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Forbes March 31, 2019

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capitalism reimagined—here’s what we’re doing

THIS MARKS the 33rd time we’ve produced the definitive chronicle of the world’s richest people—a project that serves both to inspire and to transparently inform the public about who owns what where. Across more than three decades, we’ve seen numerous ups and downs in the financial cycle—and the public’s relationship with billionaires. Right now, the political winds blow against the ultrarich, in large part because many people rightly feel they don’t have a fair shot at such success. In “Reimagining Capitalism,” starting on page 30, I lay out three ways to move forward. In an effort to lead, rather than merely chronicle, we’ll start with ourselves. Inclusivity: Opportunity starts at the first rungs of the ladder. Through our Under 30 platform, we’re going to expand our Under 30 Scholars program, which brings…

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why britain stays ungreat

IF THERE WERE an award for comedic incompetence in statecraft, Britain would win, hands down. The Sceptred Isle has thoroughly botched Brexit since the referendum took place in June 2016. The country’s economy today is at a virtual standstill, and how the divorce with the EU will unfold remains a mystery. The ruling conservative government has been so inept that the inconceivable could happen: The anti-American, anti-Semitic, malignant Marxist leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, might become the next prime minister. (Seven Labour members of Parliament recently quit the party because of his venomous views.) The country had an opportunity to shape itself as a global economic powerhouse, combining the best of Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore. The soaring success this would have engendered would have had EU countries hankering…

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restaurants: go, consider, stop

• Leonti 103 West 77th St. (Tel.: 212-362-3800) Every part of Chef Adam Leonti’s restaurant blends together to offer a memorable evening. Each course hits a high mark. The amazing breads are made from flour milled on the premises (the same is true with the flour in the pastas and the desserts). Try the Diver scallops, the Roman artichoke lasagna, the cinnamon-scented fettuccine tossed with wild boar ragu or the turbot al forno (a delicately cooked fish). The cheese course is an array of unusual Italian choices. Desserts are mandatory, particularly the tiered tower of petits fours. • Silos Baking Co. 601 Webster Ave., Waco, Texas (Tel.: 254-235-0603) Joanna Gaines has surpassed herself at her jewel box of a bakery at her Magnolia Market in Waco. The cookies are divine, the cinnamon buns an aromatic…

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the world’s 20 richest people

1. JEFF BEZOS $131 BILLION U.S. In January, the world’s richest person and his wife, MacKenzie, announced that they were divorcing after 25 years of marriage. That same day, the National Enquirer revealed Bezos’ relationship with Lauren Sanchez, a former TV anchor. Terms of the split—and therefore how it could affect his net worth and control of Amazon—have not been disclosed. The couple married before Bezos launched the e-commerce firm; MacKenzie worked as its first accountant. Per Washington State law, she could get up to half of Bezos’ assets, which would make her the richest woman in the world. Stay tuned. SEE PAGE 20 FOR THE NEXT 19 WEALTHIEST BILLIONAIRES 2. BILL GATES $96.5 BILLION U.S. The world’s second-richest person, who has given away some $35.8 billion to date, has said he and other…

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they’ll take manhattan

KEN GRIFFIN | NET WORTH: $11.7 BILLION 220 CENTRAL PARK SOUTH SALE PRICE: $238 MILLION | JANUARY 2019 This 24,000-square-foot unit in the new 79-story skyscraper reigns as the most expensive home ever purchased in America. Among the amenities at the hedge fund manager’s pad: a golf simulator, a juice bar and an athletic club. MICHAEL RUBIN | NET WORTH: $3 BILLION 160 LEROY STREET SALE PRICE: $43.5 MILLION | AUGUST 2018 Unlike these other billionaires, Rubin chose something downtown: a 7,750-square-foot penthouse in the West Village featuring a pool, a screening room, a library, five bedrooms, three fireplaces and a 4,944-square-foot terrace. And when the tech entrepreneur wants to mingle with his neighbors, the building has a sauna, gourmet restaurant and yoga studio. LEN BLAVATNIK | NET WORTH: $17.7 BILLION 19 EAST 64TH STREET SALE PRICE: $90 MILLION |…

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the class of 2019

KYLIE JENNER | AGE: 21 | U.S. NET WORTH: $1 BILLION At 21, Jenner is the youngest-ever selfmade billionaire, earning a ten-figure fortune even earlier than Mark Zuckerberg (who joined the billionaires list at 23 in 2008). “I didn’t expect anything—I did not foresee the future,” Jenner says. “But [the recognition] feels really good. That’s a nice pat on the back.” She owns 100% of Kylie Cosmetics, the three-year-old beauty business that did an estimated $360 million in sales last year. Most of the company’s revenue comes from e-commerce. But Kylie Cosmetics also has a new deal with Ulta that put its goods in all the makeup retailer’s 1,163 U.S. stores, “so people that would never buy my products—or that aren’t my fans—can see them in person.” NEWCOMERS BY COUNTRY FEW SILVER SPOONS NEWCOMERS BY…