 1/2 teaspoon baking powder• 1 cup caster sugar• 1/3 cup sifted cocoa powder• 3/4 cup dark chocolate bits• 3/4 cup milk chocolate bits• 3/4 cup mini marshmallows 1 Sift flour and baking powder together into a bowl. Spoon into a 1-litre capacity wide-lipped clear jar. 2 Top with a layer of sugar, then cocoa. Add dark chocolate bits, milk chocolate, then marshmallows. Seal jar. 3 Now simply write on a label the instructions so your giftee can transform the mix into brownies! To make me into brownies, preheat oven to 160°C and lightly grease and line a 20cm…

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enjoy a more sustainable christmas

• Reuse paper and ribbons for wrapping, or try gifting in cloth bags. A cute idea is using the kids’ drawings you have collected over the year as wrapping paper. • Instead of cutting down a tree or buying an artificial one that will eventually end up in landfill, opt for a potted tree you can keep inside or plant out later. • Homemade gifts are not only sustainable, they’re meaningful. Look out for the ‘Great Gift Idea’ logo throughout this issue for ideas. • Avoid disposable plates, cups, straws and napkins. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to pitch in with the washing up! • Minimise your lighting – you don’t need your property to be lit up like Auckland’s Sky Tower! Ensure any lights you have are LED with replaceable bulbs –…

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win cook: food to share

Baking king Dean Brettschneider isn’t all about the breads and pastries – in this book he showcases a range of delicious dishes that are designed for sharing at all times of the day. With an eye to popular superfoods – such as quinoa, freekeh and tempeh – his dishes range from light breakfasts to hearty evening meals, and all are beautifully photographed with easy-to-follow methods. We have three copies to give away; to enter, email with ‘Food to share’ in the subject line by December 31, 2019.…