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Gamesmaster February 2017

GamesMaster is the world’s most exciting multi-format games magazine, and is the only magazine to offer comprehensive coverage of the biggest and best games on every machine, every month. In every issue you'll find the biggest scoops across all the formats – Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Gamecube, GBA, DS and PC. And inside every issue you'll find a massive 4,000 cheats and tips to help you finish those tricky levels.

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“with mass effect, bioware changed rpgs forever”

What a pleasure it is to devote this month’s cover feature to a truly iconic series – one that I’ve personally been a fan of for nearly a decade. With the original Mass Effect trilogy, Bioware changed the face of RPGs forever, and Andromeda looks set to pull that same incredible trick again. We’ve grilled the devs and rounded up every piece of information you need to know over in our massive preview on p22. And also used up our yearly supply of space puns. You might think one massive feature is enough for any magazine, but you’d be completelywrong – we’ve crammed a full three into this issue. Head to p48 for our guide to taking the best videogame screenshots, featuring a gallery of stunning snaps by our own Ben…

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team gm

THE MOST DEDICATED TEAM IN THE BUSINESS The GamesMaster crew: three heroes, saving the universe one videogame review at a time. No need to thank us – it’s all just part of the job. Well, you can thank us a bit. If you like. Ben Griffin Our staff writer had to be rescued this month by emergency services, after trapping himself inside his own fridge. “I just wanted to cryogenically freeze myself until Mass Effect Andromeda comes out,” he was heard blubbing at a local fireman. What sci-fi tech would you love to have? A clone of myself to hang out with Rob Crossland Not content with his two monitor work set-up, this month Rob has been drooling over the prototype three-screen Razer laptop (see p12). Our arguments about its impracticality have fallen on deaf ears. “It’s…

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letter of the month

As a long-time fan since Final Fantasy Vl, and as someone who had been disheartened with the series since the Xlll nonsense, I think FFXV is an absolute return to form. A completely worthy entry into the franchise and the best one since FFlX. It doesn’t fully fulfil what I had hoped it would be, admittedly, but my expectations were sky high, so that isn’t entirely fair on the team! Speaking of the team, they did an absolutely astonishing job bringing Versus Xlll back from the ashes and turning it into a mainline game. They’ve done all they can to return to former glory from the classic FF days whilst simultaneously doing new things. It concentrates on the smaller things within a huge scale, just like before. At times it is emotional,…

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Missed connections Does it bother you when games are ‘always online’? Yes. It is true that I play my games online 100% of the time, but there will always be that one time when the servers are down, or your internet is down, meaning that you can’t play the single-player campaign – and that is a completely unacceptable situation. Richard Cadman, Facebook Yes. Games are getting less social. It’s hard to find local two or more player games nowadays, and when I was renting I didn’t even have wi-fi. Leigh Way, @LA_Way Wouldn’t like it if all games were online only, but games like Destiny (the only always-online game I think I own) do bring something different to the table. So long as I have a choice, I’m happy! Jeremy Priest, Facebook Yes! I want this tradition to…

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question time

Has to be Uncharted for me – such action-packed games, with great storylines and characters. Neil Roper, Facebook Prince Of Persia, during the P S2 era. Captured my attention like never before. The Sands Of Time was my Mario 64 moment . Sealy Boo, @SealyBoo Silent Hill. Nothing beats it for atmosphere, story, monster design, or soundtrack. Glen Britton, Facebook Every game has a story, only one is a legend… The Legend Of Zelda. Vaggelis Karpetis, @greek_hylian Dragon Age. When I played I literally lived in its world and didn’t want to come back. Florens20, @florens20 Here’s the face I made during the entire Mass Effect trilogy. It conveys the glee of chats with Garrus, the shock of Mordin’s genophage revelation, and the delight at boring Kaidan’s death. Ben Griffin, Senior Staff Writer…

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most wanted

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Format Switch, Wii U ETA Spring Hey! Listen! Ninty’s open-world adventure is almost here! First thing we’re going to do? Frog stir-fry. HORIZON ZERO DAWN Format PS4 ETA 1 March We just want to take a holiday in this beautiful wilderness – should be plenty of challenging hiking. Although, also some risk of being eaten by a robot. MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA Format PS4, XO, PC ETA 23 March So it would seem you’re as excited for Bioware’s latest as we are. Take a 600-year cryosleep over to p22 for all the latest info! YOOKA-LAYLEE Format Switch, PS4, XO, PC ETA 11 April Playtonic, along with alumni from Rare, riff on Banjo-Kazooie. A bear and a bird by any other name would platform as sweet. That’s the hope, at least… THE LAST OF US…