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Gamesmaster January 2016

GamesMaster is the world’s most exciting multi-format games magazine, and is the only magazine to offer comprehensive coverage of the biggest and best games on every machine, every month. In every issue you'll find the biggest scoops across all the formats – Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Gamecube, GBA, DS and PC. And inside every issue you'll find a massive 4,000 cheats and tips to help you finish those tricky levels.

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“the team is still reeling from the biggest feature in gm history”

It’s odd to think that these, the last words I type as we send this issue out to the printers, will be the first you, our humble readers, will gaze upon. Odd because while the GM team is still reeling around me, having pulled together the biggest feature in the mag’s long history, you’ve got it all to look forward to… Our cover feature this month is an absolute corker, boasting all the latest info and insight on 100 upcoming games over 30 packed pages. The big hitters are there, and, we hope, some others which you might not have on your radar quite yet, but you totally should. As if we’d clock off after that, though. We had enough left in the tank to kick any door within kicking range in…

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team gm

THE MOST DEDICATED TEAM IN THE BUSINESS Pulling together a list of 100 incredible upcoming games ain’t easy, but here at GamesMaster we never shrink from a challenge. Even if it leaves us with barely any time to actually, y’know, play anything. Matt Sakuraoka-Gilman Our trusty editor decided this month that the way to get us through deadline was to play clips of Arnold Schwarzenegger from Predator at ever-increasing volumes. We can still hear “Do it now!” reverberating around in our heads. Sam Freeman Little did Matt know that his Dutch-based motivation would lift the lid on art master Sam’s seemingly bottomless well of Arnie impressions. Plans are already being made to photoshop his head onto Schwarzenegger’s body. Robin Valentine Our man with the grammar plan has developed a nasty sighing habit, presumably off the back of…

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letter month of the

It’s hard to look at my Wii U and not be concerned for Nintendo. It’s arguably one of the best pieces of hardware around, with a great controller, yet it has a tiny fraction of the market share. The key is the lack of third party support and the inevitable loss of audience that comes with it. That’s not to say the Wii U is a failure, far from it, but it raises the question: what’s next for Nintendo? The NX is a clear indication that it still wants to be a player in the console market, but it runs the risk of becoming the next Sega, by banking on innovation at the expense of the core gamer. The Dreamcast was so ahead of its time – and that was…

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Hype dreams This month you lot picked your brains and sent in ideas for the perfect game… A new Super Mario Galaxy, but with Rosalina as the main protagonist! Lucas S. Robinson, Facebook A Star Wars game with massive planetary battles and different roles to choose from. It would have the ground combat of Battlefront, the tactical aspect of Empire At War, and the air combat of Rogue Squadron. All of them coming into play in huge combat scenarios with everyone playing their part. Sean Mike Hollyman, Facebook I just want a good new Sonic game… Sam Og, Facebook You play as Leon Kennedy, who has been tasked with rescuing the president’s daughter from a village in rural Spai... Resident Evil 4. Just, Resident Evil 4. Rob Manifield, Facebook A Back To The Future trilogy for the PlayStation where you…

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reader’s top 5 open worlds

1 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim I put 215 hours into this one – I think that speaks volumes! 2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The three distinct islands/cities were awesome at the time. 3 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag A beautiful-looking game, and sailing the Caribbean in your pirate ship is amazing. 4 Watch Dogs Hacking into people’s mobile phones and listening to their conversations is hilarious! 5 Just Cause 2 The biggest open world I’ve ever seen! The draw distance is humongous and really impressed me. Glen Britton, Facebook Disagree? Why not head over to our Facebook page and tell us what your top five would be!…

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your top 5 most wanted

1 THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Format Wii U ETA Winter It was only the briefest of glimpses, but that Nintendo Direct teaser has gotten you more excited than ever. 2 UNCHARTED 4 Format PS4 ETA18 March It looks like there’s Nathan you guys wouldn’t do to get your hands on Naughty Dog’s next instant classic. 3 DISHONORED 2 Format PS4, XO, PC ETA Summer This surprise entry snuck in at the last minute, knife in hand, and slashed its way to number three. 4 DOOM Format PS4, XO, PC ETA Summer Watch out all you cyber-space-demons – the GM fanbase is just itching to grab a gun and blow you away. 5 HITMAN Format PS4, XO, PC ETA 11 March For the second month running, this contract killer lurks in the shadows of fifth place, biding its time……