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August 31, 2019

Whether it’s reporting on the “next Facebook” or scrutinizing a new tax law, Forbes covers stories with uncanny insight and conciseness that hurried business folks appreciate. Get Forbes Digital Magazine Subscription today for rigorous, to-the-point business analysis.

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CHAIRMAN AND EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: STEVE FORBES; CEO AND PRESIDENT: MICHAEL FEDERLE EDITORIAL RANDALL LANE, Chief Content Officer Director, Editorial Operations: Caroline Howard; Executive Editors: Kerry Lauerman, Michael Noer Assistant Managing Editors: Frederick E. Allen, Jessica Bohrer (Editorial Counsel), Kerry A. Dolan, Luisa Kroll, Laura Mandaro, Janet Novack, Michael Ozanian, Matt Schifrin, Michael Solomon, Alex Wood Senior Editors: Susan Adams, Dan Alexander, Kurt Badenhausen, Steven Bertoni, Abram Brown, Dawn Chmielewski, John Dobosz, Amy Feldman, Zack O’Malley Greenburg, Christopher Helman, Alan Ohnsman, Susan Radlauer (Research), Jennifer Rooney, Tina Russo McCarthy, Nathan Vardi, Merrill Vaughn Deputy Editors: Rob Berger, Jeremy Bogaisky, Anne Glusker, Brett Knight, Iain Martin, Andrea Murphy, Helen A.S. Popkin, Chuck Tannert, Halah Touryalai, Taesik Yoon; Associate Editors: Ashlea Ebeling, Julius Juenemann, Alex Knapp, Alexander Konrad, Maggie McGrath, Michael Nunez, Chase Peterson-Withorn, Vicky Valet Staff Writers: Madeline Berg, Thomas…

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image conscious

Forbes has been known for decades for its punchy, opinionated writing style. Since I returned here eight years ago, we’ve worked hard to create a similar profile when it comes to photography. No one has shot more covers for us—more than 30 over the past five years—than Jamel Toppin, who has pulled off everything from Katy Perry in her Rome hotel suite to Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Nothing in his 22-year career, however, fully prepared him for this issue’s enigmatic cover subject, Kanye West. “I had a feeling it would be challenging,” says Toppin, who has seen West walk off a set on three other shoots. “And it was.” It started with a secret location (Toppin and his team circled Los Angeles randomly for hours, waiting for West’s home address).…

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this past is no path for the future

“With all thy getting, get understanding” European economic growth rates have lagged those of the U.S. for decades. Since the crisis of 2008, for instance, the average pace for the EU has been 0.9% versus almost 2% for the U.S.—and that 2% is regarded as subpar. This EU sluggishness (along with deep concerns over uncontrolled immigration) has spurred the rise of nontraditional, “populist” political movements. And how are existing parties responding? By promoting policies that guarantee even more economic stagnation: more taxes on corporations and the “rich,” more spending for social programs and pensions and more regulations on businesses. As the Wall Street Journal headlined, “Europe’s Political Parties Promise a Return to 1970s—To fend off populists, struggling parties embrace bigger government.” Yes, our continental friends did do some things right, thanks to…

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try common sense: replacing the failed ideologies of right and left

BY PHILIP K. HOWARD (W.W. NORTON, $25.95) Here’s a small book with blockbuster content. It gets to why, even in the midst of a strong economy, Americans feel there is something deeply wrong with our country today. We once were a commonsense, can-do country. Yet we’ve become a place seemingly stuck in molasses, and we are ever more fearful of inadvertently offending something or somebody. Society has never seemed so disputatious. Why, for decades, have we been inundated with an endless blizzard of nitpicking rules and regulations? Why does it take ten years to build a highway that once took two years? Why can’t teachers discipline students anymore? Why can’t grossly incompetent or abusive government workers be fired without immense, time-consuming procedures? Why have judges lost control of their courtrooms to extortionist…

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the polymath philanthropist

To fully appreciate the philosophy behind Paul’s giving, you need to know one thing about him: Paul was driven by an incredible curiosity his whole life. Even when we were just kids, he seemed to be interested in just about everything. Later in life, Paul gave to a huge spectrum of issues that seem unrelated at first glance. He wanted to prevent elephant poaching, improve ocean health and promote smart cities. He funded new housing for the homeless and arts education in the Puget Sound region. In 2014 alone, he supported research into the polio virus and efforts to contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa—all while setting up an amazing new institute for studying artificial intelligence. If you knew him, the logic in Paul’s portfolio is easy to see. He gave to the…

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white house wallets

Betsy DeVos, 61 Secretary of Education (since February 2017) NET WORTH $2 BILLION1 Wilbur Ross, 81 Secretary of Commerce (February 2017) $600 MILLION Steven Mnuchin, 56 Secretary of the Treasury (February 2017) $400 MILLION William Barr, 69 Attorney General (February 2019) $40 MILLION Ben Carson, 67 Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (March 2017) $20 MILLION Elaine Chao, 66 Secretary of Transportation (January 2017) $20 MILLION Alex Azar, 52 Secretary of Health & Human Services (January 2018) $15 MILLION Mark Esper, 55 Secretary of Defense (June 2019)2 $5 MILLION Sonny Perdue, 72 Secretary of Agriculture (April 2017) $5 MILLION David Bernhardt, 50 Secretary of the Interior (April 2019) $3 MILLION Rick Perry, 69 Secretary of Energy (March 2017) $3 MILLION Robert Wilkie, 57 Secretary of Veterans Affairs (July 2018) $2 MILLION Alexander Acosta, 50 Secretary of Labor (April 2017) $1 MILLION Mike Pence, 60 Vice President (January 2017) $1 MILLION Kevin McAleenan, 47 Secretary of Homeland Security (April 2019)2 $800,000 Michael Pompeo, 55 Secretary of State (April 2018) $800,000 1 SHARED WITH HUSBAND AND CHILDREN 2 ACTING SECRETARY…