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Forbes November 30, 2018

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a matter of trust

A TAUT NEW BROADWAY PLAY, The Lifespan of a Fact, pits a writer, a magazine editor and a fact-checker (Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe) in a three-way grapple over the nature of truth. Having played all three roles in real life, I found it exceptionally perceptive, and never more so than when the editor declared to her restive charges: “The entire enterprise comes down to trust.” Indeed it does, especially given the current national climate. Americans have increasingly lost faith in their institutions, whether political or governmental, business or media, as those institutions have increasingly felt farther removed from them—a dynamic too many demagogues happily accelerate for their own ends. That’s what made a study measuring trust in the media released in October very timely. In compiling its first ever News Media Trust…

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o canada! there’s hope for you

“With all thy getting, get understanding” CANADA’S POLITICS have long been left-of-center compared with those of its southern neighbor. Its rigid socialized medical system, for instance, allows virtually no private alternatives. But things may be changing—at least a bit. In the recent election in Canada’s second-largest province, Quebec, the long-serving Liberal Party was routed, not by the traditional opposition party advocating separation from Canada, Parti Québécois, but by the new center-right Coalition Avenir Québec, or CAQ for short. The two older parties are both fond of taxes. The CAQ is skeptical of a proposed national carbon tax and is intent on deregulation, and it may actually reduce taxes. (The downer in this election was the 16% vote garnered by a truly hard-core leftist party, Québec Solidaire.) In a stunner this summer, voters in the…

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restaurants: go, consider, stop

The Drunken Munkey 338 East 92nd St. (Tel.: 646-998-4600) Delightful bistro serving delicious Indian fare based on interpretations of authentic recipes from the British Raj, Indian aristocracy and local village specialties of the 1910s to the 1940s. Chandeliers with red-coated monkeys surround the dark-wood bar and candlelit tables. Begin with aloo-tikki, a crisp potato pancake stuffed with spinach and spices; or the spicy dahi puri, a puff pastry of potato and chickpea topped with yogurt. Biryani, the royal rice made with lamb, is rich, juicy and spice-filled. Two signature dishes are butter chicken tikka masala, cooked tandoori-style and served in a creamy tomato sauce; and masala Bombay lamb chops, which are marinated in five spices and served with tamarind-mango chutney. Finish the meal with sinfully delicious toffee pudding. Chinese Tuxedo 5 Doyers St., between…

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lazarus inc.

ALL NEW! TOP-EARNING DEAD CELEBS THE TIMES SQUARE HEADQUARTERS of Authentic Brands is a very glamorous graveyard. A black-and-white photo of Marilyn Monroe hangs above the front desk. On a wall opposite, Elvis Presley sings and signs autographs in an endlessly looping video. Nearby, a pair of Muhammad Ali’s gilded boxing gloves glimmer alongside red-and-black Michael Jackson “Thriller” socks. Marilyn, Elvis, Ali, Michael: They’re four of the world’s top-earning dead celebrities, pulling in a combined $509 million last year. And their estates are all represented, in full or in part, by Authentic Brands Group, the creation of Jamie Salter. “There’s not a lot of the estates in this sort of icon business exploiting these assets correctly,” says Salter, 55. Most are owned by family members who can’t all agree or who have little…

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the 13 top-earning dead celebrities

1. MICHAEL JACKSON $400 MILLION MUSICIAN DIED: JUNE 25, 2009 AGE: 50 CAUSE: OVERDOSE/HOMICIDE Jackon’s posthumous roll continues, bringing in $287 million recently from the sale of his estate’s stake in EMI Music Publishing to Sony. 2. ELVIS PRESLEY $40 MILLION MUSICIAN, ACTOR DIED: AUGUST 16, 1977 AGE: 42 CAUSE: HEART ATTACK He still moves more than 1 million albums every year, but the bulk of the King’s coin comes from tickets to Graceland and a new $45 million entertainment complex called Elvis Presley’s Memphis. 3. ARNOLD PALMER $35 MILLION ATHLETE DIED: SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 AGE: 87 CAUSE: HEART DISEASE Mmm! There’s a new addition to the Arnold Palmer beverage line: an alcoholic version made in conjunction with MolsonCoors. 4. CHARLES SCHULZ $34 MILLION CARTOONIST DIED: FEBRUARY 12, 2000 AGE: 77 CAUSE: COLON CANCER Snoopy sure is one pedigreed beagle: DHX Media paid $345 million…

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mr. robot

WHEN DAVID C. PAUL traveled to Phoenix in 2013, he saw the future of spinal surgery: a robot prototype called the Excelsius GPS. Nicholas Theodore, one of the robot’s inventors, remembers Paul being immediately impressed. “This is going to change everything,” Paul said, according to Theodore. A few months later, Paul bought Theodore’s company, Excelsius Surgical—and the robot with it—for an undisclosed sum. Paul, 51, couldn’t have hoped for more from the purchase. Since 2014, shares of Globus Medical, Paul’s publicly traded device manufacturer, have more than doubled. Just since the robot received FDA clearance in August 2017, the stock has climbed 70%. Paul, a mechanical engineer who left Swiss medical-device maker Synthes and founded Globus, owns nearly a quarter of the firm: That stake and recent stock sales add up…