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Gamesmaster January 2017

GamesMaster is the world’s most exciting multi-format games magazine, and is the only magazine to offer comprehensive coverage of the biggest and best games on every machine, every month. In every issue you'll find the biggest scoops across all the formats – Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Gamecube, GBA, DS and PC. And inside every issue you'll find a massive 4,000 cheats and tips to help you finish those tricky levels.

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“we’re facing one of the best upcoming game lineups ever”

They told us it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible to fit 100 amazing games into one magazine cover feature. “Just calm down a bit,” they said. “Do 28 and leave it there.” But we did it anyway. And you know why? Because it’s the least our loyal readers deserve! It certainly helped that we’re currently facing one of the best upcoming game lineups ever. From intriguing new IPs such as Death Stranding, Yooka-Laylee, and Horizon Zero Dawn to the long-awaited likes of Red Dead Redemption 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and The Last Of Us Part II, we’re set to be spoiled rotten in 2017 and beyond. And you can read all the latest, most vital info on every single one of them right here within these humble pages. Once…

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team gm

THE MOST DEDICATED TEAM IN THE BUSINESS Final Fantasy XV inspired the GM team to go on its own road trip this month. We got about four miles outside the city before we remembered we’re paid to stay in the office and make a magazine. Ben Griffin Our hard-working senior staff writer penned so many of the entries for our gargantuan cover feature this month that we fear he’s actually forgotten any and all facts that don’t relate to games. Though admittedly he didn’t know that many in the first place. What’s your New Year’s resolution? Discover and name a planet. Rob Crossland There’ll be no New Year’s celebration for our art editor this year – he swears his partying days are behind him. Between that and his new obsession with sheds, we’re starting to think Rob’s…

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letter of the month

Having loved the first two games, I had Mafia III pre-ordered for nearly a year. I booted it up and – wow! Graphics, voice acting, story, and that soundtrack – I was blown away! The first mission and prologue had me hooked. And that’s when it started unravelling. This huge, beautiful-looking game world full of detail… that just becomes a shell and quickly turns boring. I found myself racing through the brilliant story and ignoring the world. It’s full of bugs (I contacted 2K about this but got no joy) and I had it a month with still no patches or fixes for the problems I’d found. I feel that the game was rushed and not fully tested. It would’ve been better as a linear, story-driven shooter – the open world was…

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Game boy Oh dear, GM. You have made me so angry I’m cancelling my subscription! I’m a store manager for Game and as much as I love your magazine I love my job even more – and your negative comments in GM311 have left me incensed! Yes, we are charging customers £15 to play PS VR for half an hour, but you failed to mention we also offered a ‘£5 for 10 minutes’ option. The reasons we had to charge are as follows: 1. Sony did not provide us with a demo unit, meaning the company had to write off a headset per store (over 300) at £349.99 each. Do the math on that! 2. For each demo a member of staff had to be present with the customer the whole time, increasing…

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question time

Yes! I’m hoping for a Bulletstorm sequel and a new DC game from Rocksteady. That would be epic. Oh and Red Dead Redemption 2 is out! Jon Gates, Facebook Only if Big Rigs 2 is released. Sean Mike Hollyman, Facebook Putting together this issue’s cover feature has definitely got me excited for 2017’s upcoming gaming delights. I reckon it’s going to be one to remember! Robin Valentine, Acting Editor If it includes Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, then it’ll be a good year for this gamer. Michael Scoates, @FantasyMeister Every year is a good year for gaming. 2017 shall be no exception! Barry Burke, Facebook It’s been a bit of a boring generation (in my opinion), fingers crossed though! UK.A, @UK_ASSASS1N…

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most wanted

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD Format Switch, Wii U ETA Spring 2017 That’s right, it’s back at number one – though only by a nose. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Format PS4, XO ETAAutumn 2017 This mob of cowboys is no doubt already plotting their revenge against our favourite elf lad… MARIO SWITCH FormatSwitch ETA March 2017 Even before it’s been officially announced or even named, it’s gotten you lot all excited. For more, see p33. MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Format PS4, XO, PC ETASpring 2017 Bioware’s latest climbs up a place from last month – head to p42 for some out-of-this-world new info. DAYS GONE Format PS4 ETAAutumn 2017 A surprise new entry at five! We can only assume the Black Friday crowds got you thinking about zombies……