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IN THE FRENETIC pace of modern life we increasingly mark the progress of a year not so much by month, but rather by the big events. Family holidays, returning to work, the start of school terms and the much-anticipated long weekends and celebrations all have their place. With that in mind, we’re kicking off the new decade by giving our beloved magazine a bit of a refresh, with more recipes than before and an increased focus on those major events. We’ve also expanded In Season to really optimise that seasonal produce, and we’ve added a new lifestyle section – because we’re ever mindful of the changing tastes and dietary requirements of Kiwi households. As always, our recipes are nutritionally profiled by a registered dietician, so you can trust the numbers, and we…

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make a connection

We enjoy connecting with you online, through your posted letters and in person at events. We often have giveaways and send out spot prizes to reward your interest in the magazine and the Food community. Keep an eye out throughout the pages of the magazine for these, as well as online. Get more from the team at Food by receiving our regular newsletter – just click the ‘Sign Up’ box on our Facebook page To be part of our foodie community, visit us at:…

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cook’s chat

A RECIPE FOR CHANGE I’ve been a reader for many years and I really love that you are continually changing with the times. Our family mealtimes used to just be about trying to get the kids to eat some veges, now we are navigating lactose intolerances, a newbie vegetarian, a vegan girlfriend and a type-2 diabetic – you can imagine how complicated our family get-togethers have got! Thankfully, with your help, I can find dishes to suit. I have made the Meatless Mexican Meatballs from issue 107 so many times I know the recipe by heart, and I love the tips with affordable and allergy-friendly ideas on many of your recipes. Please keep up the good work! Laura Kyle, Palmerston North CREAMY GOODNESS! My greedy girls’ serve of the Raspberry Tarts with Vanilla Yoghurt…

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pancakes reach new heights

Towering above traditional pancakes, fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes are a jiggly hybrid which have become increasingly popular in recent years, in a trend that’s showing no sign of slowing down in 2020. The addition of beaten egg whites to the pancake batter, combined with gentle cooking in metal baking rings, is the secret that ensures they attain their lofty heights. Whip some up some for a twist on the usual Shrove Tuesday option on February 25, or make them as a Valentine’s treat using heart-shaped cookie cutters instead of the rings. A large-diameter, lidded, non-stick frying pan is the ideal vessel for cooking the pancakes, and metal rings can be purchased from supermarkets as well as in kitchenware stores. The pancakes take 15-20 minutes to cook – but your patience will be rewarded with…

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growing flavour

It’s very much the season for fresh herbs, with almost every type thriving at this time of year. In particular, basil is at its most pungent and flavourful in the heat of the summer sun; even the most reluctant gardener should have little trouble growing it. It’s worth the effort, as it will enhance a broad variety of warm-weather dishes. PLANTING: Pots, punnets and seeds of basil are readily available from nurseries throughout summer. Plant seedlings in a sunny site in a rich garden bed or large pot. If spaced 15-20cm apart they will support each other as they grow. HARVESTING: Cut or pinch off herbs as you need them, ensuring you leave plenty behind to allow for continual growth. Cut on the stem just above a set of leaves. STORING: Ideally cut…

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If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to regular soft drinks, our pick-of-the-moment is kombucha, not least because of its impact on gut health. And now Kiwi outfit Soda Press Co has developed the world’s first certified organic shelf-stable Kombucha Concentrate. Created in partnership with SodaStream, it boasts an average of 100 per cent more live probiotics than ready-to-drink kombucha. Just mix with carbonated water and you’re good to go. We’re giving away three Soda Press Co gift packs, including a limited edition Soda Counter tote bag, 2 x Soda Press Co twin packs, a recipe book of cocktails and a limited edition metal straw pack. To be in to win, email by March 1, 2020. Subject line: Kombucha.…