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I love the way recipes travel; across continents and generations, scribbled on scraps of paper or napkins, eventually becoming new family favourites. Some of the recipes entered in our search for New Zealand’s Best Dessert, which we’re running with our friends at Chelsea Sugar, were decades old, copied from handwritten family collections, while others have simply evolved from a classic. All were delicious, and prove that a favourite doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or even particularly elegant. We’ve narrowed down our top picks (you’ll find the finalists on page 60), and now we want to know yours. Vote for your fave and not only will you help them on their way to a prize worth more than $2000, you’ll be in to win one of 10 Food magazine subscriptions. Perhaps…

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3 things i have learned this issue

1 Mulled wine makes a great poaching liquid for winter fruit such as pears. Serve the fruit warm with some of the liquid and a dollop of mascarpone. 2 Polish apple pancakes are the crack cocaine of breakfast cuisine. Like a mash-up between a pancake and a doughnut, they are seriously good. 3 The best way to store opened parmesan cheese without it developing nasty flavours or drying like a piece of jerky is in a resealable plastic bag, with the air squeezed out, in the vege crisper drawer of a refrigerator. Stored this way it’s good for 4-6 weeks.…

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star letter winner

POULTRY PANACHE When my sister gave me the latest issue of Food, I anticipated complicated recipes that required exotic ingredients. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to discover great ideas for limited budgets. I’ve been busy whisking, sprinkling and even fluffing all month long! Usually I have exhausted all methods of cooking with seasonal fruit and veges well before the season actually ends; so your tips for pumpkin, leeks and feijoa were helpful. Anyway, I set myself the challenge to make a perfect roast chicken, as it’s always been my culinary unicorn. The Food method was nothing like what I had been taught. It took three frozen birds, a shameless raid of Dad’s lemon tree and herb garden, buying kitchen string and quality chicken stock, plus a little patience, but I finally cooked…

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how to win

This issue we have ten subscriptions to Food magazine to give away to those who vote in our NZ’s Best Dessert competition; turn to page 61 for details. We also have a prize for our star letter – send us your pictures and messages by email ( foodmagazine@bauermedia . ), post on our Facebook wall ( ), or upload to Instagram with the hashtag #foodmagnz. Plus, we have plenty of giveaways in Food for Thought; and there are even prizes for kids who are getting busy in the kitchen – check out our competition on page 124.…

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DUMPLING DELISH Every two months I look forward to my latest copy of Food magazine. This edition (May/June) was no exception; I really enjoyed the Pork, Leek and Cider Stew with Parsley Dumplings. It was a hit and certainly something I will be making again. Sheryl Haines MINI MASTERCHEFS After sharing the May/June Food magazine with the kids, they were inspired to take the Kids in the Kitchen idea and turn it into a Mother’s Day MasterChef Competition. All of the kids chose a dish out of the magazine and paired up with aunts, uncles and dads to make that dish and then we presented them all to Mum for a Mother’s Day dinner – and she got to be the judge. Everyone was highly commended but the favourites were Maple and Cheddar Beef…

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food   for thought

Bowled over Since being served at the recent royal wedding, the trend for bowl food has become something of a global sensation – although it has been gaining in popularity for some years. The idea is to combine colourful, flavoursome and nourishing food in a hugely photogenic portion, which is bigger than a canapé but can often be eaten in a few mouthfuls and is easy to tuck into while standing at an event. They are not limited to a particular cuisine; Harry and Meghan served bowls of pea and mint risotto and slow-roasted pork belly, but common bowls also have Asian, Mexican and Pacific Island origins, and are served morning, noon or night. Some of our favourite bowl foods are: POKE BOWLS The craze for poke bowls is showing no signs of abating, and…