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Gamesmaster September 2017

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“that perfect balance of gritty authenticity and cinematic flair”

Like a divorced dad buying a motorbike, Call Of Duty is out to relive its youth. But while for the former that means embarrassing leather jackets and credit card debt, for the latter it’s a well-timed refocusing on the principles that make the series great: that perfect balance of gritty authenticity and cinematic flair, plus a healthy dollop of (say it with me!) boots-on-the-ground action. For this month’s cover feature, we’ve dived deep on the holy triumvirate of COD: the epic single-player campaign, the old-school-meets-new-school multiplayer, and the surprisingly terrifying Zombies mode. If you’re not excited about Call Of Duty: WWII by the end of all that, then you must be suffering from shellshock (hope you get better soon!). Plus we’ve got even more Nazi-slaying in Wolfenstein II, the latest on Mario’s…

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team gm

THE MOST DEDICATED TEAM IN THE BUSINESS This battle-tested squad braves the front line of games journalism every day for your entertainment. In many ways, it’s tougher than real war. But, er, in many more ways, it definitely isn’t. Ben Griffin Our senior staff writer has had a taste of true fame this month, after a tweet about the movie Dunkirk unexpectedly went viral. He’s become insufferable, of course, and now spends his work days on the phone to his agent trying to sort out a book deal. What’s your weapon of choice? My army of new Twitter followers Rob Crossland When he’s not living the mind-numbingly dull life of an art editor on an international games magazine, Rob’s disappearing into the thrilling world of a German haulage driver via his impressive Euro Truck Simulator 2 set-up.…

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letter of the month

Did anyone else enjoy Telltale’s Game Of Thrones? I’m not a fan of the show but I gave the game a go and finished it. I’d say it was the studio’s worst title yet, as I felt nothing really mattered in the game. I thought Minecraft Story Mode was only okay as well, and it surprised me that we are getting another instalment of it. And that’s only due to money as the story was not very good either! I said this in a post on the Telltale Games forum and I got a lot of hate! So I wanted to test the waters here on the GM Facebook page I guess. But you know I do respect if people out there love Game Of Thrones and Minecraft Story Mode and want more…

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“I MISS THE DAYS WHEN EVERYTHING WAS ON THE DISC FROM THE START” Demo, goodbye I am writing to implore the game developers of the world that demos/free weekends are worth the time and effort. I had never given Overwatch a second thought (online only, no story mode, etc) but was enticed in by the anniversary free weekend recently… Wow! I totally get the adoration that game receives. The amount of lore that is crammed into the game and the sheer personality the characters show in their bios and soundbites is astonishing! It is one of the most well-crafted games I’ve played. Demos will draw new players in, and also may lead to less rushed, buggy games on release day. Imagine a world that never had game demos: no discs on magazines, no…

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question time

Even the humble Goomba is scarier than people realise. Think about it: it can kill you just by touching you. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t jump very high… Robin Valentine, Editor Skyrim’s frostbite spiders. That would not end well for humanity. Alex Walker, Facebook The final boss in the The Evil Within. Still gives me shivers… Games For Days, @GamesForDays2 Even Bowser would give you the s***s in real life. Drew McDowell, Facebook Trevor from GTAV… Jaster Mereel, Facebook Kirby. He would eat you and steal your soul. Andrew McGrae, @TGNProfessor…

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your top 5

SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY Format Switch ETA 27 October Rising meteorically from fifth last month to first this month, Mario’s back at the top of the charts and right back in our hearts, bless ’im. RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Format PS4, XO ETA Spring 2018 Rockstar’s cowboy adventure took a break from the charts last month, but has returned in fine form. It was probably just off looking at horses. THE LAST OF US PART II Format PS4 ETA Winter 2018 Someone’s crossed Ellie and Joel once again, presumably ignorant of the fact that the pair killed 3,000 people last time they were ticked off. GOD OF WAR Format PS4 ETA Spring 2018 “War. What is it good for?” asks Kratos, as he stares to the horizon. A single tear rolls down his cheek. “Absolutely nothing,” he sobs.…