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Gamesmaster Christmas 2015

GamesMaster is the world’s most exciting multi-format games magazine, and is the only magazine to offer comprehensive coverage of the biggest and best games on every machine, every month. In every issue you'll find the biggest scoops across all the formats – Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Gamecube, GBA, DS and PC. And inside every issue you'll find a massive 4,000 cheats and tips to help you finish those tricky levels.

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“this month sees four new contenders for the ultimate award”

Our illustrious GamesMaster Game Of The Year Awards feature is here and, let me tell you, it was a tough one to pull together. I’m not just talking about the last 12 months of incredible gaming we had to siphon into a bandolier of brilliance over on p42 either… This month sees the fresh arrival of not one, not two, not three, but four contenders for the ultimate gaming gong. Our intrepid team of reviewers has pulled out all the stops to bring you verdicts on some ludicrously great games. Fallout 4, Star Wars Battlefront, Rise Of The Tomb Raider… all get scored this issue. We’ve also played plenty of corkers on the horizon for 2016, including Uncharted 4 and the increasingly impressive Overwatch, which scratches every online shooter itch going. Enjoy…

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team gm

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM TEAM GM! Even as snow begins to fall (possibly) and regrettably pap Chrimbo tunes begin to assualt your senses (almost certainly), Team GM is here to deliver a helping of gaming cheer. See you in the New Year! Matt Sakuraoka-Gilman Our editor almost started a riot in the office this ish when he came in one morning and declared Life Is Strange “utter rubbish”. Things have quieted down a little now, but Robin’s been secretly plotting against Matt ever since. [Er, what? -Ed] Sam Freeman The Gandalf of Photoshop wizardry has been working on a presumably Ryu-inspired covering of facial ruffage. Wait a minute… Beard? Propensity to quaff sherry and mince pies? Drives a reindeer sled to work? Something’s going on here… Robin Valentine “Can we just remove my jowls?” This unusual request doesn’t…

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letter of the month

Games should focus way less on story and way more on gameplay. Sure, they can’t just launch you into a warzone without any set up, but they can give a quick “kill the bad guy” or “blow up the enemy’s base” rather than drawn-out cutscenes. Games like DayZ do this perfectly – they just drop you straight in. I played Dying Light recently, and while it is a fun game, the story and the characters made me turn on it. At the start you get bitten by a zombie, and one of your symptoms seems to be having seizures at points convenient to the plot, apparently – it’s just annoying. Too often, narratives are full of predictable twists and deaths. Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare for example – you could see…

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Extra-dimensional Paying more to play a game you already bought has become the norm for most gamers. Extra levels, characters… beards. Usually I don’t mind it, when it’s just an option, but Lego Dimensions makes me feel awful while I play, showing constant in-game adverts for all its add-ons – and it’s a parent’s nightmare. It’s a shame that this money-grabbing attitude to game design is becoming more and more popular. I for one will not be caught up in the hype any longer – even with Ghostbusters Lego coming out… Stuart Gregory , email We almost fell out of our chairs when we first saw how much it costs to get everything in Lego Dimensions – over £300! Of course, you do get real toys with your DLC there, but it still…

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collector corner

This month: Alex Horbury, email “My collection is currently at 300+ games over many systems, and as you can see, I have a thing for RPGs – I dread to think how many hours I’ve put into this lot over the years! Keep up the great work with the mag, I’ve been with you since issue one when I was 12 years old!” Always great to hear from such a loyal fan! And we’re impressed with your collection – editor Matt has a jealous gleam in his eye as he looks over your Japanese classics… If you’ve got a treasure trove to rival Alex’s, why not send us a pic?…

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your top 5 most wanted

1 UNCHARTED 4 Format PS4 ETA 18 March 2016 Looks like you’re head over heels for Nathan Drake this month. We get it – he’s dreamier than ever. 2 THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Format Wii U ETA 2016 Nintendo’s conspicuous silence on this open world adventure clearly hasn’t dampened your excitement. 3 NO MAN’S SKY Format PS4, PC ETA June 2016 Following a shiny Paris Games Week trailer, your space faring fervour is reaching fever pitch. Let us at it! 4 THE DIVISION Format PS4, XO, PC ETA 8 March 2016 You do love a good post-apocalypse, don’t you? And here’s one you’ll be able to enjoy with your mates by your side. 5 HITMAN Format PS4, XO, PC ETA 11 March 2016 Some mags might be a little worried about their fans getting enthusiastic for calculated murder, but not us!…