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Gamesmaster May 2016

GamesMaster is the world’s most exciting multi-format games magazine, and is the only magazine to offer comprehensive coverage of the biggest and best games on every machine, every month. In every issue you'll find the biggest scoops across all the formats – Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Gamecube, GBA, DS and PC. And inside every issue you'll find a massive 4,000 cheats and tips to help you finish those tricky levels.

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“tmnt is a cultural touchstone for a generation”

Got a favourite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Admit it, we’ve all got one*. Since the TV show and the comics first cowabunga’d onto the scene back in 1987 (!), the Turtles have become a cultural touchstone for a generation. Later this year Platinum Games, the Japanese master of third-person combat, takes the wheel of the shellraiser. We’ve uncovered all the secrets (of the ooze) over on p42. Speaking of cultural touchstones, we’ve been to distant shores (well, to LA) to get all the latest on the ever more impressively huge Final Fantasy XV. Even if you’ve drifted from the FF stable since the heady days of VII-X, you need to get this on your gaming sat nav. And that’s not the only big name returning bigger and better than ever – we’ve…

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team gm

THE MOST DEDICATED TEAM IN THE BUSINESS Ben joined the GM fold this issue so we celebrated with a few definitely work-related beverages. Will he cope with Sam’s photoshopping, Robin’s spellchecks, and Matt’s editorial bluster? Read on to find out! Matt Sakuraoka-Gilman Editor Matt is clearly the Leonardo, though this might have less to do with his level-headed leadership skills (it’s all swagger and one-liners) and more to do with the fact that he calls the shots around these parts. So there. Which classic kids TV show should be a game? Dogtanian And The Three Muskehounds Sam Freeman Like a warrior with art-skills instead of weapons, Sam’s the team’s answer to Raphael. He doesn’t hold back, and he’s more than willing to get his hands dirty in a scrap. And by scrap, we mean us asking him…

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letter of the month

I’ve been a gaming fan for around 20 years now and I’m disappointed with the way a lot of games are going. I’m a huge fan of the art of storytelling and many games have stories that can rival the greats of literature! (And I should know – I’m an English teacher!) But recently more and more seem to be cutting back (or just scrapping) their single-player stories in favour of multiplayer. Obviously online gaming can be great, but for me a game succeeds or fails based on its story and characters. Take the new Star Wars Battlefront for example. You have one of the most popular stories ever told as a backdrop, yet are trapped in a generic battle where it doesn’t really matter who wins or loses. With the…

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Getting steamed I have been using Steam for my PC gaming needs for over 11 years now and not really had any issues. My friend has not been so lucky. A few months back some random person managed to hijack his account and after a long battle with Steam support trying to prove he was the rightful owner, he got his account back. Now he has had it hijacked again, but this time Steam support actually helped the hijacker get the account. Apparently they contacted Steam support and said they had lost their phone and changed their email address and needed to change the security info on their Steam account, so with no checks at all the Steam support worker changed the security info there and then. It was that simple to…

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wish list

Ever since Gold/Silver/Crystal I have always wanted more of the games to feature multiple r egions. Gareth Reel, Facebook I still pray for a completely open world Pokémon game. Mark Bundy, Facebook Difficulty settings (but fr om the start unlike in fifth gen). I w ant a really difficult Pokémon game! Alex, @alexlduffy Know how to make Pokémon even cuter? Babies! They should all have sprog forms. Imagine a baby Mewtwo! Ben Griffin, @GameGriffin Pokémon customization! Give them bow ties or goggles and stuff to show them off in battle and Pokémon-Amie! Joe Hollis, @TheNuttyCritic A NewGame+ mode where you can complete the game a second time with the Pokémon you have from the first playthrough. Jamie Sergison, Facebook…

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your top 5 most wanted

1 THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Format Wii U ETA Winter Producer Eiji Aonuma recently promised this will be a “change in flavour” for the series. See p18 for more! 2 UNCHARTED 4 Format PS4 ETA10 May Just about time for one last epic preview before Drake’s latest adventure arrives – turn to p26 to check it out. 3 NO MAN’S SKY Format PS4, PC ETA 22 June 18 quintillion planets to explore? How are we going to find the time? Matt’s not even finished The Witcher 3 yet… 4 POKÉMON SUN AND MOON Format 3DS ETA Winter This celestial twosome has already got you more fired up than a Charmander after a spicy vindaloo. 5 DOOM Format PS4, XO, PC ETA13 May Shotguns come and go, but there’s only one Super Shotgun. There’s no weapon we’d rather slay demons…